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Charles Douglas

I remember back years ago when there were bad gang problems all over this county! Law Enforcement Agencies composed of Constables, Sheriff Deputies, and City Police Officers worked together in reaching out to those young men who were out there! The Officers challenged the Gangsters to basketball games between The Officers vs the Kids! TV stations came down from Houston to run stories on them!

They lobbied businesses to offer jobs to many of them to get them to become producers dignified by working for their money. They also sought to help those who were dropouts to ascertain their GEDs! In doing all that, they formed needed relationships which fostered inroads for success in doing other things, with the young men. Results began to be realized all over the county! Much of the gangs-shooting and upheaval stopped! Yes, they still had to make some arrests, but progress began to become visible!

I guess what I am getting at is the community composed of Pastors, Clergy, Law Enforcement, Political Leaders, business owners might be required to come together as a team, forming a bridge of cooperation, and brainstorming alternative ways to reel these young men back from destructive influences to become useful, and.law abiding citizens instead of them spending years behind bars in the County Jail or Prison!

Bailey Jones


Joseph Lowry

It's frustrating that the community cannot even get the police department to share a description of a shooter or a vehicle. As a citizen here in Lamarque I would like to know if I'm in danger or standing next to a threat. It's unfortunate that they think if they sweep everything under the rug and don't talk about it will make Lamarque better. Fact is if you don't talk about it you can't fix it hiding the problem does not fix the problem. Our new Administration has made it very clear that we are not allowed to know of criminal Behavior inside the community

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