Many Americans breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris left the stage in Washington, D.C., after an inauguration marked by the absence of violence and strife many had feared.

After the riot of Jan. 6, anything seemed possible, including an attempt on Biden’s life broadcast live to millions. All of us who love this country must celebrate the fact nothing remotely like that, or like the earlier attack on the Capitol, happened.

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Charles Douglas

"Jan. 6 proved those anti-American forces, which have always been among us, have indeed become emboldened, as many had warned."

I see the author mentioned nothing about the "despicable events" which happened last summer by the LEFTISTS..who hid behind legitimate protests of embittered African-Americans to kill, burn, loot, and assault citizens in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago! One should note there were not 25,000 troops called in to protect those cities and citizens. Why? One LEFTIST controlled city even allowed the RADICALS to form or create a city inside their city which was off limits to everyone but them, even the police! Nothing was done about It! Why? Was that insurrection? Was that an attack on America?

Joe Biden is not going to be the President of anyone because he is a just a figure head controlled by LEFTIST RADICALS, like AOC, Pelosi, and Schumer who are in complete power at last with the intentions of tearing this country down, then tearing it apart...under what they call CHANGE! They are already talking about " re-education" & " deprogramming" camps for conservatives, censoring, transforming the Supreme Court, adding democratic voting states, and doing away with the Senate Fillabustering Rule! So what "UNITY" is Biden lying about? They are speaking overtly about destroying & dismantling the constitution which has been the lighting-rod, and backbone of our basic freedoms in America since it's beginning!

Many years ago, I read an article written by a professional who lived in Germany before Hitler and the Gestapo took power. This guy in essence wrote, " I sat around and said nothing when they were stripping every group around me of their rights and arresting them." " So when they came for me,....there were nobody AROUND to say anything!" My point is this, a great down payment, and perpetual payments for over two hundred years have been made in establishing & keeping America as a free society governed of, for, and by the people, but others should beware that whatever these LEFTISTS & RADICALS ...can impose on me and my family, they can and will impose on YOU and YOUR family! Just as the gentlemen who felt safe, and uncaring about other's rights in a FREE Germany ...saw a free nation become a nation of RADICAL FOOLS, & a domineering DICTATOR, which did not happen overnight! It is not going to happen over night here either, but be not deceived,...because the transformation has already started!

One other thing to remember is the DEVIL has his fingerprints all over what is happening in this nation, and indeed ...this world! Be warned, and beware that the Devil has no favorites among men, because men are created in the image of GOD, who he hates with a passion!! So then his plan for his human surrogates are always to use them up then KILL them! ( John 10:10.)

Robert Braeking


Carlos Ponce

Charles Douglas[thumbup][thumbup]

Gary Scoggin

Charles, Whenever we speak of the armed insurrection that attempted to overthrow our government, will we forever be obliged to discuss the riots over the summer? Is so, is the converse true? If we speak of the riots in the summer will we be obliged to bring up the attack on the Capitol? Even though the events had very different origins are they inextricably linked now and forever?

Carlos Ponce

Bring up both but point fingers at the real culprits. The Summer's culprits are BLM and Antifa. January 6th has a mixture with a few Trump supporters involved. I ask, were they armed since you mention "armed insurrection"? Those who planted the bombs are still not identified.



Charles Douglas

It like gold coming from you Brother Jack, and you know I value your opinion![thumbup][thumbup]

Paula Flinn

What do we do to people who pay for others to attack our government?

Carlos Ponce

The Bloomberg reports the Trump Campaign paid for the rally, NOT the riot. There were about 300,000 at the rally. The FBI reports about 200 entered the Capitol. That's less than one percent of the rally goers. Of the 200, were all Trump supporters? No. Of those who entered the Capitol how many did actual damage? Not all of them. Most were charged with unlawful entry, nothing more.

To make it short, Paula's link is much ado about a handful. And Bloomberg articles are to be questioned.

Keith Gray

Paula when I went to that link, I expected to see something on Hilary or the DNC about the Russian dossier...

Wayne D Holt

Speaking of debts owed: If anyone had bet the Covid-19 threat would be subsiding immediately after President Buy-in clawed his way to "victory", you would have a fatter wallet as of today.

