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Don Schlessinger

Leonard, you mentioned stake holders working to find a way to build, but nothing was said about Houston. Are they not stake holders ? Are they not willing to invest? They are the largest land owner on the island and are exempt from property taxes. Why is they getting a free ride at we islanders expense?

Don Schlessinger

OOPS, Why are they getting a free ride at we islanders expense?

John long

I wonder... that when the bridge is deemed dangerous and impassable, does A&M plan to run a ferry back and forth to remain open?

Gary Miller

Will the old bridge last long enough for a toll booth to charge enough to finance a new bridge? A&M students could pay for the new bridge. Or the school could join the partnership.

Gary Scoggin

Gary.... best suggestion yet!

Christopher Fluke

If TAMUG doesn’t want the traffic to go through their campus on a public road, they can pay $14M to make it a private road and the city could use that money to pay for the rerouting of the bridge around the campus.

Ron Shelby

Let the university hang. Spend the limited matching funds available elsewhere where they are appreciated and can be put to good use. Let the university go “hat in hand” to the legislature later to get there bridge. If there were no increased costs in changing the traffic plan for the bridge, I’d be all for it. But another $14million is a lot to ask of tight city and county budgets with other major infrastructure needs. (And A&M’s land is off the tax roles contributing nothing to help but demanding more.) If A&M wants the more expensive plan, they can issue bonds and toss money in the pot. Otherwise, keep the traffic plan as it’s always been (and worked), and adopt other traffic management solutions. Ungrateful.

Bailey Jones

There's a letter from A&M in today's e-edition that addresses their side of the story. But I can't find it here.

James Lippert

I side with Judge Mark Henry on this one. If the elitist Aggies want a special bridge, built to their specs and placed just so, let A&M pay for it.

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