I am so sick of writing about COVID, vaccines and masking.

But with the delta variant raging across our communities — and nation — here we go again. And we’ve no one to blame but ourselves.

The Galveston County Health District reported 992 new cases last week, a 111 percent rise from the 471 cases in the week of July 11 to July 17.

The last time I wrote about COVID, I shared my personal story about my daughter, immune-compromised even with the vaccine in her body. I even appealed on behalf of my 93-year-old father, knowing he is potentially one mild breakthrough case from extreme danger.

The vaccine is not bulletproof. But for the vast majority of people, it will keep you out of the hospital and protected from the more extreme dangers. Long-haul lung damage, organ failure and running up massive medical bills — potentially bankrupting people — all are on the table for people who are unlucky enough to catch a bad case of the virus. The vaccine is about turning the odds in one’s favor.

We are now going into COVID 2.0, so to speak. By not starving the virus of hosts to grow and evolve, we’re dealing with a more infectious version — one more dangerous. If COVID were a lizard, delta is like going from a garden-variety 4-inch lizard to one 3 feet long and armed with horns and razor-sharp teeth — even more lethal to some.

Darwinism is — and will remain — at work.

Now to something universal: COVID 2.0 is damaging businesses again.

We’ve all worked so hard to survive COVID 1.0. Our businesses were reshaped forever. And many people lost jobs, livelihoods and, in some cases, their lives. Our world will never be the same. Normal, or whatever this becomes, will always be radically different from 2019.

My friend, James Clark, is now asking his employees at the Mosquito Café to mask up again. Another, Holly Hopkins, owner of MOD Coffee, is doing the same. The reason is to help protect their employees’ health.

This is so 2020, and I wish this were not happening again. They, and other business owners, have worked so hard in the past 15 or so months.

I will fight for your individual rights — freedom of speech, religion and assembly — to my dying breath. But at some point, we need to remember we are a community of people fighting against a living organism with the ability to adapt and evolve to survive.

And Mother Nature is one worthy and resourceful opponent with a darn good winning percentage.

If we find ourselves in another artificial interruption of business because of COVID, we will all suffer. People uncomfortable dining or shopping locally will drag down our economy again. And with it, the payroll and tax revenues circuiting throughout our communities.

People need their jobs. We need to win this round before future mutations arrive. Please do your part.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207; leonard.woolsey@galvnews.com.


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Ron Woody

Mr. Woolsey, I appreciate your concern and passion.

1. If this is the crisis that our government states why are thousands of unvaccinated individuals allowed to cross our Southern Border on a daily basis and transported throughout the nation at taxpayer expense?

2. Where is information on breakthrough cases in those with natural ummunity?

3. Why when doing my annual blood draw did my UTMB doctor not automatically order the COVID antibodies test? Shouldn't a teaching hospital with a National Infectious Disease lab make that an SOP? Especially since community blood banks have added this as their protocol.

4. I am ecstatic that my 86 year old mother in assisted living has received the vaccine.

5. Maybe I am following the statements of the President and VP who said they would not trust a vaccine produced under the Trump administration.

6. Maybe a serious issue like COVID should not have been used as a political tool to the point that Congress and our DOJ are dropping investigations into governors that lied about the numbers and whose decisions killed thousands.

7. Maybe someone other than Dr. Fauci should be the spokesperson for the government since his last hastily produced drug, AZT, hastened the death of thousands. Or maybe he should be honest about his role in the politics of all this by covering up and mocking lab leak theory.

8. Maybe the government should be honest about the negative affects of masking, specifically on children. As a side note your wearing a mask with a beard is laughable. Not all masks are created equal. Bandanas, kerchiefs and neck gaiters make particles smaller so they float in air longer thus making virus more transmittable. (Duke University study, May, 2020)

9. In March, 2021, looking at top ten performing and bottom ten performing States. Each had 5 DEM and 5 GOP governors with a variety of different protocols and regulations. It would appear that the only difference is an individual's immunity in how COVID reacts.

10. If my immune system fought COVID asymptomatically, why should I take a vaccine that changes and potentially weakens my immune system?

11. Maybe pharmaceutical companies should be more open with their trial information and not have a history of producing drugs with dangeroys side effects they cover up. Those are drugs that went through complete trials and not emergency.

