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The bull rider leans back in his seat, stretching his long legs as forward as possible. His feet point upward, knowing the success rests with his ability to relax, letting his body flow with whatever lies ahead.

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There’s power in the feminine, in being a woman. Despite being mansplained out of just about every significant phase of history and human development, women are movers and shakers, we’re moneymakers, baby makers, life givers and sustainers.

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Yesterday, I got the call that we have been making to thousands of people across Galveston County. I had been exposed to a patient with COVID-19. I called my boss, who told me to go home. I then called the University of Texas Medical Branch to arrange for a test and was given an appointment …

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We never saw this coming. Our lives as we know it have changed in the last few months because of COVID-19, and along the way, we’ve learned some hard but valuable lessons.