If you’re unvaccinated, I am not asking you to get a shot; I’m asking you to give your decision a second thought and what it means to others.

Understand, I support your right and reason to make the best choices for you and your family. And I certainly do not support the government telling you what to do with your life. But I do feel strongly enough to ask you to pause and read the newest credible scientific data about the COVID virus — if not for you, then for others.

America is a nation of powerful individualism — a trait that drives our exceptionalism. But we are also a compassionate and intelligent nation like no other. Nothing can stop this nation when the people are united behind a cause or against an enemy.

Unfortunately, we are failing at upholding our legacy when fighting the COVID virus. Today, not enough people are vaccinated to slow or stop the virus from mutating to new and more potent forms.

Yes, I have the vaccine in my body. But the shot was not primarily for me; rather, it was for my daughter and others who are more susceptible to the virus. Hear me out.

My 26-year-old daughter manages Crohn’s disease, living each day with a permanently compromised immune system. So while the virus could make me ill — potentially hospitalizing me — her body is nowhere nearly as able to defend against the virus. The same goes for my 93-year-old dad. Both have been vaccinated, but neither are protected at the same level as I am. So, again, my getting the shot is more about others than me.

In the past month, I’ve visited with local nurses in hospitals and clinics. They’re scared. The volume of cases is rising fast, as is the severity. And as members on the front lines, they go home to their families worried if they’re next. The statistics bear out their fears, with rising infection and hospitalization at alarming rates across the nation.

The science supports most people will not die from COVID, but you don’t have to die to have your life changed forever. For those unlucky ones or those with bodies unable to successfully fight off the virus, the odds of recovery are much more challenging. To them, the virus represents a dangerous game of Russian roulette with a gun chamber loaded with more than a single bullet.

The science supports current vaccines as effective in dramatically slowing the rate of spread of the virus. And numbers also point to more than 99 percent of all virus deaths directly linked to unvaccinated individuals. For them, the virus carried more than a single bullet in the chamber, and they paid the price.

The other aspect is each infection becomes a host for the virus to mutate to a more potent version — as we see now with the delta variant. Nature works this way with weeds, bugs and viruses. If you don’t kill it, it gets stronger.

There is no solid science to support claims of impotency or significant side effects to recipients of the vaccine. If these are your concerns, please take the time to research current science-based information. This is not a conspiracy or game — this is a real life-and-death situation.

One medical doctor told me months ago we should view the first version, prior to the delta variant, as a shot across the bow of our ship. With future mutations can come higher infection and increased death rates. By allowing the virus to willfully mutate and gain strength, we could set ourselves up against a much more dangerous and lethal enemy. I now hear his words each day.

I love my daughter. And I love all those who are looking to me to help slow the spread. America is an exceptionally compassionate nation, always ready to help those in need. If you are unvaccinated by choice, please give yourself a second chance to help others. Let’s uphold our American legacy to make the best decisions when the chips are on the table.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207; leonard.woolsey@galvnews.com.


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(40) comments

Bailey Jones

COVID is now a "pandemic of the unvaccinated". 97% of COVID hospitalizations and 99% of COVID deaths are among unvaccinated people. And that means that participation in the pandemic has now become voluntary. I prefer to not participate.

I could quote science and statistics all day long about how dangerous the virus is and how safe the vaccines are - but if you're an anti-vaxxer you won't believe any of it.

Oh well. We tried. Darwin, take the wheel.

Mark Wyant

I find it curious that no one talks of the immunity levels of those that have already had the vaccine. Research now shows that their antibody levels at the 12 month level are higher than the antibodies of those that receive the vaccine at the 6 month level.... yet they are the "unvaccinated swine" that are compromising public health. If your daughter is vaccinated and you are vaccinated yet you are worried what does that say about the level of efficacy of the vaccine? Sorry, CV19 will be with us forever. Thats a fact. And, just as the flu does every year, some will die of it.

Craig Mason

You are correct Mark you do carry immunity to the variant you were infected with. What Leonard is referring to is the ongoing mutations. You are however incorrect about it being with us forever. We could wipe it out just like we did with polio, measles, small pox etc. if the virus does not have a host to jump to, then it has no way to continue.

Bill Broussard

Craig. I think what Leonard is referencing is that in immunology-compromised the reported effectiveness drops to 35-50% effective when vaccinated and there are a bunch of ways to get compromised—organ transplant like a kidney and many cancers.