12. Maybe the AMA should be honest about their decades long relationship with PHARMA and receiving handouts. Funniest thing I hear is "all the doctors say it is safe." REALLY, imagine that I am so surprised!

13. Maybe Big Tech should stop censoring legitimate information, often from government or university studies, so honest discussion can be held.

Mr. Woolsey, I know you can not fix these situations. You do not need to write another column about COVID. Those of us choosing not to take the vaccine do not question the effectiveness of the vaccine, we do however question the unknown long term effects, hypocrisy, relationship of PHARMA to AMA, why natural immunity is ignored, why often low cost treatments were not started prior to hospitalization and the general dishonesty and hypocrisy of our government.

You can save your ink!

Paula Flinn

Thank you for the article on getting vaccinated. I appreciate your reminding all of us how important it is for people to follow the latest in Scientific achievement. Hopefully, there will be fewer people denouncing the vaccine, and for their own sakes, getting vaccinated. Maybe most of us would not be alive if the polio vaccine had been politicized. I had a very healthy uncle die young from an unexpected heart attack because no one knew he had caught a mild case of polio as a child. Polio was very contagious.

As you stated, having this virus can damage your other organs, also: heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidneys, etc. President Trump and his wife were vaccinated, even after they both had the virus. President Biden and his wife are vaccinated.

No one knows what their natural immunity can do against this virus. Over 600,000 people in this country either we’re not given the chance to be vaccinated, or took that chance without getting vaccinated, and, sadly, they died.

So, keep writing and pointing out the positives of getting vaccinated, for yourself and also for others. Your words may save some lives.

It is a worthy use of your ink!

Wayne D Holt

Paula, the very latest data coming in from both the US and Europe is that the rapidly rising danger is from the vaccinated infecting others (they think they can't) and taking the vaccination with the ensuing damage it may do to the recipient. Everything Mr Woolsey said about long-term damage is presently occurring to a significant degree among those being inoculated. The VAERS database is showing adverse reactions to mRNA shots at something like 30x the historical average of the past 15 years. The European data is showing the same thing. And in truly terrifying news, the vast majority of adverse incidents are not even reported as the disadvantages in reporting time spent and public notice makes it a burden that is not a welcome addition to providing care.

"No one knows what their natural immunity can do against this virus". Of course we do. Among the general population, 99%+ survive. You will have the same level of protection afforded those who took the shot if you opt out. The claim is that you will get a jump on antibody response, but there is nothing that fortifies your immune system in the vaccine. The problem with mRNA shots are they are one-dimensional, utilizing only one level of the body's immune responses. You are on your own with the other defenses we have developed over 1500 centuries of living with virii.

"Over 600,000 people in this country either we’re not given the chance to be vaccinated, or took that chance without getting vaccinated, and, sadly, they died."

Sorry, bogus headline numbers that even the CDC has disavowed. Six percent died of Covid only, the remaining had up to four co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes, cardiac issues, etc. You will never see a number showing how many of them would have passed away from their chronic health issues but we can see the statistics that are published every year about them.

There are kind, intelligent people who want to do the right thing but, tragically, are ill-served by a media that refuses to tell the COMPLETE story in an honest way. Folks believe what Fauci says and when you go look at the actual body of available research, he is way off the mark. You CANNOT be fully informed about this vaccine if you are lied to or denied the ability to read and judge for yourself. Sadly, Mr. Woolsey must take responsibility for the role GDN has had in refusing to air all the factual evidence and let readers judge for themselves.

I regret the health issues that Mr. Woolsey faces within his family but I fail to see how taking an experimental, gene altering shot that will permanently change the operating system of my cell function--that's how Moderna's CEO described mRNA vaccines--will benefit either him or me. In such case, I forcefully and publicly decline the invitation.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Woody! You said a mouth full brother! You actually did better than that, you knocked it out of the "Proverbial Ball Park!" Thank you for your accurate & timely comments,...now I can hunt another thread to check out! [thumbup][thumbup]

Wayne D Holt

Mr. Woolsey is locked into a scenario and apparently is constrained in being able to research and report beyond it. It would serve the community in much more helpful ways to talk about co-existence between those who champion the shot and those who demand the right not to be economically or legally punished for exercising the rights clearly outlined in the Nuremberg trails regarding medical experiments.

