It’s clear that a large, diverse section of the U.S. population demands some type of law enforcement reform.

Polls show a vast majority of Americans, something like 69 percent, believe the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers indicates a broad dysfunction in U.S. law enforcement.

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Don Schlessinger


Charles Douglas

I'm not buying what is being sold here! Oh, there are lots of enticing words and phrases, figures and stats listed here, but nothing takes the place of truth! I will be like The Roman Procurator Pilate when he asked Christ, "What is the truth" years ago in a public square, before he allowed the crucifixion of Christ! Here is the truth! We are, and have been in a perpetual war on poverty in the Black communities in this country for decades and nobody is getting to the root of why nothing works, even though everybody knows why! The reason why this is true... is because there exists a vested interest by certain groups of people In America for keeping Black America saddled with bad teachers, bad schools, bad leaders, presiding over badly operated municipalities like Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit! This is the reason you see kids running away from certain school districts, lying about their residence requirements in order to be allowed into better schools, even in this county! If you keep groups of people needy, and educationally can better persuade them that certain other groups want them disadvantaged, and poor! Then, because of their susceptibility to these lies,... they can be controlled politically like the LEFT is doing African-Americans now! They have been at this for decades! They started this process after the Emancipation Proclamation by creating another form of slavery called "SHARECROPPING!" They maximislzed this new form of Slavery expertly to their advantage, because the majority of African-Americans then were uneducated and could not read what they were signing! This is why the LEFT is marching, destroying,.. looting, and tearing down private property, in order to get rid of bad police officers, but will make no effort at all to rid the Black communities of bad city leaders, bad schools, bad teachers and bad curriculums in order to prepare them to be self-responsible and competitive! Finally, if African-Americans are ever going to improve as a whole,...and become on par with other groups, somebody is going to have to become serious about public education reform in this country! Everybody wants to reform police, but don't mind that our Black students can't breathe because bad schools are killing them!

Carlos Ponce

The Washington Post-Schar School poll conducted June 7, 2020 polled 33% Democrats, 24% Republicans 41% independent. As usual, Republicans are underrepresented and does not represent the voting populace.

Dan Freeman

Mr. Ponce if you had read further you have learned the poll follows standard weighting for national polls according to AAPOR standards. One does not re-weight to reflect a particular political point of view, only to attempt to make the poll more representative of the target population. The fact that individuals self report as independent, Republican or Democrat reflects the opinion of the population.

Carlos Ponce

"The fact that individuals self report as independent, Republican or Democrat reflects the opinion of the population." Considering the relatively small number contacted I doubt if the poll accurately "reflects the opinion of the population". They used AAPOR standards in 2016 and those polls were not accurate. In fact the AAPOR revision came out just months before the 2016 elections. The whole system of polling is flawed.

Dan Freeman

Mr. Ponce you should stick with middle school math. The poll of over 1,000 has a margin of error of +- 3%, which is clearly stated. The AAPOR standards in 2016 and currently in use are reasonable in the area of scientific polling. The 2016 polls were accurate at the national level. The state polls were much smaller and the errors were entirely in range. The fact that they failed to predict the electoral college results can happen by chance. Merely disagreeing with the poll does not make it flawed. Please take a course in polling. And stick to arithmetic.

Carlos Ponce

The proof is in the results. And polling today with a poor track record shows it is not reliable.

Carlos Ponce

"The fact that they failed to predict the electoral college results can happen by chance." So that's your excuse.[rolleyes]

Carlos Ponce

Dan posts: "The poll of over 1,000 has a margin of error of +- 3%, which is clearly stated. ......The state polls were much smaller"


In the national WAPO poll mentioned 1006 were polled.

In the Quinnipiac University Poll of Texas presidential preference 1166 were polled.

"much smaller"????

Similar state numbers in 2016.

Jeff Gorski

Agreed. The polling reported these days is not representative of the population as a whole. Most often they’re done in metropolitan cities without input from the majority of citizens outside these poorly run cities

philip wade

The police force needs to be better vetted psychologically to weed out the masochists and racists. Any group that has as much power as the police have over people has no room for people who are in it because they are bullies and like to hurt people. We need more "protect and serve" going on. I saw where one city changed their rules to where if an officer is involved in a foot chase, and it comes to a desired end, another officer will take over at that point, one whose adrenaline is not so pumped up from a chase. This city found that a lot of the harm done to suspects was after a chase and due to the excited state of the officer and the suspect. With all that said, I can't imagine a world without our police; law and order. God bless our police!

Wayne D Holt

One of the seldom discussed dynamics about the psychology of policing is that departments all over America are vying for educated, trainable and psychologically balanced individuals who will take on the responsibility of dealing with the worst our society offers in individual behavior. And as an assistant police chief once reminded me, also dealing the best people in society on the worst day of their life.