For we see that Washington DC's Democrat mayor, and Michigan's Democrat governor--both rabid lockdown aficionados for lo these many months--have had an epiphany, an epiphany I tell you! Because just two days into the New Imperium, they both are now moving to open up restaurants under their jurisdiction. Those hotbeds of C19 plague, those dens of iniquity, the Playground of Ol' Scratch hisseff are cleansed, redeemed and transfigured by the benevolent influence of the incoming administration...which has done nothing tangible to alter the previous prognosis, by the way.

That's right, Covid-19 is receding, and right on schedule I might add. Onlookers gasped in astonishment as the president's mere presence rolled back the viral tide like an infinitely less coherent King Canute.

If we had only known it just took an illegitimately elected Democrat administration to beat the virus, we could have totally avoided Operation Warp Speed and gone immediately to Operation Warped Outlook.

Robert Braeking

I was struck by the ridiculousness of an inaugural parade for nobody. Apparently all of JB's supporters were either in attendance or were ordered to attend by threat of Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Carlos Ponce

No "violence and strife" in Washington DC but Antifa and BLM rioted in Seattle and Portland. No disguising themselves as Trump supporters this time!

If you don't know about the riots it's understandable. The mainstream media decided not to carry it. All the news they WANT you to see.

Seattle Times:

A group, which numbered about 100 protesters early in the evening and later dropped in size, marched through downtown and called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In chants, they decried both former president Donald Trump and Biden.

Police made at least three arrests as of 9 p.m., for property damage, burglary and an assault, according to Seattle police.

Outside ICE offices on Second Avenue and Spring Street, several in the crowd lit fire to an American flag. Some spray-painted and smashed three windows at a building that houses an AmazonGo store. “Amazon uses $ 2 fund tech for ICE,” read one tag.

Bailey Jones

OK, Carlos - it's (past) time to pay the piper.

Let's review the terms of our wager - "if Trump manages to turn the election around and stay in office, I'll give $1000 to your favorite charity. If he doesn't, you do the same for mine."

Trump is now officially out of office. When can the good folks at Galveston Island Humane Society expect your $1000 donation?

Carlos Ponce

I've already answered that question. The Lord says this isn't over. Bailey says it is. Now whom shall listen to, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with his begotten son Jesus or Bailey Jones? Hmmm... not a hard choice. Unless Bailey places himself above GOD.[angry]

Bailey Jones

.... there we have it, folks. And, sadly, it's just as I expected. (Maybe I should get me one of those youtube Jesus channels and make "predictions"?)

But on the up side, there's no need to waste time on Carlos anymore. That's worth one [thumbup] at least.

For the rest of us - It's worth supporting.

Carlos Ponce

So Bailey has placed himself above GOD.

Sharon Stratman

Carlos, I'm curious. Where does the Lord say this isn't over? Am I missing something in scripture?

Carlos Ponce

The Lord has given us prophets. Not everyone who calls himself a prophet is one. It takes the gift of discernment to differentiate. A good track record on accuracy of revelations is a good clue.

2 Peter 1:21

For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

Hosea 12:10

I spoke to the prophets; it was I who multiplied visions, and through the prophets gave parables.

Deuteronomy 18:18

I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers. And I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him.

Numbers 12:6

And he said, “Hear my words: If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision; I speak with him in a dream.

But one should pray for the gift of discernment to not be misled by false prophets:

1 John 4:1

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

The prophets I read and listen to are not but one man. There are hundreds; male and female, Jew and Christian from every race, Catholics and Protestants, Americans and from other nations all saying the same revelation.

Bailey Jones

Biden wasn't my first choice, or my second, or my third, and I didn't pay much attention to him until he won the nomination and then the election. But I've been genuinely impressed with what he has had to say. He's no great orator to be sure, but he's an authentic patriot who cares about ordinary working people.

He has the narrowest of majorities in congress. He needs 2/3 to get much done. I think that's doable. The remaining 1/3 of the nation will actively oppose anything proposed by any Democrat, and that's a shame because that means they won't be a part of America as we move forward. I expect we'll be hearing a lot from that 1/3 in the comments section of this paper. But among the great middle of America - the part of America that he comes from - I think he can find enough consensus to get some things done.

