Last month the Administration urged and supported the UN Security Council vote favoring the Iran nuclear deal — the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This was despite strong bipartisan opposition from Senate Foreign Affairs and House Foreign Affairs Committee members. These Democrats and Republicans correctly argued Congress should review the agreement before it being considered by the UN. 

Despite this strong bipartisan opposition, the President proceeded and is using the UN vote to pressure Congress to support the Iran nuke deal. Secretary of State Kerry said “If Congress were to veto the deal, Congress would be in noncompliance with this agreement and contrary to all of the other countries in the world.” 

These actions are another example of the Administration’s bullying their way around the playground. The way to stop bullies is to stand up to them.

It’s Congress — not the United Nations — that should determine whether U.S. sanctions remain in force. Congress passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act making clear Congress has the right to review the deal before its implementation. Specifically, the Act prohibits lifting the Iran economic sanctions until Congress has reviewed the agreement. Congress has 60 days to do so. If they reject the deal and the President vetoes it, Congress must muster 2/3rd support in order to override the Presidential veto. If this happens the Administration is barred from lifting the economic sanctions on Iran.

Unlike the Administration, we believe the Congress should disregard actions in the UN and consider the agreement based upon the merits. 

• The U.N. resolution doesn’t require the lifting of U.S. sanctions. 

• The restrictions on uranium enrichment will expire in 10-15 years while doing little to eradicate the centrifuges used to do the enrichment needed for nuclear weapons.  

• It will set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Already the Saudis have demanded similar concessions on enrichment; like those given Iran. They’ve entered into negations with the French to acquire nuclear reactors.   

• Our closest ally in the Middle East (Israel) opposes the deal.  

• Meanwhile Iran stands to benefit financially. For 30+ years they’ve actively supported and financed/armed terrorist groups hostile to the U.S. They continually call for the annihilation of Israel and the U.S.  

• Kerry has admitted it’s highly likely some of the $100 plus billion in frozen assets to be released would be used against U.S. interests.  

• There are side agreements between Iran and the IAEA that have not been shared with U.S. officials, let alone made public.

• There’s a provision that could have the U.S. protecting Iran against possible Israeli strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities. 

• No deal is better than a terribly bad deal.  

The current economic sanctions on Iran are working. It’s better to keep them in place. Ultimately Congress cannot force the administration to scrap the deal, but it can ensure our sanctions remain intact; impeding Obama’s facilitation of Iran’s aspirations to become a nuclear force in the world.

Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing a series of columns on timely issues for today. All three ran in the 14th Congressional District primary.

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Carlos Ponce

At the end of Ramadan the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sent out this message: "Our policy regarding the arrogant U. s. government will not change." He spoke to the Iranian people in front of a banner proclaiming "We will trample America." The crowd repeatedly chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".
I say "Wake Up, America!"


No DEAL!! This scares the blank out of me!! NO DEAL!

Paula Flinn

No deal = war. Is that what all of you conservatives want? Seriously?

Carlos Ponce

No deal DOES NOT equal war, Paula. You hold out for a better deal. America and the rest of the world loses with this one. SERIOUSLY!!! Appeasement is not the answer. Look at history. Look up Neville Chamberlain. He thought the same as you and made a deal thinking war was averted. Big mistake!
"When people are saying, “Peace and security,” then sudden disaster comes upon them, like labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. 1 Thessalonians5:3
This deal is DISASTER. "Death to America!" You DO know what that means.

Paula Flinn

There was no "better deal", Carlos, to be had. You go over there and try to negotiate, and tell another country that they cannot have what we have (nuclear weapons). Even if this deal prevents war for only another 10 years, that is good.

What kind of deal did your hero, President Ronald Reagan, make with the Iranians? Was that a good deal to extend executive power, lie to congress, and secretly sell and/or give arms to the Contras? Did that make Iran "love" us? Were they saying "peace and security" then?

Carlos Ponce

Agreed there was no better deal because we sent over John Kerry, not a diplomat. Mr Kerry has NO negotiating experience. Ronald Reagan had hostages held in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists released including a Lawrence Jenco, Director of Catholic Relief Services. Iran is STILL holding Americans under this deal. What was Reagan's deal? Israel would ship weapons to Iran, Iran would tell their operatives in Lebanon to release their hostages, the United States would then in turn sell NEW weapons to Israel, profit from sales to help the Contras in Nicaragua. Did it make Iran love us? No, BUT IT GOT AMERICAN HOSTAGES RELEASED!!!!