Bailey Jones

Mark, possibly because the number of people who have had COVID is relatively small. The CDC counts them as about 10% of the population (34,000,000), so not really significant toward reaching the required level of 80-90%. 161,000,000 Americans are fully vaccinated. We need about 100,000,000 more. And we need it before the virus mutates into something worse.

Mark Wyant

Well...no. 34MM that were diagnosed... I had it but just stayed home with the sniffles and loss of taste and smell for awhile. There is no record of me having it last January, The CDC itself said possibly 30% of the cases were completely asymptomatic...There is another 10MM alone. The number that have had it probably number around 60MM or more. One other thing... the population of the US is 320MM 1/2 of which are vaccinated. If we have 60MM with natural immunity and 160 MM a vaccinated ...and a super high estimate of 85% that need to have the natural or “synthetic” antibodies (.85 x 320 = 272MM ...then we are 50MM at most away...not 100MM

Bailey Jones

Mark, there's little doubt that it is underdiagnosed. But you can't know for sure that you've had it unless you were tested- although if I lost my sense of taste and smell I'd also believe that I had it. But the number of officially tested people - people who know for sure that they had COVID - is 34M. I seriously doubt that many more than that, perhaps twice that, have had COVID. That's simply because we saw the case rates begin to plummet when we reached 20-30% vaccinated. Yet, last winter - when we would have had all that supposed natural immunity - cases and deaths exploded. And since 50% of the population is now vaccinated, and if we believe that the magic number for herd immunity is 80-90%, we'd be there if we had 30-40% with natural immunity. And we're clearly not there.

Regardless, everyone will end up immune. The delta strain is more than twice as infectious as the original - it will find and infect all the unmasked, un-socially distanced, unvaccinated people. I'd rather get vaccinated.

Bill Broussard

I assume you have had the disease? Glad you dodged the bullet Mark.

Bill Broussard

Your numbers are hopeful Mark. Thanks

Mark Wyant

Sorry, I meant to say the immunity levels of those that have already CONTRACTED THE VIRUS. My bad.

Carlos Ponce

"More than 170,000 migrants crossed the border in March — many coming from countries still grappling with high infection rates — but the Border Patrol is conducting no testing for the coronavirus during the several days that the newly arrived migrants are in U.S. custody except in cases where migrants show obvious symptoms.

The government says it has insufficient time and space to test migrants upon their arrival. So while migrants get a basic health screening, testing is being postponed until their release to local community groups, cities and counties, usually after the new arrivals have spent days confined in tight spaces with scores of strangers, often sleeping shoulder to shoulder on mats on the floor."


And those are only the ones they've seen. What about the "got aways" and those who sneak into the country.

Thank Joe Biden's border policies for the increasing pandemic numbers.

"The chief health officer in Cameron County, Texas, is warning that a new strain of COVID-19 is coming to America’s southern border. Dr. James Castillo hasn’t confirmed the immediate source of the virulent Delta variant, but his Brownsville office is directly across the Rio Grande from Matamoros, Mexico."


Gary Scoggin

Wandering off the point. As usual.

Carlos Ponce

No Gary Scoggin, just tidying things up.

Bill Broussard

Carlos. Immigrants piled together for three to four days untested until they are released….I would think you would be ecstatic at the consequences. Absolutely besides yourself with joy like the good Christian you are.

Carlos Ponce

"I would think you would be ecstatic at the consequences" You would think wrong.

"Absolutely besides yourself with joy like the good Christian you are." Christianity has us following civil law. These individuals are not practicing Biblical Christianity.

Bill Broussard

Pope Ponce has spoken excathedra again. There are so many of Christ’s statements that can be elevated over yours but I do not have the time or patience to deal with your boorish comments. You cross over at this point to blend two very different worlds if it’s true one must render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is Gods. I sincerely doubt any Franciscan or Mother Teresa would see this circumstances the same as you do, Holy Carlos. I’m not endorsing illegal immigration but—unless I’m very wrong—there still is something to Christian charity and compassion

For the record Christ pointed to children and said “ unless you become as one of these, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven”. I’m pretty sure He was referencing innocence and not immaturity Close but no cigar Carlos

Gary Scoggin

Well said, Bill. Well said.

Carlos Ponce

Oh Gee, you two have to attack the messenger.

Bailey Jones

Yes - Biden is pumping hordes of alien invaders into America's heartland, dare I say - Trump Land. Protect yourself from the Biden Virus - get vaccinated. Don't let the socialists win!