The first test of unity is the battle against the coronavirus. I hope that Americans, all 3/3 of them, can come together to defeat this truly nonpartisan threat.

James C.

"The first test of unity is the battle against the coronavirus. I hope that Americans, all 3/3 of them, can come together to defeat this truly nonpartisan threat."

Let's do it!!! [rolleyes]

Don't be surprised when your calls for unity are resoundingly mocked though, Mr. Jones. This sort of disingenuous rhetoric can be all too much for some of us. The Democrats dragged their feet on pandemic aid and relief to try and damage President Trump. Amazon came forward, on inauguration day, with an offer to help distribute vaccine. No doubt there will be a heart-felt and unified effort to defeat this virus. But there will always be the fact that Liberals were willing to slow down progress against the disease for political gain at a time when the American people desperately needed help.

Bailey Jones

Don't equate the nonsense our politicians engage in with the wishes of the American people. There's a reason why Congress maintains an 85% disapproval rating. Partisan hypocrisy abounds on all sides - and always has. It's a bad habit that's easy to fall into. We have a new president who is asking us not to fall into that trap - someone who has a long history of reaching across the aisle, and a moment when at least some Republican leaders in congress seem receptive. The best way to attain the moral high ground is to not do what you accuse the other side of doing.

"We are striving to forge a union with purpose

To compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions of man

And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us

but what stands before us"

Grant me a day, at least, to be optimistic and idealistic. I need it.

Charles Douglas

ONE of the things I keep hearing about Joe Biden is he wants UNITY. What is he doing to bring about unity other than vilifying, and preparing to destroy everything Trump has done in the name of America First? He is now talking about, like many in his party are, destroying the lives of those who supported Trump!

They are talking about BLACKLISTING those who were apart of the Trump Adminstration. So how is one to believe these meaningless words somebody wrote for Joe to read while standing in front of a TV camera? Here is a better question, What good has Joe Biden done for the Little Man or this nation in the 47 years he served in politics, before they gave him the WHITE HOUSE?

What is his track record? What did he do? What did he do as Vice President for eight years besides sell influence to his position, and back- stab this country with his & Obama's global policies & one sided, "SUGGA" DADDY treaties?

Now, he is as happy as a tick on a dog, to get at those "executive orders" somebody piled up on a a symbol of disrespecting Trump! He might even get the Nobel Piece Prize like his clean cut, good looking, well spoken, partner did for putting America and Americans last some years ago. The man couldn't care less about America, nor Americans.

The opposite was what the "SWAMP" hated about Trump, he cared about America, and stood up for us on the world stage! You did not see Iran or anybody else stopping and boarding our ships on the high seas, point automatic weapons in our military people's faces while they were on their knees with hands on their heads, like what happen when Obama & Biden were running this country!

However, that was the kind of respect America got last time Biden was in office and it is the same brand of respect we will get from the world now that he is back! Don't believe me,.....wait and find out!

"OG" we just celebrated a holiday of a great man who helped shaped my life who once said, " A threat to justice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE!" So please stop implying there is a difference between looting, rioting, and murdering in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Chicago, and the same things happening in Washington DC.....Please!

Charles Douglas

Word of clarification Please! Who was it rioting and abusing police in the streets of Portland, and Seattle last night? I mean the night before this morning? Lolo. Who was that out their causing chaos and upheaval? Were they Trumplicans? Why is it that nobody Is condemning whoever were out there doing those things today? Say, weren't they the same one who were helping the LEFT doing the summer riots! I heard some of them say they were going to turn on Biden now that Trump is gone! This makes me remember the tale about the frozen rattlesnake who was dying along side of a country road. Then a farmer rolled by, took him home, thawed him out, and was promptly bitten by the snake! The farmer as he was dying said, "Hey I saved your life and this is how you repay me?" The snake replied, "Hey, don't blame me, you knew I was a snake when you stopped and picked me up and bought me home!" Lolo. Last night is just the beginning of the fall-out, retibutions, and ratifications which will appear as a result from what has transpired during these past few years.