We need to move beyond the lecturing, as those who are not "compliant" very frequently know more about the total picture than the vaxxed who read the headlines and think they are conversant with the issues.

We are just about out of willing recipients of the shot. The question is, what next? I suggest those pushing the shot think this one through a lot more carefully than they have shown to do so far.

George Laiacona

Let’s face it, Trump had the opportunity to prevent the Chinese Virus from entering America back in January of 2020. But because the Republicans felt that an economic disaster would develop by holding back possibly infected people entering America. The Republicans refused to make an important decision at that time. As a result of their mistakes thousands of Americans died from the Trump Virus. Hindsight is much too late. Now President Biden has to try and correct Trumpers mistakes.

Ron Woody

You truly can not be serious with this comment. When President Trump banned Chinese Nationalists from traveling to the US, he was called a xenophobic, racist by the DEMS, including the current President of the United States.

I mean you are the perfect example of the current hypocrisy culture!

Wayne D Holt

Ron, when you actually believe it, it isn't hypocrisy. It is delusional.

Wayne D Holt

George, you are comparing what might have come in contained in jet airliner cabins during regularly scheduled flights versus the torrent of the unvaccinated pouring in across our southern border by the tens of thousands each week under President Empty Suit?

You will forever be the guy I think of as the poster boy for unhinged Left drivel that offers a veritable gold mine of offbeat, although unintentional, humor.

Ted Gillis

Wayne, there are a lot of people out there that are conversant on this subject, not just us vaccinated ones, however you seem to only attack us.

Wayne D Holt

Ted, I have not attacked anyone. I'm the one (and others here holding the same opinions) who has been called unpatriotic, uncaring, murdering, conspiracy minded, Trump-loving and so on. You yourself have done that. I have never attacked anyone's character, only their facts and, on occasion, their intellect...but that's just to cheer me up. Mea culpa.

Personally, I don't want ANYONE to be harmed by either the virus or the vaccine. I am fully capable of discussing that with anyone on here who wants to stick to the facts. I believe it is fair to say no one has been more prolific over the past 15 months in using links, direct quotes, and publication names/dates to sustain my position and invite discussion. I rarely get taken up on that offer. I believe Bailey has been the most willing to engage with sources for his position.

If you believe in open and positive discourse toward the end of getting the best information out, I suggest asking the GDN to start printing quality, verifiable data and research that offers an alternative perspective on what is going on. It's out there, it's real, it's at least as reliable as press releases from the CDC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Pharma.

Carol Dean

If you have not read the book, Plague of Corruption by Judy Mikovits, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. The book was written long before the Covid19 situation. The book reveals the evilness and lies of scientists, Big Pharmacy, the government and most importantly, Dr. Fauci! I also recommend listening to the Frontline Doctors! Remember, one of them, Dr. Robin Armstrong, was credited with saving many lives during the first of the "pandemic", at the Texas City Nursing Home.

Don't be afraid to seek the truth. I have two family members who were fully vaccinated in the beginning and they have been recently recovering from Covid19. That should tell you something.

For every "study", there is "an equal and opposite study"! Don't be fooled by our government as a whole or Dr. Fauci!

Ron Woody


Ron Woody

And what has been done to Dr. Mikovits because she spoke up is an example of what happens if one challenges the system and refuses to become a Lemming.

Carol Dean

Thumbs Up!!!!!!

Charles Douglas

Ms. Dean> [thumbup][thumbup]

Wayne D Holt

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] /reality check. Thank you...

Bailey Jones

You are absolutely correct, Mr. Woolsey. The science is clear - more importantly, the REALITY is clear. This fourth wave was entirely preventable (at least in the US, one of the few countries that actually has a choice of whether to be vaccinated.)

There's so much noise and confusion about these vaccines - let's go back to basics. Suppose you have a vaccine and you want to know how effective it is. You do a scientific experiment. You take a group of people, give the vaccine to half and a placebo to the other half, and then you sit back and see which half does better. That's what was done on tens of thousands of test subjects before the vaccines were made available. And the vaccines were found to be more than 95% effective in preventing serious illness and death.

But since the vaccines have come out we've been engaged in a much larger experiment. The US population can be divided neatly in half. One half has been vaccinated, the other half has not. Which group is doing better? Doctors and hospitals are reporting that 97% of their new cases and 99.5% of their COVID deaths are from the unvaccinated population (only 3% and 0.5% are from the vaccinated half.)

