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David Schuler

Get 100 people, pay then $1000 each, put them in a room at the Convention Center with lots of yellow, red and green sticky notes and felt tip markers and you could have gotten a far better result. And I'm only partly joking. What an incredible waste of money. Galveston, apparently, lacks the political will and leadership necessary to reshape the thought patterns and (low) expectations that exist here. Broadway looks like it does for the same reasons that nothing has been done about the Martini, the Piggy Wiggly at 45th and S and the other abandoned and decaying structures that dot the landscape. Fixing Broadway will require a fundamental mind-set change, not a well-meaning but ineffective ad-hoc committee nipping at the toes of the problem.

Joe Flores

TOTALLY Agree ... mindset , some ordinance changes and a pretty not UGLY attitude.

Don Schlessinger

Very well said David. Once again our city council is wanting to waste OUR money.

Lisa Blair

Design Works held several public meetings where the audience was surveyed extensively. I hope the final plan represents the opinions that were expressed at the public meetings. If I remember correctly a majority liked the idea of a walk/bike path down the esplanade.

Joe Flores

Totally agree with Michael ...waisted money when all the city needs is some ordinance changes to get people to clean up the sidewalk merchandising , get cars off the sidewalks and ENFORCEMENT !!! Spend the money on downtown and the beach where tourists visit !!! have a mo' bettah day ...

Jim Forsythe

if you want to look at plan http://galvestontx.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/6364

Charlotte O'rourke

Jim, Thanks for posting. Is there a more detailed version?

Based on the above and news articles ...

1. Leave the median as is with current upkeep, but more frequent trash collection. It actually looks nice because the curbs and flower beds are being maintained.
2. Implement heavy fines for littering
3. No walk/ bike trail as it would be even more build/maintenance for the city and poses safety issues. The city should concentrate on a plan/method to incentivize - with stick and carrot- property owners along Broadway to landscape, fix walkways, and curbs. The city -without a paid study - should determine safety of having pedestrians walk/bike in median. Think seawall and new posts going up for pedestrian safety.
4. No to the trolley (how much would the city really owe the government if not replaced)
5. Yes to trolley cars paid with hot tax

Just my thoughts which could be changed based on more detail and input. I didn’t attend and participate in these meetings so I’m interested in hearing from others who did and would like to thank them for their time and dedication to Galveston.

Don Schlessinger

All great points Charlotte, especially items 3,4,and 5. Since the whole project is to entice tourists, and not residents costs SHOULD paid for with HOT, or let the taxpayers, who will be PAYING for the project vote for or against it.

Jim Forsythe

From  http://galvestontx.gov/894/6672/Building-A-Better-Broadway
I found 
Current Draft: http://galvestontx.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/6365 (very large document, may take a few minutes to open)
but did not look, at because of size.

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