Ted Gillis

You're being too kind to these people Leonard.

Mary Gillespie

By insisting that we continue wearing masks, Fauci and others are undermining faith in the efficacy of the vaccine.

Bill Broussard

Mary. I think the difference here because the interviewer mentioned Mississippi—the lowest percentage of vaccinated folks in the nation- is the difference between not getting sick ( check ) and even though your not sick, spreading it before the antibodies can do their job.

Carlos Ponce

Dr. Anthony Fauci: I think there would be good reason to do that. I mean, because as we've said so often, that vaccines are not, even as good as they are and highly effective, nothing is 100%.

Ted Gillis

Fauci is not insisting that we wear masks Mary. He has told us vaccinated folks to carry on now without them, which I am happily doing. In fact, I took down the plexiglass shields at my wife’s business this morning. I’m hoping that all of her customers are now vaccinated, and that the ones’s who aren’t will kindly stay away, until they are.

Carlos Ponce

Meet the Press July 4, 2021

Chuck Todd: Doctor Fauci, would you be wearing a mask? You're fully vaccinated. But would you be wearing a mask in Biloxi, Mississippi?

Dr. Anthony Fauci: I think there would be good reason to do that. I mean, because as we've said so often, that vaccines are not, even as good as they are and highly effective, nothing is 100%.

But that was 2 weeks ago. Maybe Fauci has flip flopped again.

Bill Broussard

I think Galveston is showing a big uptick in D-variant just like Houston. Call me sentimental but my heart goes out to our healthcare workers. At the rate infections are increasing it’s only a matter of time before UTMB requires masks of all patients again. Can’t blame them in the least

What I want to hear is when cities start to shut down again how some particular party or another is to blame. That should be good and I’ll be sure to tune into VACCINATED Tucker Carlson to hear how liberals are to blame

Leonard thank you for a kind and thoughtful editorial. My wife is immunocompromised so I wear a mask when I go out because the data shows such folks have a reduced response of about 50% effective. I still work and do the grocery shopping and errands and coincidentally, love my wife

I’ve lost two friends to this dread disease so know first hand how deadly it is

Bill Broussard

About the time I wrote the above, UTMB announced mandatory masks for all patients

T.W. Day

Wow. Those people who have been vaccinated want others to be as stupid and let the government inject an experimental non-FDA approved drug into our arms. I've had the COVID and I was one of those at risk people. Recovered quite well thank you taking steps that I would have taken with the seasonal flu.

Bill Broussard

Glad to hear it TW. Out of curiosity how long did your recovery take? I know of a couple of people also that recovered without going to the hospital

Wayne D Holt

Live long and prosper. We need as many clear thinkers as we can muster at this point. The propagandized multitude is pouring in the windows and sputtering complete nonsense.

George Laiacona

Like I said before, those of you that have no knowledge of the 1918 pandemic have today joined the group called “ the voluntary thinning of the herd “ unless of course you decide to join the more intelligent Americans that have had their two shots.

Carlos Ponce

Three of the Texas "flee bags" tested positive for the Chinese Virus. They had previously been vaccinated.

Susan Smith

Don't forget the 5 vaccinated NY Yankees as well. Mark

Wayne D Holt

A year of this barrage of baloney from the Medical Mafia and comments from people who still repeat such idiocies as the vaccine protects you from contracting Covid (it does not such thing), natural immunity is inferior to this gene therapy (the opposite appears to be true); the shot gives you protection from re-infection (it does no such thing); lockdowns, distancing and mass vaccinations are the best defense (wrong again as country-wide comparison show the most vaccinated populations are also super spreaders--see Cyprus and Abu Dhabi; this is a novel virus (it is not, that's why it is designated a SARS family virus); this shot is safe to take (it is not and has not been proven safe as the countless previous vaccines have had to prove; it is also causing thousands of deaths recorded in the VAERS database); it was unknown before around Nov/Dec of 2019 (in fact, an intellectual property search shows 73 individual patents on both the gene sequence and various vaccine elements going back to 2004); the Delta variant is spooky bad (the variants are all just ways to designate the genetic sequence at different points--there has been no accepted scientific evidence of any of the scare tactic headline mutations in significantly more virulent forms); the government is working hand in glove with Big Tech to make sure reputable scientists, many much better qualified than the compromised quacks quoted by MSM, are 100% censored. You will not be allowed to hear anything but government propaganda regarding an experiment being carried out world-wide by pharmaceutical companies that have been fined billions of dollars for their past crimes.