Doyle Beard

how do you know there was no better deal. to say no deal is war is totally ignorant.

Paula Flinn

President Obama said last night that, "No deal moves us closer to war." He said there would be an arms race in the Middle East. He very strongly suggests that there are 2 choices: this deal or war in the Middle East. Other countries do not want war in the Middle East, either. Are they "ignorant" for supporting the deal?

I guess everyone who has a different opinion than Doyle's opinion is "ignorant." Looks like the 3 fingers pointing back are pointing at the "more ignorant," less informed, intolerant person.

By the way, Doyle, try using correct capitalization and punctuation before you call someone else "ignorant."

Doyle Beard

By the way Obama did not say no deal meant war, he said it would move us closer to war. You have posted many time no deal meant war and I stand by my post this was an ignorant statement. plus not necessarily true.

Willis Briggs

Paula, when the school yard bully is finally mennacing everyone in the yard, someone will stand up to him and then all will back him. Better to stand up now than when the odds are stacked heavily against us.

Paula Flinn

The schoolyard rules have changed now that ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist groups are in many Middle Eastern countries and civilized countries. "All will back him" does not refer to other ME countries. Surely European countries would back us, but do not take for granted the total support in those countries. There are radical fringe jihadists that live all over the world. When push comes to shove, "Blood is thicker than water."

Paula Flinn

I want to see you enlist to do the fighting if we go to war with Iran, trying to protect Israel. Please explain why you believe a time will come when "the odds are stacked heavily against us."

Let's see if this next time we get a Republican president who stands up to Iran and ends up taking us to war against them and the rest of the Middle East, to protect Israel. That might bring about WWIII, and nothing will be the same. The terrorism, alone, in the U.S. and the rest of the civilized world, and the loss of American lives (military & civilian) will be devastating. Be careful what you wish for.

I say, "Better a bad deal, than no deal." At least we have a deal and can monitor it. If the Iranians go against the deal, then it is a different story.

Carlos Ponce

I'm too old to enlist but have relatives active in the United States Marines. All I can do is pray that we fight on the right side since this "deal" obligates the United States to protect Iranian nuclear installations. Will we protect Israel or fight AGAINST Israel? Obama knew that Israel will attack the installations if threatened. I wouldn't be surprised if he ordered Americans to fight against Israel. The Bible says all nations will turn against her but Israel wins. Better NO DEAL and keep out of this mess.

Paula Flinn

The Obama Admin. knows better than to order Americans to fight against Israel. This latest deal will not break down during the Obama Admin. Look to future presidents & administrations to "re-negotiate," "re-do," or "undo" the deal. There are problems with the deal, but Israel should not feel as threatened now. Israel's leader, PM Netanyahu, wants war with Iran, and so opposes the deal between the U.S. & Iran. He and the country of Israel are less threatened today than they were before the deal was made. At least, for the time being, give peace a chance!

The fulfillment of the prophesy may not be as soon as the readers of the Bible think. The Bible does not specify exactly WHEN all nations will turn against Israel.

A simplified version of the deal:

"In building his argument for the deal, Mr. Obama stressed that the accord was vastly preferable to the alternate scenario: no agreement and an unbridled nuclear arms race in the Middle East. 'Put simply, no deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East,' he said. He said his successors in the White House 'will be in a far stronger position' to restrain Iran for decades to come than they would be without the pact."

Carlos Ponce

With Iran calling for the annihilation of Israel your statement " He and the country of Israel are less threatened today than they were before the deal was made" is without basis. The Israelis and Prime Minister Netanyahu would like peace but this deal does not provide it. All President Obama wanted was something for his "Legacy". It will go down in history as a diplomatic failure for the United States. I pray we all live long enough to see another president.

Paula Flinn

The Iran Nuclear Deal will not go down as a diplomatic failure because this deal restricts Iran's uranium, plutonium, and centrifuges to such low levels that it prevents the development of nuclear weapons and allows only peaceful use of nuclear energy for at least a decade. 5 countries stand with us approving the deal: Britain, France, China, Russia, & Germany.

"Critics of the deal — House Speaker John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu among them — believe that this is a bad deal because it doesn't entirely dismantle Iran's nuclear program."

Iran would not have agreed to total dismantling their nuclear program--ever!