"Be not deceived; for God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sower, that shall he also reap." ( Galatians 6:7.) Now in Portland, and Seattle, we see the seeds planted last summer, began to bear fruit and come to harvest! [wink]

Paula Flinn

That you don’t see the difference, Charles, is YOUR problem. The actions of a few bad people in cities is different from a pre-planned attack on our nation’s Capitol. Biden didn’t ask a few malcontents to set fires to buildings and loot. Biden did not sit there and watch when the looting. and burning happened last summer and not condemn those who did that or not tell them to stop! BLM is not a terrorist group. There was a group of people who did the burning and looting in cities. It wasn’t sanctioned by BLM. It may not have been BLM members who did that, but infiltrators like the Proud Boys or the Boogaloos.

“A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” is not how #45 ended his Presidency.

#45 didn’t protect the Congress in the Capitol Building by telling his supporters to “stand down.” Those calls to “Hang Pence,” and “Where the f____ is Nancy,” were threats. You ought to be ashamed of quoting #45 in one of his lies. He made sure the Iran deal was cancelled, we were out of the Paris Accord, and he even wanted us out of NATO. It wasn’t justice to treat Puerto Rico so horribly by withholding government aid after the hurricanes. #45 didn’t even know Puerto Rico belonged to us.

Maybe now we can reunite the children at the border with their parents. “Justice” and mercy were not given to them. The acts of #45 were the “least just” and “least merciful” of anyone. It’s because he listened to Stephen Miller, his close advisor, who hates people.

Look at the criminals connected to #45 that he pardoned. Some did their crimes (like lying to the FBI) to protect HIM. That isn’t “justice.”

James C.

Ms. Flinn, you have shown over and over that you are biased when it comes to Trump. You are like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

Welcome back. [smile]

Charles Douglas

Joe China DID sit back and do NOTHING.. doing the summer rioting Ms. F linn! He and Kamala Harris were bailing rioters out of jail to go do what they were doing again and again! The fact that you cannot understand or accept that is YOUR problem. None of the Radical LEFT leqders came out and denounced the upheaval which were going on last summer until the very end. Kamala even went on a night show saying they were not going to quit looting, rioating and nor should they quit! Maybe if you watch other news besides CNN & Don Lemon......

Charles Douglas

And the only problem I had with the people Trump pardoned and the number of those he pardoned was .....he did not pardon enough of them! He should have at least pardoned as many as Obama did! Everybody likes me right? Ole poor farm dude off the LEFT'S plantation? Free!!! I'm Free to tell it like it is!

Paula Flinn

James C. Everyone that contributes to this forum is biased. Haven’t you noticed? As Don Quixote, I hand my sword over to you to keep up the fight for your beliefs, as messed up as they are:

Paula Flinn

Charles, the suspects for last summer’s burning and looting are from both right-wing and left-wing groups. I’m sure Joe & Kamala were not bailing out anyone.

You are “exaggerating” again.

I was giving #45 a chance until he imitated that disabled reporter. When someone has been in a Special Ed. classroom and makes fun of a disabled child (or adult), that is called “bullying,” and it’s so unfair and disgusting. I judged #45 by his words and actions. I couldn’t forgive his lies or insensitive words and actions.

You should give Joe Biden a chance to do some good for this country. He won’t be imitating disabled people. And, you really cannot say what he will be doing until he does things. You rarely list sources for your judgements against President Biden. You, and others, won’t give him a chance.

Charles Douglas

Okay Ms. Flinn, let it not be said I am not a fair individual. So then starting now, Joe China, ah.ah ..I mean Joe BIDEN is on my list of people I am holding my opinion about to see what he will do for this nation! I'm doing this because of your appeal, and in the spirit of cooperation and UNITY. Now ...I ...I hope he does not let you down, but if he does turn on this nation, and go back on his UNITY pledge, I as a Charter Member of the "TRUMPLICAN" Patriots will expect you to be honest enough, to step up and tell all of us publicly on this forum that you were misled. I know you will agree so it is done, and I will memorialize this post just for the records. Done deal!

Carlos Ponce

Paula posts: "I’m sure Joe & Kamala were not bailing out anyone"

Kamala Harris

@KamalaHarris·Jun 1, 2020

If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund

to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.

