Last week, I found myself far from my comfort zone, a place where a lifetime of survival skills were rendered useless.

I could starve in a grocery store.

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Cary Semar

You are just getting old. It happens to all of us.

Bailey Jones

This reminds me of the time a coworker confided in me that he took his shirts to the cleaners because he didn't know how to iron. Seriously, who raised you people? [tongue]

Dan Freeman

HW Bush loved scanning groceries. Trump thinks you need an ID to buy groceries. We have lost something along the way.

Carlos Ponce

Hey Dan, I needed to show ID at Wal-Mart to purchase "5-Hour Energy" before walking alongside the band at Mardi Gras. At my age, I considered it a compliment. It depends on the "groceries". Definition of "groceries": Commodities sold by a grocer. So technically, alcoholic beverages, some medicine, tobacco products, etc. are considered "groceries".

Jim Forsythe

A grocery store is a store that sells food, while a supermarket sells food and other items. These other items are what make a supermarket different from a grocery store. ... A supermarket is also bigger in size, compared to a grocery store.

Carlos Ponce

The definition in the dictionary is much broader than the narrow one you provide.

Jim Forsythe

Most of the Walmart's in this area are classified as Walmart Supercenters, except for some that are called Walmart Neighborhood Market. One Walmart Neighborhood Market is in League City.

Julie H. Bennett


Bill Broussard

It took me fifteen years of making at least two last minute runs per holiday to the grocery store before I realized my wife was doing it intentionally to get me out of the house while she cooked in peace

Given how “active” your mind gets entering a grocery store it wouldn’t surprise me if your wife and mine exchanged tips, Leonard

Ron Binkley

Your next lesson will be "learning to tie your shoe laces"

Miceal O'Laochdha

My theory on shopping in large supermarkets is that, after have driven there, parked, walked to the store, etc. it only makes sense to buy every last thing that I can imagine we will ever need, so as to never have to go back there again. Row by row, item by item, I acquire everything that we have ever eaten or used in the past and those that seem like a good choice in the future. After several hours the final bill is, of course, astronomical. For this reason my wife has specifically NOT wanted me to go grocery shopping in many years. Suggest you try this approach Leonard.

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