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Steve Fouga

My wife and I voted in Galveston. The school board elections either did not show up on our our ballots, or else we both missed them.

We marked our ballots for the amendments and the bonds, and then the system asked us to confirm our choices. We did, and that was that. We never saw a mention of the school board. We hadn't intended on voting in those elections anyway, so neither of us missed it at the time. Later, we wondered why they hadn't shown up.

Carlos Ponce

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe GISD has single member districts. Steve, do you live one of the single member school district divisions up for election this year? If so, you should have asked the election judge. Too late now.

Steve Fouga

You are correct and, as you surmise, ours was not up for election. Problem solved.

Mark Aaron

Carlos: [do you live one of the single member school district divisions up for election this year?]

Aha, that explains it. Thanks for the facts Carlos. Like Steve, I was wondering why the candidates didn't show up on my ballot.

Carlos Ponce

That's the reason for the low turnout at school board elections. People get confused. Some want to vote in every Board of Trustees election like in the old days when every member ran at-large. They get upset when they can't vote in that particular election but their across street or down the street neighbor can. Others don't know which single member district they live in so don't vote.
A map of GISD single member districts is found at:

David Smith

300,000 eligable voters .. ....10,000 voted. ( 3 %) and people say your vote doesnt count?

Steve Fouga

300,000 residents, not eligible voters. But still. Embarrassing.

Kelly Naschke

What is the relevance of comparing voter turnout to a baseball game?

Jose' Boix

On the November 4, 2008 ballot we voters approved $75 Million for Road Improvements, $15 Million for Drainage Improvements and $45 Million for Facilities Improvements and New Construction. On the November 6, 2017 we voters approved another $80 Million.

It would great to have posted a report showing the completion dates and actual costs of the 2008 projects. And, to have had some evaluation on how specially the $15Million in flood control projects worked during Harvey.

These 4 flood control projects were:

• Dickinson Bayou Clearing and De-snagging,
• Mud Gully Retention Basin to reduce flooding by 1 foot on Clear Creek,
• Dickinson Bayou Watershed Regional Drainage; and,
• FM 646 Drainage Improvement

Carlos Ponce

According to state figures there were 208,232 Registered Voters in 2016 In Galveston County.
In 2016 124,547 actually voted or 59.81%.

Jose' Boix

According to this URL the number of registered voters voting in the Nov. 6 Galveston County elections was 10.750.
According to the https://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/historical/galveston.shtml the number of Registered Voters in 2017 was 208,032.
So dividing 10,750/208,032 = 5.16% voter voting. Therefore, 5% decided for the 95%.

Jose' Boix

Rather than dwell on the low voting turn out, we need to focus on the visibility and accountability of all these bonds. We keep voting "for" these bonds and Constitutional amendments, and most of us do not know if they are working as defined. As an aside, it is also time to get our Legislators to re-work the Texas Constitution. Voting for the allowance of raffles twice is beyond rational thinking on what a Constitution should guide us. I believe the Constitution should focus on the "what" and let the local laws define the "how." Just my thoughts.

Mark Aaron

Jose': [I believe the Constitution should focus on the "what" and let the local laws define the "how." Just my thoughts.]

Yes, it sounds like the Texas Constitution could use with a rewrite and the minutia moved into statutes somehow.

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