I am proud to be an American. Proud of our collective and individual strengths, our ability to be knocked flat and get back up again even stronger and more committed.

I am proud of our compassion toward one another.

I am proud America is not perfect but is a people willing to admit so and work together to become a better nation.

I am proud to be a part of a country of people who, on balance, want what is best for their families, their friends and their neighbors — and the neighborhood regularly extending beyond borders and to around the globe.

I am proud no other nation on the planet peacefully evolves as America, changing leaders in the highest of offices without revolutions, without tanks in the streets and without shots being fired in political anger.

I am proud to be a citizen of the nation that not only first put a man on the moon but also the citizens of which donate more to charity and aid around the world than any other in the history of mankind.

I am proud how for me catching sight of our nation’s flag always gives me pause, my eyes lingering on the colors as it gently waves across a blue sky.

I am proud while we may not all look alike, speak alike or hail from the same ancestry, we are Americans first.

I am proud to be an American — and I am in this with all my heart, all my passion and all I can ever be.

I feel God blessed to wake up in this land and to call this nation my home.

I believe in the great American Experiment and always will.

I believe, even with all its warts and faults, American is great, compassionate, ever-evolving — and that its finest days are still ahead.

Leonard Woolsey, a first-generation American, is president and publisher of The Daily News.

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Tom Brown

A very uplifting article first thing this morning!

Lorraine Brown

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