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Critics of a proposed Galveston ordinance about how drivers should behave in proximity to bicyclists, pedestrians and other users of the roads are absolutely correct in arguing the rules would be hard for police to enforce.

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Most years on this date we use this space to argue that honoring veterans requires more commitment than once a year attending Veterans Day events and thanking people who donned the uniforms and took the oaths to serve in our armed forces.

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Tuesday’s midterm elections might very well be as foretelling as one reading tea leaves swirling in the bottom of a cup — interpretation and predisposition being the key ingredients to the answers they reveal.

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The Lone Star Rally rumbles into town this weekend and transforms the island into hog heaven. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to attend this year’s rally. And as is the case every year, the weekend is full of events for bikers and the bike-less alike.

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It is a terrible thing when a gunman opens fire on innocent people — a fact residents of Galveston County know all too well after the May 2018 shooting at Santa Fe High School. In that case, 10 lives were lost.

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One of the most interesting first-glance things about League City officials contemplating a capital improvement bond referendum is that League City officials are contemplating a bond referendum at all.

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Perhaps people have lingering doubts about an incident involving off-duty police officers and Janice Stanton, a community leader in Galveston who is African-American. Perhaps it’s the news coverage about violence against African-Americans, the Black Lives Matter Movement or the president’s d…