Jamaica Beach residents should follow Galveston’s lead in regulating short-term rentals. The compromise benefited all the players and blocked what could have been a blanket ban in some parts of the island.

The key word is compromise.

 Laura Elder: 409-683-5248; laura.elder@galvnews.com

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Bailey Jones


Michael Moriarty

The greatest problem with STRs is oversight. Law enforcement should be given the authority to enter a STR property without any limitation where a complaint is filed. To the extent properties are deemed by authorities to be consistent problems, heavy fines should be levied against owners and management. Neighbors must have some recourse!

Bailey Jones

I agree - too many STRs are run by absentee owners and large management companies. Like any absentee landlord operation, they can't keep tabs on what's happening. Maybe fining the owners for guest misconduct is an answer. (Although I think it's fair to say that the bad actors are a very small minority.)

Dan Freeman

"Authority to enter a STR without limitation where a complaint is filed" probably is a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. This also applies generally in Texas.

Mary Branum

The Short Term Rental Owners Association of Galveston has the "Good Neighbor Brochure" available to all on the website home page. This brochure is referenced in the City of Galveston STR Ordinance.

I highly recommend that it be placed in all vacation rentals and all residents read as it reiterates the use of common courtesy by all.

Karen Alberstadt

Laura, can you tell us what are the four neighborhoods in Galveston that have opted to not allow STRs? Thank you.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Hi Karen, they are Colony Park, Cedar Lawn, Adler Circle and one other that doesn't have a name but I'm looking up the boundaries and will get back to you shortly.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

The fourth encompasses 129 properties on Golfcrest Drive and Fairway Drive, and most properties on Oleander Avenue, an area off Stewart Road.

Wayne D Holt

The key word is compromise.

This is the answer to so much of what ails Galveston. There has been a winner-take-all attitude that has resisted reasonable compromise on issues that affect both commercial interests as well as resident quality of life. I have seen a lot fewer resident proposals accepted than I have laissez faire pleas from businesses.

If we're going to talk about heads in beds, can we at least count the heads in beds who actually live here?

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