The time for talking is over. The Galveston Daily News has provided an unbalanced, unnuanced and ultimately inaccurate record of what is going on, this for over a year. It makes no difference if it was well-intentioned. The fact that a newspaper claiming to offer an unbiased report of major news chooses to spotlight golf cart tail lights more often than serious, documented flaws in the official narrative of the most invasive unapproved inoculation campaign in world history tells you all you need to know about the value of the news you are getting here.

The unvaccinated do not need your approval, your sympathy, your opprobrium or your attention. Go on your merry vaccinated way, trust the US government--that paragon of moral rectitude--and leave the rest of humanity the hell alone. It is time to come out of Babylon, so to speak. Or more to the point, Babble On. There is no point in any further discussion with those who fundamentally disagree.

See you all in line at the store. I'll be the guy with the tee shirt that reads "I'm Not Vaccine HESITANT. I Categorically REFUSE."

Gary Scoggin

Wayen - for the record it was an editorial, not a news story.

Wayne D Holt

Gary, for the record, it's been well over a year of "news features" including reports of all kinds, not one of which has presented the opposing science, unless to ridicule or marginalize it. I was not referring just to this specific piece, as I made quite clear in my comments. I was referencing a continuous series of news stories with positions that never once deviated from the received wisdom of the compromised authorities, nor examined dissenting science from some of the best research institutions in the world.

I stand uncorrected.

Bill Broussard

From Bill King. He checks the data pretty closely

In Texas, COVID hospitalizations and ICU beds have doubled since the beginning of the month and are now back at levels not seen since early May. As you can see, the rate at which they are climbing is quite alarming.

(Click on image for link to CDC's interactive chart.)

Hospitalizations are also up nationally but not by nearly as much. At the end of June, US hospitalizations were running around 12,000 per day but are now over 18,000.

Nationally, COVID-related fatalities have also increased, roughly in proportion to the increase in hospitalizations. In early July the CDC’s seven-day moving average got down to 160, it is now running about 230. So far, in Texas there have been no increase in fatalities. The State’s actual date of death analysis continues to show a slow gradual decline.

Vaccinations have dwindled to a trickle. The percentage of the US population that has been fully vaccinated has only inched up from 47.1% to 48.6% during July. The over-65 percentage went from 78.0% to 79.5%. Texas is running about 5% behind the national average with only about 43% of its population fully vaccinated. Texas has done a little better with the over-65 population at 75%. Still, that leaves about 900,000 Texans who are over 65 and unvaccinated.

I spend quite a bit of time talking to outright anti-vaxxers and those that just have reservations about this particular vaccine. I appreciate that there is some risk to any kind of medical intervention, and there have clearly been some rare adverse reactions to these vaccines.

However, over 99% of COVID related fatalities and hospitalizations are occurring in people who have not been vaccinated. The math of the relative risk of getting a serious case of COVID compared to a complication of taking the vaccine is not even close. And the difference in the relevant risk is is more compelling for those over 65.

Carlos Ponce

"In Texas, COVID hospitalizations and ICU beds have doubled since the beginning of the month and are now back at levels not seen since early May."

In Texas, illegal aliens have crossed the border through gaps in the border wall. Doubtful many have been vaccinated or tested. And many who do cross at points of entry are not tested but put on buses and sent throughout the United States. How many are carrying the virus?

Carlos Ponce

Joe Biden's border policies are contributing to a super-spreader event-coming to a county near you, maybe even Galveston County. But many choose California for their bus destination. Check the numbers of infected in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

¿A dónde vas, compradre?

Ir a California, tal vez Los Ángeles o San Francisco. Dicen que hay muchos trabajos allí.

¡Buena suerte! ¿Y a dónde vas?

A la ciudad costera de Galveston. Tengo gente allí.

¡Buena suerte!

Wayne D Holt

Bill, when you get a chance, check the VAERS record of adverse reactions occurring at at a rate 30X the historical average for all vaccines during the past two decades or so. It's just a hockey stick formation that coincided with the introduction of the mRNA shots, nothing to be concerned about.

This has been fun but I prefer to read news sources that actually bring all sides of a difficult issue to the table to discuss rather than just the US government drumbeat, a source that has wrought more death, disfigurement, injury, pain, misery and despair to the world's peoples over the last 30 years than all other governments combined.

Signing off.

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