It's a difficult and increasingly dangerous job physically, emotionally and even legally. How do we get the best qualified to take it up? How do we make sure they are effective but not overly zealous? How do we get the clear message to the law enforcement community we are going to unequivocally stand by them when they are right and we are going to make sure that is the standard we expect them to meet?

philip wade

Live and learn, no way to edit comments! I meant to say sadist, not masochist, in my comment above. I am no psychologist but I meant people who like to hurt other people don't need to be police.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] We've systematically stripped away social services in this country and left the police to clean up the mess. And they spend 1000's of man-hours doing it. Police are not well suited for dealing with mental health crises, drug and alcohol addiction, or homelessness. When reformers speak of "defunding" the police, they mean taking the money spent on policing mental health, addiction and homelessness, and using it to address those issues directly, while freeing up the police to concentrate on their actual job - protecting the public from criminals.

No doubt there currently isn't enough money to do all that needs to be done. We need to spend more - much more.

Jeff Gorski

Social services begin in the home. We’re most of these issues come from broken families or kids with only one parent present. Lost often it’s the mother and she has 2-3 jobs and no extra time to nurture her kids to be emotionally stable good people. These kids don’t know any better. Instead of encouraging the poor to have more children in order to qualify for MORE “Social“ benefits, there should be some thought of balancing these benefits toward two parent families not single mothers w four kids at 25...

Casey Alan

Of course we all know defund does not mean do away with. The idea is to take some of the money a percentage of it and put it back into the communities to help with mental health problems, drug addiction, afterschool programs, and even better training for the police. If some of the problems can be stopped before they start then the police will not have to deal with them.

Ray Taft

We should ban Democrats as we increase police funding.

It’s in the Democrat run city of Minneapolis where George Floyd was murdered. Minneapolis has a Democrat mayor and a Democrat chief of police and is in a state controlled by Democrats.

Democrat police reform is a sham. Democrats can’t be trusted to reform a system they created and perpetuated for their own political advantage. They could have done something about police brutality in the cites and states they controlled if they wanted to, but they didn’t.

The Democrats’ Justice in Policing Act is only another way Democrats want to fool people into thinking they care. As Nancy Pelosi said about Obamacare; we need to pass it to see what’s in it. And if enacted, all the hidden things will end up weakening the police. Joe Biden’s Democrat allies in Congress have signaled their support for the effort to weaken the police. Biden is fully onboard with the Democrats’ ultimate goal of weakening the police. All the anarchy we see today in so many Democrat run cities, will be the daily norm if Biden becomes president.

Be sure about this: Democrats don’t care; they only want gullible voters to keep them in office. Let’s ban Democrats first, vote them all out of office, then do a proper reform without them.

Lisa Blair

Don’t worry Ray, you’ve got Lt. Bob Kroll on the job. Reppin Trump policies.

Ray Taft

Kroll works for Democrats in a Democrat run state, city and police department. It’s Democrat policy at work on the streets of Minneapolis.

Gary Scoggin

Exactly, how do you propose we go about this banning of Democrats?

Bailey Jones

I'm thinking just round them all up, seize their property and throw them in camps. Then start on the Republicans - round up the non-Trumpsters, seize their property and throw them in camps. Then winnow out the "go along" Trumpsters from the real Trumpsters, and seize their property and throw them in camps. Then go after any of the real Trumpsters who have ever not praised Trump at least once a day. Then remove anyone who has looked directly at Trump or turned his back on Trump while leaving the room. Then remove anyone who isn't directly related to Trump, and then remove any relatives who are related to Marla.

That's now ideological purification works.

Ray Taft

Vote them all out and our streets will be safer. Democrats were the cause of what happened on the streets of Minneapolis.

Jim Forsythe

Ray, is a One Party System what you really want? Be careful what you ask for. Below are 5 reasons why you may want to rethink having one party. Because of the dangers of the United States of American becoming a group of one, telling you what to do, and having no one say, wait a minute, that may not be a good idea because this is what may happen, makes that a bad idea.

When you have one party policing themselves, you have lost why we became the United States of American.

The reason why a One Party System is a bad idea!

(1) Since there is only one party in this system, there is no freedom of expression.

(2) Democracy is eroded and dictatorship emerges.

(3) There is no regard for the views of different classes and interests.

(4) The Government becomes absolute and the administration becomes irresponsible.

5) The development of the personality is hindered because all social freedoms are crushed.

Ray Taft

It’s the Democrats who want a one party system. And Minneapolis shows us how that worked out.

Jim Forsythe

Ray, you are the one that wants to" ban Democrat" which would result in one party in the USA.

Ted Gillis

Jim, this is what I do now when I see one of Ray’s posts.


Ray Taft


Bailey Jones

Ray, Carlos, Gary (M), Kelly/Leroy - you've read one you've read them all. Although Ray is the most entertaining. He reminds me of my late Arkansas aunt.

Ray Taft

Wow. At least you admit to reading my posts. That’s good because most Democrats are so narrow minded they don’t ever go outside their box to read anything else.

Bailey Jones

I love your posts, Ray. They are very illustrative of the workings of the conservative mind. They help me make sense of the world I wake up in every morning. I don't need to agree with you to want to understand your world view.

Terri Abraham


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