It's true that vaccines don't give you 100% immunity. I don't know of a single medicine or therapy that works 100% of the time on 100% of patients. But, once again, let's just stick to the numbers: The half of the population that has not been vaccinated accounts for 97% of the COVID hospitalizations and 99.5% of COVID deaths. It's not at all unreasonable to expect that the very low numbers of hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated half of the population (6,236 and 1,263, respectively) would be the same for the half of the population that is not vaccinated - if they would just get vaccinated.

Carlos Ponce

"The science is clear - more importantly, the REALITY is clear" ..... until it changes!

Carol Dean

Thumbs Up!

Bailey Jones

Carlos, that's what science is - it's driven by data and it changes all the time as new data comes in. If it never changed - even in the face of new and better data, we wouldn't call it "science". We'd call it "Carlos".

Carlos Ponce

Bailey is confusing PROPAGANDA with science.

Wayne D Holt

[scared] Bailey, you have just proven why no one should be listening to you regarding this topic if they value their health and life. What you state below is as wrong as wrong can be.

"You take a group of people, give the vaccine to half and a placebo to the other half, and then you sit back and see which half does better. That's what was done on tens of thousands of test subjects before the vaccines were made available. And the vaccines were found to be more than 95% effective in preventing serious illness and death." Absolutely incorrect and dangerous misinformation, for shame.

The facts: about 22,000 test subjects joined the Pfizer trials in each category, vaccinated and vaccinated, for the approx. 44,000 total. The purpose was to determine the difference in the rate of infection between the two groups, or vaccine efficacy.

Correction 1) if you've had one shot and not both the "efficacy" is 52%, not 95% for starters(source British Medcal Journal/New Engladn Jouranl of Medicien). But let's look at that 95% that has been headline news since last year. What does that represent?

Correction 2) What it DOESN'T represent is the "the vaccines were found to be more than 95% effective in preventing serious illness and death." What it ACTUALLY represents is the differential represented as a fraction between the risk of INFECTION, not preventing serious illness and death. It has never been claimed to do that, let alone been proven to do that.

Here's the math on it. What these trials suggested was the vaccine reduced the infection risk by 0.7 percentage points (less than 1 percentage point).

0.74% = risk of infection if unvaccinated vs. 0.04% if vaccinated., the difference being= 0.7% That difference divided by the size of the unvaccinated group expressed as a fraction is the 95% that has been crowed about. It is about rate of infection. There was no data presented as to co-morbitdities that I have seen so that likely was not even considered, even though that is the single greatest risk factor after direct, sustained contain with viral aerosols. So the 95% is the relative risk-reduction in infections, it doesn’t tell us the absolute probability of not getting infected despite being vaccinated and as for cheating death using this figure, A BIG FAT ZERO.

If you or anyone you know has relied on the notion you are 95% less likely to die of Covid with these shots, YOU'VE BEEN HAD. It isn't your fault. You relied on the free press to give you good information and they have instead been content to reformat CDC press releases.

As to the other numbers in the latter part of your post, they can just as easily be dismissed when you understand what you are looking at, something that has not troubled you in over a year of cheerleading for the wrong team, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

You certainly have a torturous way with math, Wayne. Someone really went to a lot of effort to obfuscate the data. Let me simplify it for you, quoting from the actual study paper:

"A total of 43,548 participants underwent randomization, of whom 43,448 received injections: 21,720 with BNT162b2 and 21,728 with placebo. There were 8 cases of Covid-19 with onset at least 7 days after the second dose among participants assigned to receive BNT162b2 and 162 cases among those assigned to placebo."


So, in a group of 43548 people, there were 170 cases of COVID. 162 of them - or 95.3% - were in the unvaccinated group. Only 8 (or, 4.7%) were in the vaccinated group. 8 cases is a 95% reduction from 162 cases, hence the "95% efficacy" number. This is still what is being reported today - 97% of hospitalizations and 99.5% of deaths are in the unvaccinated group. Only 3% of hospitalizations and 0.5% of deaths are in the vaccinated group. Vaccines work, and they work really well.

Over 2000 Americans are dying from COVID each week. If everyone is vaccinated, that number drops to 100, and the pandemic is effectively over. Everyone needs to get vaccinated. ASAP.

