After more than two years, the COVID virus finally caught up with me.

What a difference a couple of years makes. After masking, keeping bottles of hand sanitizer in cupholders and being cautious around large groups, the virus bit me as suddenly and angrily as a pissed-off wasp.

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Michelle Aycoth

So what benefit were the vaccines for you ?


LeonardWoolsey Staff
Leonard Woolsey

Andy, I’d have to say the speed in which my body responded and overcame the intensity in a shortened window of time was helpful. My biggest concern is how an extended illness (fight inside the body) can extend the time to damage organs. The extra antibodies mathematically made a difference for me.

Ted Gillis

Well Leonard, your response to Andy is kinder than I would have been.

Laura Addison

"Pandemic of the unvaccinated" aged as well as two weeks to flatten the curve and 100 days of masking, and now annual boosters are needed [rolleyes]

Note: natural immunity > mRNA experimental shots - many credible experts agree.

Dan Freeman

No credible experts agree with that statement.

Carlos Ponce

Does Dan consider himself "credible"?

Laura Addison

It's basic science/immunology. Look up T-cells and natural immunity:

Vaccine primed T-cells can only recognize the spike protein of the targeted variant (making vax poor against newly mutated spike variants). Infection primed T-cells recognize all components of variant virus.

This is why natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. Simple.

Ted Gillis

Thank you Dan. My fingers are tired today from objecting to these fools posting false statements.

Carlos Ponce

Gee, Ted writes two lines on this thread and his fingers are tired. However, when you write TRUTH, fingers don't get tired.[whistling]

Paula Flinn

The truth is in the numbers. Without the vaccines the hospitals were flooded with people on ventilators. Over one million people have died, and still there are 350 people a day dying from the Co-Vid virus. So take your chances with natural immunity at your own risk, but most will follow the recommendations of their doctor and not the blather of people who are not in the medical field.

Carlos Ponce

"Without the vaccines the hospitals were flooded with people on ventilators." misleading.

"Why Ventilators May Not Be Working as Well for COVID-19 Patients as Doctors Hoped"

"Top NYC doc says ventilators were overused during peak of COVID-19 "

Sometimes a ventilator is necessary but reliance on them waned as they discovered they were not achieving the anticipated goal.

Laura Addison

A person must always have choice over what they put in their bodies b/c no drug is 100% "safe and effective." Sadly, many people were guilted, forced or coerced into taking experimental mRNA shots via mandates.

Charlotte O'rourke

All very good points, Paula, I’m glad you are better, Leonard, and on the road to recovery.

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