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If Wednesday night’s attendance was any indication of the public’s temperature toward the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan for a coastal barrier, the water temperature is quickly rising.

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No matter where you come down on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ preferred plan for building a storm-surge barrier along the Texas coast, you should make time to attend one of the three meetings scheduled this week and next.

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The inevitable devils, potential ones anyway, have begun to emerge in the details about how the federal government might route a massive storm-surge barrier — the coastal spine or Ike Dike — along Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston Island and areas along Galveston Bay.

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There’s a hard lesson about life along the coast in numbers the Texas General Land Office disclosed Wednesday about a federally backed program meant to help low-income homeowners rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.

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Texas can and must do better for its elderly. That became painfully clear as The Daily News delved into its project “An Uncertain Age,” which published on Thanksgiving Day and will continue in the news pages. Most striking in the reporting was the lack of oversight in an industry charged wit…

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The city of Galveston’s plan to create a uniform system of street lighting will yield several benefits, including making the city more aesthetically appealing and safer. But its plan also reduces monthly expenses by converting all light types to LED.