If you lined 50 people up against a wall and insisted that they name their favorite ice cream flavor, or else, 39 of them would probably say vanilla.

How boring is that?

I love ice cream. I eat too much ice cream. I just about stopped worrying about that, though, because I might as well enjoy my senior years. Why not?

For years, I have made a special treat out of lemon custard ice cream, mostly because it’s a rarity.

And also, because, to me, it tastes wonderful. Lemon is just a good flavor, though many would not agree.

A lemon Bundt cake, made with cake mix and pudding mix, is very, very good. A good accent to a party or a meeting of the civic club.

Lemon bars like those made by some of the ladies in the heritage society are, as they say, “to die for.”

I think I have the recipe, but I’ve never made them. I guess I’m afraid I would mess them up. I’ll just wait for somebody else to bring them to a soiree.

I like to put lemon in my tea. I even like lemon just in a glass of water. I have a friend who used to get water with lemon at a restaurant. That’s all free, you understand.

Then he would add some sugar, and voila, lemonade!

One of the big efforts every year these days is the proliferation of lemonade stands by children. It’s all the rage. They’re being encouraged to learn how to work and save their money and become responsible citizens.

It’s a sort of counter measure to having your folks bribe your way into college, I guess.

The children of the wealthy have probably never had lemonade stands. Or if they did, as part of the popularity of the fad, their parents probably hired someone to run them for the children.

But the big thing was lemonade. Made with lemons. Flavored by lemons.

I like to cook with lemons, sometimes. Lemons give a zing to a salad dressing. Lemons are in lots of Greek dishes.

But, until very recently, I had to go to a special ice cream shop to get lemon ice cream. Grocery stores didn’t have lemon in half gallons.

Happiness has finally arrived, from a local brand at my nearby grocery store.

It’s called Lemon Cookie. It’s not really lemon, but it’s loaded with crushed up lemon cookies.

It tastes like lemon. It’s the beginning of a trend, I hope.

Having tried it, I will probably have to stock up.

Then they will have to make more.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cathy.gillentine@comcast.net.

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Mike Trube

Oh Cathy, if you like lemons, then you need the recipe I have for lemon tuna. It certainly is different. If you are interested, shoot an email to me and I would be more than happy to send it to you. Connietrube@yahoo.com. :)


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