Someone has stolen my cell phone. And the odd thing is, the little black device the size of a perfect skipping rock is sitting next to me.

My cell phone constantly rings, converted into a de facto dumping ground for robot dialing, trespassing telemarketers. I’m not sure how this happened. I did not invite them into my private space, and I wish they would go away.

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Jim Forsythe

You may want to look at hiya to block unwanted calls if you have a iPhone. Other apps are available.
· "Free spam alerts and fraud call blocking! Hiya shows you the true caller ID for unsaved contacts so you can screen unwanted calls. Whether it’s a friend, a trusted business, or a spoofed call from a scammer, Hiya provides the context needed to make phone calls useful again."

If you do not have iPhone, the link below may help you.
10 Best Call & Number Blocking Apps For Android

Michael Jozwiak

Now that the 'shutdown' is over, you could access the National Do Not Call Registry and use it to block calls (usually it takes up to 30 days to take effect for each number). My cell phone and home phone allow me to block unwanted callers quite effectively. I get calls for heath insurance and Medicare options (I have good private coverage), calls for refinancing my condo (I owe so little on my mortgage, refi is not warranted), calls about outstanding student loans (really? I'm 70 y/o now), to say nothing of numerous 'charities' seeking donations (I don't donate over the phone). Yes, it's frustrating, but what's the alternative? Call centers can now fake their numbers to make it look like calls are from your area code and exchange to make you think it may be someone you know, and will answer. Frustrating still. I don't answer unknown area codes or calls without a caller ID. Do the same and calm down.

George Croix

My iPhone takes care care of 2nd attempt unwanted callers after I block them, BUT, they were still interrupting with that first effort..
Tried the 'Do Not Call' list(s). It/they are, evidently, sold to telemarketers, because I got more calls AFTER registering for none than before.
Finally settled on and set up for 4 classes of phone calls:
1) Favorite callers. Each has it's own specific ringtone. There are only 13 of them, and the ONLY ones I will always answer.
2) Priority callers. Each also with a specific ringtone. This is one 'I care' down from favorites, but still calls I will almost always answer. There are only 10 of them.
3) Designated callers. These ALL have the SAME ringtone, but it's ONLY a ringtone for this list, which includes businesses interests, organizations, a few extra individuals, services providers, doctors and medical/pharmacy facilities, and such that I certainly want to talk to USUALLY, and for sure if I am expecting a call from one or more. Longer list, ranges 40 to 50, but they are NOT ever just casual callers or soliciting business. Often, if not expecting to be contacted, I ignore this tone, until sometime later when in the mood to clear my phone up.
4) EVERYTHING else. Every person, place, thing, whatever that tries to get me to answer when I don't want to. They all, period, get the default ringtone....which is NEVER answered unless I feel like messing with the telemarketers to take up their time..... Later, at my leisure, a quick 'call block' session gets rid of ever more of them. Current total of blocked callers exceeds 700.....essentially, I built a wall against unwanted entry to my personal time......that nobody can get past unless I invite them to do so.....

Karen Sawyer

today i got a call from, Romania, Jamaica, and Neederland, Texas.....I dont know anyone in any of those cities/countries

Wayne Holt

On Android, I definitely suggest you take a look at Truecaller. They have a premium service but the free basic is all I've used for several years and it has drastically cut down on those types of calls. It loads numbers from a data bank that have been reported as spam, scams and No IDs and you never even hear the phone ring. It will briefly light up with the scammer's description and then go to Block.

It's even good for that occasional moment of hilarity when the screen lights up IRS SCAMMER, you choose to take the call, clear your throat and decide which age/accent/storyline you want to use on the unsuspecting mark on the other end of the line.

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