Wednesday I had lunch with the last man on the planet who is not on social media.

“The only ‘insta’ I use is instant oatmeal,” he said.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;

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Don Schlessinger

"Wednesday I had lunch with the last man on the planet who is not on social media."

Actually Leonard there are two of us.

Ted Gillis

Make that three. What did I miss for lunch?

Bailey Jones

Social media is just a tool like any other. I'm one of those people who doesn't like talking on a telephone. I much prefer the written word. If you scroll through my friends lists you will find my siblings, grand kids, and cousins who live in other cities and states, friends from high school and college that I've reconnected with, and fellow travelers from around the world with whom I share professional and personal interests. What you won't find is anyone whose company I don't enjoy. I learn, I teach, I share in the experiences of people I would otherwise see rarely, or never. My "insta" feed is full of local businesses and organizations, artists and craftspeople, and more friends. I try to make my social media social, not anti-social. Even a relative wasteland like the comments section of the GCDN gives me an opportunity to ponder questions and ideas that I wouldn't consider otherwise, not to mention insight into persons and personalities that I certainly wouldn't encounter elsewhere. But I agree that it can be a dangerous tool in the hands of unsupervised children.

Also - instant oatmeal is an abomination. I'd be leery of taking advice from anyone who eats it.

Jose' Boix

Interesting, but somehow we forget that such tools and devices have "on/off" switches and buttons. And, we have the power to either have "on" or "off." As we move forward, the so called progress carries many benefits; along with many consequences. Our God-given talent is there to enable us to balance the good with the bad. Just my thoughts.

Jarvis Buckley

Woolsey , you have to quit sticking your finger in that electrical socket!🥴

Ted Gillis

I just wish I had hair.

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