Ike Dike

With Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson listening, Galveston Mayor Lewis Rosen uses a map of Galveston Bay to explain how the proposed Ike Dike storm surge protection system could also be used to keep an oil spill contained.

The oil spill in Galveston Bay was a tragedy, but Galveston Mayor Lewis Rosen recognized it was also an opportunity to sell an important idea.

Standing in front of a map of Galveston Bay, Rosen briefed Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson on the possibilities of the Ike Dike for containing oil spills.

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Kathy Maddox

When are you people going to realize that Galveston is a BARRIER ISLAND? Leave, if you don't like it.

Jim Forsythe

What does living on BARRIER ISLAND have to do with flood control and containing spills? This area is what it is so that is not going to change. If we want to reduce cost and impact of spills this might be worth thinking about.
Flood control is also what the Ike dike would help us with. We would get two positive thing in one package. Why did You say, if you don’t like it leave? When you said “you people” whom were you referring to. The only people talked about in this piece was, Mayor Lewis Rosen , Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson

Norman Pappous

Funny how your logic gets lost in the conversation when we complain about how much tax money we send to schools across the state while our own schools suffer...

George Croix

"Tragedy" seems a bit hyperbolic to describe a big mess, for sure, but one in which no people have suffered any injury or physical harm (no, no...real harm...not that lawyer kind where you are given your symptoms to recite by rote...). No doubt all will be made monetarily whole, or at least as close as the 'punitive damages' can get to it.
If the answer to this comparatively small spill event is to spend many many billions of dollars, with the hope of beating Man and Mother Nature at their own games, then it's not much different than the calls for national gun control/confiscation, after people are shot, for the stated purpose of preventing that from happening, too.
The Ike Dike will/will not happen, but should do so on it's own merits as it might benefit millions of people, if the funds can be found, the engineering made sound, and the enviro extremists get out of the way.

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