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Port of Galveston leaders should make it abundantly clear to Carnival Cruise Line they expect a corporate partner, with which it does substantial business, to be a responsible environmental steward. Port leaders should insist on action by the cruise line, not more empty public relations babble.

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Vision is nice, but Hitchcock’s efforts to create a pretty city center is a giant leap from recently teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and laying off almost 20 percent of its police force. And it’s a bigger leap when key city leaders have eroded public trust.

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Texas lawmakers should approve House Bill 2763, which is the product of two years of local negotiation and would correct long-standing problems of unfunded liabilities and lopsided governance in the Galveston’s police pension plan.

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It has been feeling a lot like 2011 on the island since the announcement last month that federal officials had empowered and, it seems, are encouraging Galveston Housing Authority to pursue mixed-income developments to replace subsidized housing demolished after Hurricane Ike.

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Not every issue in Galveston has to be a knife fight. It’s time for top management and boards of the city, Park Board of Trustees and the Port of Galveston to have collegial discussions about policies and plans that affect pretty much everyone living and doing business on the island, particu…

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The two or three commissioners pushing to replace the county legal department with eight private law firms owe taxpayers a much more detailed explanation of their rationale, among a couple of other things, than has been offered so far.