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Paul Hyatt

Good article, good questions, now time will tell whether or not anything good will come out of it.... Audits are a great tool to see how well people are handling their finances or not handling them....

Lisa Blair

Thanks for a concise recap of the REAL issues at the POG. The burning question isn’t why the O’Rourkes continue to scrutinize Rees’s job performance but rather why the majority of the Board not only overlooks the problems but actively makes excuses for them.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Regarding the improved financial status of the POG, one of the major contributions to that bottom line is the massive increase in Dockage from lay vessels. Attending Wharves Board meetings, or viewing them on line, can illuminate a lot of things that those who are not personally involved with the waterfront do not generally know; and the GDN reporter who attends and writes about every meeting helps public awareness, as well. It is not Port Director who had the idea, the initiative, and follow thru to radically expand that revenue stream and the Board is fully aware of that, as they have made a point of praising the responsible senior staff member who developed it (review Board meeting videos). It was not long ago that members of the Board publicly asked in a meeting what the term lay vessel even meant. All this has occurred in the public forum, in front of the GDN reporter, and is recorded for retroactive review by anyone on the Wharves Board videos. I encourage the GDN to give credit to the individual to whom it is due, as the Board itself has done. The CEO do not get all credit for every positive thing that has happened on his watch, due solely to his title. And, while he, just like everyone else, has a right to quietly seek opportunities for a new job, he does not have a right to publicly lie about it to the people who pay his inflated salary.

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