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Michelle Aycoth

How about you work for free !

Andy Aycoth

Jim Forsythe

If the Texas Local Government Code is upheld, Hank Dugie has already made it where he will not be paid.

Because Hank Dugie did publicly advocate the abolition of the office, he will work without pay, if the Texas Local Government Code is upheld.

John Merritt

Since when are politicians being held to their campaign promises? Cheryl Johnson promised to quit after two terms, not exactly sure why. I am happy she is still doing the job. Many are promising to work toward term limitations. But with little success. Government has a way of perpetrating its existence.

Norman Pappous

Hank is a good and decent man, but abolishing the Treasurer's office isn't going to save the county a nickel and makes the finances of the county at greater risk to fraud, abuse, and a lack of transparency. Most people that have run treasury operations would agree with me....

Craig Mason


Jim Casey


Jim Forsythe

What makes it different this time. It was tried in 2021.

"This idea of abolition is not new, both across the state and in the specific case of this office. State law requires a constitutional amendment be passed to abolish a county office — requiring approval both from the legislature and the public in a statewide vote. Galveston-area state Rep. Mayes Middleton (R-Wallisville) filed exactly such a bill in 2021, which didn’t make it out of the State Affairs Committee. "

04/20/2021 H Left pending in committee

Proposing a constitutional amendment to abolish the office of county treasurer of Galveston County.



County Government--Employees/Officers (I0095)

County Government--General (I0096)

Resolutions--Constitutional Amendments (I0661)


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