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Two years ago, the Houston Astros fulfilled a half-century dream of many of their fans. The team gave its long-loyal, yet sometimes long-suffering, fans the image of its players holding a World Series trophy.

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At first glance, observers might — and some have — dismissed the Port of Galveston’s effort to track its environmental effects as a feel-good, green-washing stunt, or, as one environmental group representative characterized it, “window dressing.”

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Before the Galveston Park Board of Trustees aggressively pursues larger events at R.A. Apffel Park, it has to clear some major logistical hurdles, or better yet, decide whether it’s even possible to do so. And it should answer the fundamental question: “What value would it add?”

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Recently, after reporting a fairly large and vocal bloc of Galveston business leaders opposed plans to build a ring barrier around most of the island, The Daily News asked what alternatives there might be to that clearly undesirable structure.

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The Santa Fe Independent School District responded quickly and correctly when it discovered a student club had posted photos of high school teachers holding signs stating: “Socialism Sucks” and “Resist Socialism.”