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Jeff Patterson

Reading your column, I would come away thinking that City Council is nothing more then a panel of administrators. They are not; they are elected officials who are charged with representing their constituency. As you point out, determining exactly what that constituency wants is a moving target and very hard to determine. But just because its hard, doesn't mean that Council shouldn't try to do that..........otherwise all we need is a group of administrators to make these decisions. Respecting property rights is very important, but we elect a Mayor and City Council to consider all aspects of an issue and make the hard choices about what is the greater "community benefit". Remember that City Council has already voted once to unanimously acquire Porretto Beach, so they do recognize that they have a key role to play in this messy thing we call democracy.

Bill Cochrane

Anyone viewing the website of Scenic Galveston will easily see that this organization is solely based on saving wetlands and marshes. Searching their website, there is no mention of “saving beaches”? While I do think there is some need to save wetlands, with any endeavour, there is need for moderation. When a group like scenic Galveston gains power by obtaining grants and donations from like-minded folks, they tend to overstep their boundaries. In order to receive grants, obviously they need a project. Even if the project isn’t pertaining to their core values. It seems that Scenic Galveston has run out of wetlands to save, and have become the sight police. It’s one thing to “save” unusable wetlands, but entirely reckless to “save” perfectly usable land, such as Porretto Beach. The saved wetlands owned by Scenic Galveston are converted to property tax free parcels. So it seems that Beeton and Scenic Galveston want to keep the rights of way in order to purchase the beach and convert it to a property that has no property tax. All in the name of maintaining the “scenic view”?

jack sheaffer

I support scenic galveston and I’m willing to make a donation to purchase Porretto Beach for the citizens of Galveston and Texas. A beach is a wetlands. The beach is more than a scenic view. Visitors from Houston, other Texas Cities visit Galveston and spend time on the beaches. The HOT and sales taxes far surpass the property taxes generated a boardwalk concession.

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