Have you seen any good TV ads lately?

Some days I just don’t know what to think, they get so crazy. But I know from the feedback everybody watches them and likes to talk about them.

I guess the best one lately is J.J. Watt talking about the truck of J.J. and the Texans. People just like to see and hear him and enjoy his muscles and his smile.

I think he could probably run for governor and get it, hands down.

The most obnoxious ad currently running, at least in my opinion, involves a group of people talking in little baby voices about their love for gummy bears.

I can’t get to the mute button fast enough, so I am unable to unhear their voices.

Geico, which has always featured that gecko, has branched out into zaniness these days. There’s one where all these meercats pop up in all these cubicles of a business office. That’s pretty cute.

There are a lot of really sweet ads involving little babies, mostly ads for diapers.

But my favorite involved Alexa. She’s making announcements to a father who is being a stay-at-home dad. She reminds him of where the baby’s teething ring is located, in the freezer, and he gets it when the baby starts crying. She reminds him of a play date for the kid.

But the best thing she does is remind him his wife loves him and that he is doing “a really good job.” That one always makes me smile.

I don’t smile when I see the “we buy ugly houses” ad in which the guy asks for the pudding and the lady un-velcros it from the table and it slides away. First, what she is trying to pass is quite obviously not pudding, but jello. And second, the table could be slanted whether or not it’s an “ugly house.”

Others, which I quickly dash through, in addition to the gummy bear people, are all those offering up their terrible disabilities caused by smoking. Scare tactics are terrible. These ads are terrible. I hope they cause someone to quit, but I doubt it.

Do you love the guy who pours wine from a great height, challenging his customer to plan a really great birthday for his girlfriend?

As he pours, he tells the diner the wine will go well with the duck comfit. And he adds, “Let this breathe.” He is wonderful.

Have you seen Jack in the Beanstalk who notes the giant has given up the “Fee” in “fee, fie, foe, fum.” Denoting the absence of a fee for his product.

Worst of all is the lady who tells the girl “You smell just like my Walter.”

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cgillentine1@sbcglobal.net.

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Rusty Schroeder

No comment on the Nike ad ? I prefer JJ's Adidas ads over the ford truck ad, and I'll bet he will be great at fatherhood too.[wink]

Jim Forsythe

Rusty, the people that are burning Nike gear are not hurting Nike. The reasons are, the ones burning the Nike gear may replace it with stuff from another of Nike's company's. Also Nike knew before they signed him, they would make a lot of money . They also the knew that "when he started protesting police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem ahead of games in 2016, his 49ers jersey(Nikes) quickly became one of the NFL’s best-selling jerseys."
The one's that are the most likely to by Nike gear in most cases, are not the one upset with the protest.

How much are the ad's worth to Nike?
September 4, 2018
The deal with Kaepernick will likely “work in Nike’s favor,” Brian Nagel, a senior analyst at Oppenheimer, told Bloomberg Tuesday. And the company saw more than $43 million in media so far.

Rusty Schroeder

Jim that wasn't the point of my remark, the headline reads TV ads that Revolt , or are Revolting. This last week has been all about Nike, the anthem, and Kaepernick. The burning of apparel and calls for boycotting Nike products are humorous at best. There have been calls for major universities to cut ties with Nike over this ad campaign spokesperson, that's not happening nor will it. Nike knew what they were doing, the $$ they give these schools is substantial and that payment is backed up with a contract. I doubt anywhere, in any of those contracts, does a clause exists that lets the school out because of a spokesperson. Plus Kaepernick has been a long time employee of Nike, what I find interesting is Nike's support of Kaepernick over the NFL. NFL owners and the league are hand tied over this, they make a rule, then bow to pressure and overturn it. The NFL has undoubtedly lost more $$, and continues to, over 1 man than Nike will ever lose.

To me it's not about shoes and hoodies, I don't own a pair of Nike. It's more about the disrespect of American society over everything that doesn't go their way, and multi million dollar companies and individuals that promote it. I could go a lot deeper into that subject but I wont, after all this is about annoying gummie bear commercials and a lady telling a kid she smells like Walter. I don't watch many commercials. [sad]

Jim Forsythe

Commercials is the way programs are paid for. I enjoy a lot of the commercials, but buy very little because of them.
Rusty, It would seem that the NFL would be losing money, but by there records they are making more money. The number of people that watch games on TV are down, but the numbers for NFL on streaming services are up. This is a trend for all type of programing and will become more so in the future.
Commissioner Roger Goodell said seven years ago that he’d like the NFL to reach $25 billion in annual revenue by 2027. The league is roughly on track to get there.
Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL expects to generate $14 billion in 2017. That’s a $6 billion increase from 2010, when the NFL racked up $8 billion.

Michael Jozwiak

I worked in broadcasting and advertising for 10 years. The point of ads is to make you remember them. That's sure working on you. How do you feel about the old joke, "Does a bear s**t in the woods" as far as the cute, cuddly bear family doing toilet paper commercials? That's theme has been on TV for years.

George Croix

If clueless, PC Nike wants to know what actual 'sacrifice' is by a sports figure, they should take a look at Pat Tillman, except they'll have to do so posthumously.
Tillman, a STARTER, not a bench warmer, gave up all to serve hios country.
The kneeler clown gave up squat except only common decency toward respect for the flag of this country.
Too bad Ringling Brothers / Barnum and Baily is out of business - they could always have used a good clown act.....

Carlos Ponce

About commercials - I still find the "Boddabook bodda boo" commercial annoying.
As to the debate on Nike, it's not the commercials that sell them or not. I once bought a pair of Nikes and didn't care for them. I've been buying Reebok ever since.
Commercial jingles aren't what they used to be. I surprised myself by singing a Dr. Pepper commercial from 40 years ago: "I drink Dr. Pepper and I'm proud. I'm part of an original crowd. And if you look around these days, there seems to be a Dr. Pepper craze! I'm a Pepper she's a Pepper he's a Pepper, we're a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too. Be a pepper Drink Dr. Pepper, be a Pepper, Drink Dr Pepper".
And who can forget the makings of a Big Mac after the commercial: "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" recited rapidly ?
Today's commercials aren't that memorable.

Jarvis Buckley

I sent my Nikes back for a refund.
They hurt my feet when I stand for the National Anthem.👍

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