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The Galveston City Council plans an unusual executive session today. It’s unusual in that the closed-door meeting is scheduled to include people representing the Port of Galveston, an organization that from time to time argues it’s not a subordinate part of city government.

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This summer’s heatwave is still scorching most of the country, including those of us here in Galveston County. With temperatures hitting dangerous highs, it’s always a good thing to know how to stay cool in the dog days of summer.

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Galveston County prosecutors are right in attempting to get Donald Neely out of the court system and into a mental health treatment program. It’s the only humane, socially responsible thing to do and the only thing remotely likely to benefit Neely, who was homeless and had been diagnosed wit…

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Galveston County should cut its losses and agree to the closure of the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 12 north of Broadway in Galveston, a zone that hasn’t lived up to commercial expectations and likely never will given recent real estate transactions.

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Now that the negotiations between the city and the police association have apparently ended — all that is needed now is the approval from the city council — it is time for the council and park board to kick into high gear getting an interlocal agreement.

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People defending the way two white Galveston police officers handled the recent arrest of a homeless, mentally ill black man have at least one point. The officers weren’t necessarily motivated by some deep racial animus.

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Galveston Police Chief Vernon Hale did a commendable thing Tuesday night. He stood before a crowd of perhaps 200 outraged residents and took responsibility for a huge mistake a couple of his officers made in handling what should have been a routine misdemeanor arrest.