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Mary Gillespie

The Post Office is sowing the seeds of its own destruction. As they become increasingly unreliable, their (former) customers are taking their business elsewhere. I have stopped paying any bills by mail (unless that's the only method available), and many Americans are doing the same.

E.J Petree

The inefficiency and myriad of problems associated with the USPS gives us a preview of what is in store for Americans as we move towards nationalizing our health care system.

Thomas Carpenter

Thank the disgraced former president for the fine mess the postal service suffers today. The disgraced former president appointed his lackey, Louis DeJoy, as Postmaster General last summer. DeJoy sabotaged the postal service in an attempt to disrupt mail-in ballots.. Cadet Bonespurs’ bootlicker made a number of controversial moves that slowed down the mail, including knocking off overtime.

According to the Washington Post, at the end of 2020, only 38 percent of mail was delivered on time, holding up holiday packages, cards, and prescriptions. DeJoy’s vision for the postal system’s future includes first class mail routed by trucks instead of airplanes and two-day delivery bounced back to 3-5 days.

All this after Congress saddled the postal service with the prefunding mandate in the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, another great legacy of the “let’s start two forever wars” George “Dubyah” Bush.

Carlos Ponce

More nonsense from Thomas Carpenter. Problems in the postal Service started long before President Trump even announced his candidacy. Implementing reforms was the postmaster general's aim but partisans like Thomas Carpenter make unsubstantiated claims that remedies were designed to "disrupt mail-in ballots".

Repeating "Cadet Bonespurs’ bootlicker" makes you look unintelligent.

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