Bolivar Peninsula has always had a detached relationship with Galveston County — geographically and, perhaps, spiritually.

The peninsula, after all, is a slender strip of mainland separated by a channel of water from Galveston Island, which isn’t geographically connected to the county’s mainland, either.

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Jarvis Buckley

Laura I believe the Rollover Pass closure will never happen. I also don't think Galveston will ever have a ring levee or coastal barrier. I know I sound negative but these proposals have been needed for years. Nothing ever came to fruition . Why should we believe it will ever happen? What's different now? I think it's just politics at its worst.

Miceal O'Laochdha

If I am reading this story correctly, Galveston says it collects just short of $7M from Bolivar and will spend over $12M there. That would indicate the rest of the County is carrying Bolivar for a whole lot of money. Meanwhile Mays says that the income vs. expenditure figures are about a wash. That is an approximate $5M variance from the County's accounting to Mays' accounting. Both of these issues should not just be a passing minor detail in the overall debate and need a lot more investigation and explanation in my view...either the rest of Galveston County is taking a very large financial beating; or one of these parties cannot count in big numbers. Which is it?

George Croix

Six million in taxes/fees/collections and near 1 M in permits.
That's pretty clear incoming.
What is the 12 million bucks outgoing for?
Any one-time expenses planned in that, or is this the average annual expenditures there?
If it's the latter, then unless Chambers Cnty. offered to pony up 5M gratis, why would anybody vote to leave Galv. Cnty.??

Don Schlessinger

What are the negative consequences for Galveston County if Bolivar decides to go with Chambers County? Seems to me Galveston County would save money on policing, educating, infrastructure expenses to begin with.

Robert Braeking

We feel the same way in Arcadia. Since Santa Fe was formed we have all been left out of city government. The council positions are all at-large so the Alta Lomites get all the seats.

Rusty Schroeder

I and the overwhelming majority of the neighborhoods west of the new elementary on 1764 would gladly exchange our "city services" to be out of the city completely. We were annexed in '08 and I was deemed commercial highway and road front because of it. The Alta Lomites, good ness, more like under the water tower neighborhood are on council. Nobody is stopping anybody from Arcadia, the heart of the original city since '78, for running for city council. Sign up ends Friday at Noon for the next election.

Ted Gillis

Even though this article is about Bolivar, I'm compelled to comment on Arcadians not serving on the Santa Fe City Council. I served on Santa Fe city council for 9 years, planning and zoning commission for 4 years and 5 plus years on the Economic Development Council. I have 77517 zip code, (Arcadia) address. So yes we have been represented, and I concur with the previous poster, go sign up to run!
Now back to Bolivar.

Paula Flinn

I remember when this came up before, a previous Texas Comptroller, Carole Keeton (Rylander) Strayhorn, said that Galveston County would lose very much money if it “gave up” Bolivar Peninsula.

George Croix

Strayhorn has been out of office for 12 years............

Paula Flinn

Yes. It was before Hurricane Ike.

George Croix

Which is why it matters......

Almost close enough.....

Ted Gillis

I also don't think it's just up to the residents of Bolivar to decide which county they are in, it should be up to all of the residents of Galveston Cohnty whose opinion should be sought. I also own property on Bolivar and I say no. The whole county should have a say, and I'm sure most of them would say no. Rep. Middleton should represent his people equally and fairly no matter where they live. Pushing a theory that Bolivar residents will be treated differently by another county government is disengenous on his part. He should serve the residents where they live as elected.

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