Charles Douglas

Good work Mr. Ponce. I am anxious to see how Ms. Flinn responds to your assertions made here. [thumbup][thumbup]

Craig Mason

[thumbup][thumbup] Paula

Charles Douglas

Mr. James C. > You are as right as East Texas rain, and West Texas heat! [wink]

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, "The first test of unity is the battle against the coronavirus." With the vaccines already developed all that is left is inoculation. The tests were already done, the battle won.

Ted Gillis

The left could be asking for Michael Flynn's brother to be dismissed, even though he is totally un-involved in the Pentago’s call with the Capital police. But hey, what’s fair the Vidman’s should also be fair for the Flynn’s.

Carlos Ponce

What piece of propaganda have you picked up to ask for the dismissal of General Flynn's brother?

Carlos Ponce

Unity - You do things OUR WAY and we'll have no problems.





Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> That about sums it up doesn't It? Sure you are right!!!

Virginia Stone

Excellent article Micheal Smith, I must say the way these anti-American groups have infiltrated and have become the norm in our uniformed services is especially troubling to our democracy, I pray these people are exposed and go back to the fringes of our society. I see this as another unintended consequence of too much information provided by technologies far and wide and received by people unable or unwilling to filter out the truth, technology has the ability to connect the fringes thus causing great chaos and division, it makes hate easier and also love, I pray for love to be the victor in this un-civil war.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Excellent article Michael and I said loud and clearly Amen and Two snaps. The radical extremes of both parties have been gloried and glamorized to a point of "popping" or breaking America. Enough is Enough.

Wayne D Holt

The radical extremes of both parties have been gloried and glamorized to a point of "popping" or breaking America. Enough is Enough.

Absolutely correct. The Democrat next door is not your enemy. The Republican across the street is not your enemy. The African American man or woman is not your enemy. The white folks you know are not the enemy. Hispanics, Asians...most everyone wants the same thing.

If we want to see a REAL revolution with a positive goal, we should be looking at the one-tenth of one percent who control vast swaths of political power, mass media, and wealth beyond belief. We are being groomed to seek the enemy where he is not...among us.

Divide and conquer has been used since time immemorial to keep apart natural allies, to subvert true liberation movements (not totalitarian ones disguised as popular uprisings) and deflect attention from those who actually control the puppets we vote for.

Have you ever wondered why a huge majority of the country--on both sides of the isle--inundated congress objecting to bailing out the financial intermediaries that caused the 2008 financial crisis...and were ignored? Do you know ANYONE who thinks it's peachy we're occupying Afghanistan, a country we have no beef with, longer than any war in US history? How do both Republican and Democrat presidents wage war without a congressional authorization? Do you know Sen. Church's committee on the continuing state of emergency found out as long ago as 1976 that we in the US have been living under a continuing state of emergency since 1933? And that executive orders that totally bypass our constitutional protections are subsumed under this state of emergency? This is history, not conspiracy. And it has been agreed to and extended in each administration since 1933.

Reject the radicals of the Left and the Right. Reject the unconstitutional decrees of this government and demand it once again serve We The People and not the oligarchs lurking in the shadows.

Ted Gillis

Or Carlos maybe it should read


We are the liberals

You will not command us to comply

We will not adapt

Resistance is the only way.

There, I fixed it for you.

domenico nuckols

Show me the FACTS that President Biden has ties to China. Just the FACTS not rumors. It will come out that Con man Trump is a Russian agent!

Carlos Ponce

"On Nov. 18, Senate Republicans released a new report on the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. The report outlines how Hunter Biden and associates had dealings with Ye Jianming, who has solid ties to the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese military. Hunter Biden was allegedly so close to this CCP-linked businessman that he was the first guest in Mr. Ye’s new apartment.

One can easily envision a scenario in which the Chinese have dirt on the Biden family. Hunter has lived a reckless life of drug abuse, getting kicked out of the Navy and knocking up a stripper. Who knows what else Chinese agents know, which they could use as blackmail.

Worse, Joe Biden has already lied about his knowledge of his son Hunter’s shady business dealings in Ukraine. Mr. Biden told “60 Minutes” that he had “never discussed” his son’s business. Yet, a Biden family business partner has gone public and said that Joe Biden was well aware of and in on the scheming to form a venture with a Chinese oil company. "

Paula Flinn

Trump paid them to rally, march to the Capitol and attack it. No wonder he didn’t stop it.

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