Carol Dean

So sorry for your "ignorance" and the fact that you are simply a "SHEEPLE" , Baily. Have a nice day!

Bailey Jones

Why thank you, Carol, the first step towards wisdom is understanding your own ignorance. I hope you have a nice day as well.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, thanks for the attempt: close but no cigar. Let's get out the Big Chief tablet on this and go real world.

Let me spot you a hypothetical trial that had 100% vaccine efficacy, just to be sporting. Let’s say a study enrolled 20,000 patients into the control group and 20,000 in the vaccine group. In that study, 200 people in the control group got sick and 0 people in the vaccine group got sick. Even though the vaccine efficacy would be a whopping 100%, the Absolute Risk Reduction would show that vaccines reduce the absolute risk by just 1% (200/20,000= 1%).

Did you get that? Down here away from the Mother Ship, where getting sick is more important than scoring points, your risk of getting Covid in the absolute is reduced by 1% when you get your cellular operating system altered by the vaccine. And dying of any cause is fungible: I doubt those dying or permanently maimed by the vaccine feel good they took one for Team Fauci. You claimed (**see your original post**) it reduced hospitalizations and death by 95%. It does no such thing. Wrongo.

What you have done is a form of ideological reductionism, because you are totally discounting that the vast majority of people won't get it, or will get it and not know they had it, or will know they had it and recover completely. Your 95% claim is an attempt to snow people into thinking they only have a 5% chance of surviving unscathed without the shot when in reality they have a better than 99% chance given the broad population. That inversion of the RELEVANT truth folks really need to understand explains why there is such a high rate of survival. It also explains why the Medical Mafia is going into their Rain Dance routine to make that fact as clear as mud to the average American.

What we haven't covered is the nascent catastrophe in vaccine injuries that is occurring. One need only ask one question to settle this beyond dispute: previous vaccines have been pulled off the market when dozens died from reactions. We have tens of thousands dead--that is a conservative VAERS estimate--and hundreds of thousands injured or damaged chronically. Yet the shots are being pushed harder than ever for a disease with a 99% survival rate.

Why? And again, why? I invite anyone from the public, from the UTMB community, from any of the healing arts to explain why a vaccine of this destructive potential is being allowed to be used one day further.

Here's your chance to really dismantle this whole crazy conspiracy idea. Go...

Wayne D Holt

"If everyone is vaccinated, that number drops to 100, and the pandemic is effectively over."

FACT 1. The vaccinated have as high a viral load as the unvaccinated.

FACT 2. The vaccinated have been shown to be as transmissible as the unvaccinated.

Where do you come up with these kooky ideas? See the further dismantling of your position, below.

Wayne D Holt

Hey Bailey, re our statistical Sunday exchange, I just came up with this over my third cup of coffee. Double-check me on it.

If I DON'T take the vaccine, I have increased my chances of injury or death by the virus as X, with X being a range of 0 -100%, with the skew weighted heavily to the low end of the range.

If I DO take the vaccine, I have increased my chances of injury or death by the vaccine by an absolute 100%, as taking it is the only way you can die from it.

Elegant or idiotic? You be the judge.

Gary Scoggin

Wayne …. I believe that for your numbers to be correct, exposure rates have to be static. Nowhere do the studies say all 43,000 test subjects were exposed to Covid. In the real world, in many cases (like me), once a person was vaccinated they started reengaging the world and the probability of exposure got much, much higher. And yet, among the vaccinated we saw illness rates (maybe not actual infection rates) drop. Couple this with the current data on hospitalizations on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated and the data is clear that the vaccines are very effective.

I understand your concern regarding theoretical long term effects of the mRNA technology, however this is a risk that I am willing to take. Are you aware of any long term disease mechanisms that are inherent in the use of mRNA or is it the fact that this is a relatively new technology that gives you pause?

Wayne D Holt

Gary, the problem is that statistically, many variables that would have a significant impact on illness--NOT cases--have been glossed over. I mentioned in another post that I have not seen any information on co-morbidity that the trial group may have been prone to. I would like to tell you I believe Big Pharma would not stoop so low as to salt the unvaccinated group with co-morbidity subjects and use those of a healthier constitution in the vaxxed group. As Carol Dean points out above, however, the record is clear: Big Pharma has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for practices every bit as scurrilous, based on the record.

