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A recent front-page story (“County gives up control of Meals on Wheels,” The Daily News, April 12) detailed an unconstitutional government action and concluded with a foolish statement supporting his unconstitutional vote from Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.

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Feb. 18 marked a giant step in Galveston’s recovery from Hurricane Ike. The final oak was planted in the restoration of the Historic Broadway Esplanades. Disappearing is the memory of forlorn, leafless trees on that roadway, and the emptiness when they came down. Even the image of treeless m…

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At the end of 2015, Texas lost the King of Torts. Joe Jamail died in late December at the age of 90. It seems strange knowing he is never going to be in court again. His impact on our civil justice system was huge.

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The Kemp’s ridley is the official sea turtle of Texas and a very critically endangered species. Our state sea turtle will soon be coming ashore to nest on beaches along the Texas Coast, facing a range of threats from predators to camouflaged nests, which could easily be stepped on or crushed…

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Winter holidays are past and outdoor decorations are stored. But here on the coast some trees are still adorned with lovely yellow and orange globes — citrus. For weeks I’ve enjoyed kumquats from my small tree’s bumper crop thanks to generous fall rains. A friend has harvested 900 plus Meyer…

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Hurricane Ike caused the loss of 40,000 trees on Galveston Island. The Galveston Island Tree Conservancy was formed to address that loss and has replaced over 14,000 through grant-funded plantings and giveaways.

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Last month the Administration urged and supported the UN Security Council vote favoring the Iran nuclear deal — the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This was despite strong bipartisan opposition from Senate Foreign Affairs and House Foreign Affairs Committee members. These Democra…

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The cover of this month’s Texas Monthly has an incredible aerial picture of our island under a headline “Galveston Island.” Robert Draper interviewed many locals including Heber Taylor, Shrub Kempner, Leon Phillips, Dr. Bill Merrell, Mayor Jim Yarbrough, Irwin M. “Buddy” Herz Jr. and me abou…

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Avast majority of you, asked if you liked classical music, would probably turn up your noses. A vast majority would claim you not only didn’t like it, you didn’t really know any. Most of you have forgotten a subtle wafting of music into your brain. If ever there was a brainwashing, this is it.

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In my career, I’ve seen amazing changes in the practice of surgery. In the old days, the removal of cataracts was considered major surgery. Patients were in bed for days, flat on their back with sandbags around their head to keep them immobile.