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A 379 percent increase. It seems almost impossible that the food pantry at St. Vincent’s House in Galveston has increased the amount of groceries it has distributed by 379 percent — from 48,000 pounds of food last year to 230,000 pounds this year.

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In good years, the Texas coast gets two days of fall thanksgiving — the one that everybody gets on the fourth Thursday of November and one that’s ours alone on the last day of the month, when hurricane season comes to an official end.

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This just hurts: For the first time in 65 years, children who call NORAD on Dec. 24 might not get to speak to a living, breathing person to learn the exact location of you-know-who during his Christmas Eve flight around the world.

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Setting aside his schizophrenic and politically expedient opinions about what local officials should have power to address — those opinions being a contradictory mishmash on issues including plastic bags, trees, taxes, fracking and the coronavirus pandemic, to name a few — Gov. Greg Abbott h…

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Even among Republicans, most observers well placed enough to know are skeptical that President Donald Trump has evidence to credibly argue, much less to prove, the widespread voter fraud required to have stolen the election, as the White House and a few others are alleging.

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We expected this to be somewhat of a dog fight. But we didn’t expect the dogs to still be howling three days after the election. Yet here we are.