Did you take the link to the UK chart I provided? It shows the lethality of Delta in the UK declining since December, as the case rate went through the roof. There is a disconnect between the fear mongering that the Medical Mafia is promoting and what is happening on the ground.

Re hospitalizations/death vis a vis vaxxed and unvaxxed: Give me one good reason why anyone who was seeking the truth here would believe the same sources that promoted a 35-40 cycle PCR test regimen when it was KNOWN that would give an almost guaranteed positive? At the same time, within days after China Joe managed to find the door to the Oval Office, the same bunch lowered the cycle count and voila! the case counts started dropping. They also promoted the 600,000 dead figure from Covid that was shown to be a number including not only those who had serious co-morbiities but they also starting bunching numbers from influenza and pneumonia-like cases in with Covid to juice the numbers. Now why in the world would anyone take their word for what is going on now, without independent corroboration?

"I understand your concern regarding theoretical long term effects of the mRNA technology, however this is a risk that I am willing to take. Are you aware of any long term disease mechanisms that are inherent in the use of mRNA or is it the fact that this is a relatively new technology that gives you pause?

1) I fully support your right to choose to take this or any other treatment that you feel is appropriate for you. 100% of non-vaxxed would go along with this, I am sure. The problem that is quickly coming to the fore is that governments/industries are moving to make it impossible for the unvaccinated, the uninfected, the unsick to live a normal life. To the extent that vaccinated people support this development, they are every bit as much the enemy as those in authority. They are today's "good little Germans" and their unwillingness to find a peaceful co-existence with those who demand "my body, my choice" in this vax question will have repercussions that I doubt are even considered by most.

2) This is not about theoretical long term effects. The vaccines are, by any objective standard, killing and injuring those today who take them at rates 30x the historic average for ALL immunizations over the past 15 years. People are dropping dead TODAY, people are having heart, lung, brain damage TODAY from these shots. Swine flu vaccine was pulled off the market after 53 deaths. We're into thousands of deaths now and we are getting a double down from the psychopathic leadership of government and Big Pharma.

3) Am I aware of long term disease mechanisms inherent in mRNA vaccines? Yes, and anyone else who wants to do the research can see for themselves. There are processes that are part of the how mRNA vax work that are completely unlike what people associate with vaccine delivery. Corona virus technology patents go back as least as far as 2004, according to a firm that does international IP registering. There are 73 patents for corona virus or corona immunization products, according to the same firm. This is not brand new tech...and yet we have never had an mRNA vaccine declared safe. The present mRNA vaccines have not been declared safe. They are "called" safe but that amounts to sales puffery. Read the EUA and you will see no one can claim these as proven safe and in fact, those who do so are engaged in defeating fully informed consent; I hope they get their asp sued off at some point.

The bottom line is simple. There is more than ample evidence that this EUA wasn't even legal as there were effective treatments available that have been used for years. They were kept off the market not for public safety but to allow Big Pharma to introduce their unproven injection. BTW they just announced they're hiking the price of these shots by up to 25%. They aren't raking in billions fast enough, got to squeeze harder.

It's all academic at this point. I don't want to sound dramatic but the lines are clearly drawn, all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands pouring into the streets of Europe saying "No more!" to this insanity. Millions of Americans feel the same way. We MUST find a way to try to minimize risk to those who wish to adopt the government narrative, at the same time we absolutely block any movement toward second-class citizenship for those who have made different choices. No one--government, business or neighbor--has the right to coerce me into using a medical protocol that I am convinced is clearly a potential deadly harm when I am not sick...particularly for a disease that has a <1% fatality case rate.

We are going to have to figure out a way to co-exist on this or what comes after will make the current disagreements pale into insignificance. We're not going to be bluffed, bullied or beaten into giving up control of our bodies to lunatics and billionaires who don't give a good GD what happens to anyone, as long as the gravy train rolls on.

Carlos Ponce

Look for the next variant, and the next, and the next... all the way to the 2020 mid-terms.

Liberals will be asking for:

Mail in ballots for everyone!

Ballot harvesting

Hundreds of drop boxes for each county

No voter ID needed

No purging of rolls to remove the dead and those who have moved

Same day voter registration, etc

All because of the "OMEGA" variant.

Trying to make voter fraud EASIER!!!!!

