It’s going to sound like bragging, but when somebody says to me, “You’ve got the best job in the world,” I have to smile and agree.

My happiness happens over and over.

It all began when I was 12 and wanted to be a journalist, though I suppose I didn’t use that word then.

My first newspaper was at Bryant Elementary School, run off a mimeograph machine, which was cranked by hand. I was the editor.

I was the editor of the Sherman High School newspaper and an editor at the Campus Chat, the University of North Texas newspaper.

I got to be an editor, off and on, at The Daily Sun and the La Marque Times.

But when they let me write a column, I found my real calling. It allows me to share my opinions. And I have them.

But one of the best things it allows me is to meet neat people.

What began this introspective happened this week as I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy.

Parked next to me was a really colorfully painted pickup truck adorned with fishing symbols. As I was going in, a man was coming out who said, “This is all we do anymore,” and I said yes, assuming he was referring to the picking up of prescriptions, though he looked pretty hale and hearty to me.

As he left, I asked him if that was his truck parked next to my little cranberry Nissan, and he said yes.

“Cute,” I said. Then remembered how much my youngest son hates it when I describe anything as “cute.”

I went to the counter and was getting out my credit card when the man came bounding back in, waving a card.

“Here,” he said, handing me the card. “You know everybody.” And I answered “Yes.” What could I say?

The fact is, I don’t know everybody. But a lot of people know me.

They see my picture in the paper. Thankfully, many read the column that goes along.

They stop me in the store, on the street, all sorts of places and they say, “You’re Cathy Gillentine.”

And I have to agree with them, of course.

And then they said, “I love your column. I read it every day.”

Which is just marvelous, and I thank them profusely for sharing their enjoyment.

But I also have to laugh, because the column doesn’t appear in the paper every day. That would be pretty hard to manage, since once a week gets to be a problem much of the time.

Many will also ask me, “Where do you get all your ideas?” And that is a hard one to answer.

Sometimes I have to drag something up from the files. Sometimes I wake up with them writing themselves.

This one is one of those.

So, stop me on the street. I love it. I guess I am an egomaniac.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at

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