Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson, community news editor of The Daily News, graduates from the University of Houston-Clear Lake on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

It’s finally here. I’ve been anticipating this day for 30 years. Today, May 19, 2019, is graduation day.

As I reflect on my journey and experiences, it leaves me with a feeling of joy, fulfillment and gratitude.

Along the way, there have been a lot of disappointments, setbacks — and life — which has allowed me to not only appreciate what today will bring, but has enabled me to be able to encourage those of you who’ve wanted to graduate from college or whatever it is that you desire to achieve in your life.

It wasn’t easy.

After graduating from Ball High School in June 1989, I set my sights on becoming an attorney and started my first attempt at college at Texas Southern University in Houston. I couldn’t really venture too far because I had my oldest son, Joshua, my senior year of high school. I attended school for two years; however, I ended up back in Galveston where, two years later, I was pregnant with my second son, Denzel.

No more school for me — for a while. I was sad and depressed about that because my friends were graduating from college already.

After working at various entities in Galveston County from the University of Texas Medical Branch to Galveston County, and others in between, it wasn’t until my employment at Ball High School inspired the idea of me going back to school to obtain something that I’d longed for all those years after high school.

I was determined to get my degree, so I went to school at night and worked during the day. Along the way, there were a lot of obstacles, but I persevered with the help of family and friends — and my faith. I eventually ended up at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in January 2008 after stints at Galveston College and College of the Mainland.

Now, 11 years after stepping foot on the campus of UHCL, I can say that I’m a college graduate. It feels good to say that. But it wasn’t easy. After funding for school dried up, I had to “find” the money to pay for the remainder of my education by enlisting the help of friends who contributed greatly toward my education. They know who they are and I’m indebted to you and your generosity.

I’d also like to thank The Daily News for their help and support since I’ve been here the past 11 ½ years. Thank you Dolph Tillotson, Heber Taylor and Michael A. Smith. Your support in helping me achieve my dream hasn’t gone unnoticed. And, last but not least, to my family, particularly my husband, Greg, thank you for standing by me and helping me to walk across the stage today.

So, when “life” happens — don’t give up. Keep fighting. Keep pushing. Keep the faith. Know that all things are possible with God if you believe. It’s been 30 years in the making. Congratulations to the Class of 2019.

Now … on to my master’s degree.

Angela Wilson is the community news editor for The Daily News and is a 2019 graduate of the University of Houston-Clear Lake.


(12) comments

Bailey Jones

Congratulations! On to the next degree, and never stop learning.

Connie Patterson

CONGRATULATIONS! What an inspiration to your boys and so many others! I wish you all the very best!

Don Schlessinger

What a great story. Yours seems similar to my daughter's, she started UT after graduation from high school and was overwhelmed by the whole thing. She dropped out and enrolled in Austin Community College graduating with a associates degree in occupational therapy. She worked as a COTA for 20 years before returning to school for a degree in education and a teaching certificate. While the "iron was hot" she applied for and was accepted by TWU for her masters in occupational therapy, and obtained it. Today she's an occupational therapist in the Hays County School System and working in a field she loves. Two young women following similar paths for success. What's most interesting to me is that my daughter's name is Angela also. Hang in there I'm sure you'll make it. Oh, and congratulations.

Jose' Boix

Angela, what a great story of perseverance, hard work and staying focused to the goal. And, to have sights ahead into the future! What a tremendous guide to many. Thank you, and thanks for all you do! Congratulations!

Bonnie Farmer

Well done, Angela! Get started on your MA asap! Life will, once again, get in your way!

Kelly Naschke

Congratulations. I followed almost the exact same path through the exact same schools. It’s a nice feeling wearing my big UHCL class ring. Good work Angela!

Paula Flinn

Congratulations, Angela! It has been my pleasure to know you and work with you! God Bless you! May all of your dreams come true!

Raymond Lewis

Congrats Angela. A few years down the road and after you earn your next degree(s), this all will seem like a slight hump in the road. Keep on, keeping on!

Charlotte O'rourke

What a beautiful, happy smile! I bet your family is so proud of you.

You are a definite role model and your accomplishment shows that persistence and hard works pays off.

Congratulations 🎉🎈

Andres Diamond-Ortiz

Perserverance! Congratulations Angela!

Rusty Schroeder

Don't bill me Michael A., enough with censorship.

Wendy Maceo-Melton

What a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations and I wish the best for you in your life and career!

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