Wayne D Holt

Carlos, just my opinion but if the present rate and trend of medical mafia dictates continues at the same pace, I believe the least of our problems will be election integrity by then.

There are vaccination passports being mandated in Europe as I write. In the US, you may lose you job over a failure to vaccinate or submit to constant testing; in New Zealand and Australia, you will be stopped by the police on the street and interrogated as to your business in being outside. Some countries are on the verge of mandating vaccinations for everyone.

If the US continues down this road to the inevitable conclusion of such extremes, you will know two things for certain: it was NEVER about any medical crisis for a disease with a fatality case rate <1% for the general population, and; you are going to have literally millions of Americans who will no longer believe in working through the channels of lawful conduct as we have since our founding as a nation. If/when that happens, you will have the situation described as "voting from the rooftops."

It can and will happen here in America if the insanity does not end and the true purposes for this social malignancy exposed.

Carlos Ponce

The virus has become the Liberal's "My Precious".

Wayne D Holt


Carol Dean


George Croix

Wayne, you da man…..!

Excellent posts.

But you can no more change the Blame Trump for Everything characters than you can teach a jackass to ride a unicycle while wearing scuba gear and juggling chainsaws….

Gary Scoggin

George, for the record, I don’t “blame Trump” for the vaccine. Just the opposite: I give him credit for removing some of the regulatory roadblocks to its development, testing, and deployment. That’s why I can’t comprehend why vaccine issues are political. If you have reasons to be reluctant based on your scientific understanding that’s one thing, but to make it partisan is pretty silly. (And that’s not what I am saying you are doing here, it’s a general comment.)

I will give Wayne credit in that his views are science based. I don’t agree with his interpretation but at least he’s not coming at it from a political angle.

George Croix

Gary, for the record, I KNOW you have sense enough to NOT be one of the usual suspects. We may disagree, but, not disagreeably....so far...grin....

You KNOW I do not like wasting a lot of time back-and-forthing with people of the same mindset as mine. There's nothing to be gained, to be learned/unlearned, to be debated in an echo chamber...

WHY, you ask, is the vaccine political?

Well, for one, go back to last October and recall that BOTH of the later winners in the Presidential/VP election spent a LOT more time casting aspersions on 'anything Donald Trump is connected with..." including the developing vaccines at warp speed, than talking up the potential benefits. The current VP even went so far as to say she would not trust the vaccine. Her negative vaccine comments were shared and furthered by the Speaker of the House, by the at-the-time Senate Minority Leader, and a host of Democrat Congressional members, including a not-so-bright ex-bartender who has a host of equally brilliant followers.

Never mind that they ALL were first in line to GET the vaccine.....

Nothing new there in the dual faces department...

To this day, ANYTHING related to the ex-Pres.causes immediate TDS among the folks who NEED to keep their base voters hating SOMEBODY so they can keep controlling them more efficiently.

Another reason it's political just might be our Leaders say one thing Monday, another Wednesday, yet another Friday, then repeat the following week, and that's especially true for anything COVID....Especially noteworthy is good-ol Dr. Fauci, who has some interesting flip flops on what 'gain of function' means and his NIH funding same, and who has emerged as more multi-faced than a guy in a hall of mirrors, and changes his mind more than a kid in Baskin Robbins. Yet, Pres. Biden expresses total confidence in what the rest of us can see is confusing and jumbled at best.

BIG on the Why Political just might it's hard to Take the President and VP and their like-minded Big Boys and Girls in Congress seriously about COVID dangers and masking and maybe more lockdowns when THEY LET HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, SICK OR MAYBE SO, ENTER INTO THIS COUNTRY AND BUS THEM WHERE EVER THEY WANT TO GO!! TALK ABOUT SUPER SPREADER EVENTS!!!!! How the heck can anyone with a double digit or higher IQ square THAT except RANK LEFT WING POLITICS....

Well, maybe massive stupidity and incompetence on their part, which is my personal conclusion, but the political end is undeniable.....ILLEGAL ALIENS get a different COVID handling than USA citizens and legal resident get from our current 'leaders'....while we look to spend a couple BILLION dollars paying contractors to NOT finish the already-paid-for Wall sections and untold millions caring for and moving the illegals...

Mrs. Gump was right...

Anyway, good to hear from you, Gary. Hope you are well.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, what “Precious Little” character are you referring to. The only one I can think of is the dog in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”.

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