Carlos Ponce

Really Paula, you expect Iran to comply? Would you walk out of a classroom during STAAR testing leaving a classroom unmonitored trusting your students just because you placed restrictions not to talk or compare answers? The Iranians are not trustworthy. And think. With all that oil, why does Iran need a Nuclear program? If Obama thinks it's to provide an alternative fuel source why doesn't he promote it in this country?

Paula Flinn

There will be inspections, Carlos. Their access to uranium will be cut 98%, and the uranium they have will probably be turned over to Russia. Yes, I expect Iran to comply, otherwise why would the United States + 5 other countries even try to get a deal? If they don't comply there will be sanctions again, and not just from the U.S. The rest of the world will shun them, except the other ME countries, of course.

What I would like to know is where is Jordan on this? Why cannot they have some influence in Iran?

Your "classroom" analogy is not a valid comparison, Carlos. I am paid to stay in the room, the whole time, during STAAR testing, and actively monitor the students, unless I need a bathroom break. In that case, another certified teacher comes in to watch the class. Some AP teachers trust their students enough to leave the classroom during regular testing, though. Surprise, surprise! [beam]

Carlos Ponce

"There will be inspections" Yes, but Iran can delay any inspections by 24 days or more after an official claim is made about suspicious activity at a site by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors. You can hide or move an awful lot in 24 days. HOWEVER, "In May, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told military commanders that he would not allow any inspections of the country's military sites."
And you REALLY expect Iran to comply????? Why did the 5 Nations go along? Oil for some, arms sales for another, legacy for Obama.
Jordan gets along with Israel. That's why they cannot have some influence on Iran.
And the STAAR testing analogy is valid. YOU are professional. Obama only cares about his legacy. Once he leaves office, he doesn't care. He made a deal BIG WHOOP.

Paula Flinn

You know, I would not expect you to be positive on anything President Obama's Administration does. You are negative about everything he does. He doesn't even breathe the correct way according to you.

Some people think President Obama is the enemy, and others think he is the best president to come along in a good while. He certainly has overcome adversity to get certain things done--none of which he is given credit by you and the naysayers of your party. Try to get over the fact that he is doing the most good for the nation, and be positive for awhile. It will do your Christian heart good! [beam]

Carlos Ponce

Someone who has jeopardized the future of this country is not doing the most good for the nation. It is sad to see good people misled by this charlatan.[crying]

Doyle Beard

monitor it with advance notice. Really I have some seashore property for sale in Arizona

Paula Flinn

Oh, ha, ha, Doyle! Why don't you go live on it?[smile]

Remember inspections? Better inspections than war in the ME.

Doyle Beard

Inspections with notice I know how that goes. An inspection with notice ususally passes. Again to say no deal because Obama said so. Boy what a crock, when has he ever been right.
Again to say no deal is ignorant cause deep down you don't know that for a fact. If you dont like my post don't read them. Critizing the post says a lot about you that you just have no defense . A typical off the subject to hide your flawed statements.

Willis Briggs

Paula, I proudly served my time in the USMC, and at 76yrs. I doubt that I would pass the physical.

Any republican could stand up to Iran just as good or better than the current resident of the White House, if any one is willing to call the "deal" standing up to Iran.

I still say face them now rather than later when they have all the weapons of mass destruction.

By the way, when Iran gets the bomb and launches it to Isreal, we can blame you along with the current president for throwing Isreal to the wolves.

Paula Flinn

Blame PM Netanyahu, not me. He is a hawk. He wants war. I liked the two previous prime ministers of Israel. They, at least, tried peace agreements with the Palestinians.

Send "any Republican" over there, like current GOP presidential contender, Donald Trump. He would probably have us, and the rest of the civilized world, involved in WWIII within a half hour of negotiations. Be careful what you wish for. [beam]

Doyle Beard

Well stated Willis

Paula Flinn

Willis Briggs, thank you for serving proudly in the USMC. I respect you and your service in the military to keep our county free! [smile]

Doyle Beard

24 day NOTICE for and inspection is a farce. I cant believe the American people will thinks this is ok. If they do then I say Gruber is right.

Jack Cross

Willis and Doyle Beard nailed it

Paula Flinn

They couldn't "nail it" with someone else supplying the board, nails and hammer. Someone should tell all of these "so-called" Christian posters that most of us do not want war with Iran or any other Middle Eastern country. The last one did not turn out so well for the USA. Give peace a chance--there is plenty of time for war under a republican president, if you can elect one.

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