Later this week we will cross into not only a new year but a new decade.

Time is a funny thing, marching on continuously and oblivious to whatever is happening at the moment. Wars, technology, even climate change (ask the dinosaurs). But the one thing for sure is that no matter how smart we think we are, the future will always be unpredictable.

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Carlos Ponce

"but a new decade." Or the end of a decade? The question was raised whether the new century began in the year 2000 or the year 2001. There was no year "Zero". We went from 1 BC to 1 AD which was supposed to be Jesus' first year. Jesus began his second year of life on Earth a moment after his first birthday. So the first decade was from 1 AD to 10 AD. So the decade we are now in runs from 2011 to 2020 and January 1, 2021 begins a new decade. But if you want to say Wednesday January 1, 2020 begins a new decade, no problem because the year they designated as 1 AD was probably off by a few years anyway.

But since Jesus was Jewish the year is 5780 which began on September 30, 2019 on our calendar on Rosh Hashanah (defined as "head of the year"). The Jewish year is based on a lunar calendar as opposed to ours which is based on a solar calendar. 2020 is a leap year to adjust for errors in using a solar calendar.

Bailey Jones

Something that I keep coming across in my studies of the history of technology is the role of pornography and obscenity as a driving force in tech. An early commercial success of the first cameras was in the production of "candid" photos. Alexander Graham Bell proposed a “swearing top,” a spinning toy that would blare curse words. There was a thriving market in bawdy poems and songs in the early days of phonographs - resulting in some of our earliest censorship laws. One of the first films ever shown commercially to the public was an 18 second epic called "The Kiss", which, of course, scandalized everyone - with one critic writing, "The spectacle of the prolonged pasturing on each other's lips was beastly enough in life size on the stage but magnified to gargantuan proportions and repeated three times over it is absolutely disgusting." Cha-ching!

It's well established that much of the tech we use now to conduct business on the Internet came from the porn industry - secure credit card payments, for instance. I won't be the least bit surprised if the much anticipated AI "singularity" comes, not from some government or university laboratory, but from the new generation of robot "companions".

David Hardee

Interesting article – From the lead-in sentence TIME is the root of all, obviously. Woosley’s prophetic “unpredictable” is universally correct.

Bailey’s suspicion that tech advances will continue to be scandalized with porn etc. is highly probable. But vegetables are more scandalize for sex then machines. History shows human's obsessions with sexual activity are the corruption (pornography) of every aspect of life. Normal pro-creation and the abnormalities of those with sexual preferences (recreational sex) will creep into any available crack (no pun intended) and technical advancements.

It is indisputable that technological advancements are intellectual activities (no sex or porno) and improves man's knowledge, opens new questions and stimulates the quest for a better and more productive life for humanity.

Babbage, Newton, Pasteur and all the pioneers of computers/medicine and other technologies were certainly not stimulated by sex and especially not porn or abnormal sex (exceptions – The Pill and STD cures). ENIAC was created for the trajectory of weapons and Leonardo produced many inventions for war. War stimulates more technology advancements than any other stimulus. Keep up the good work. AMEN!

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