After delineating the myriad of belongings available to the public from the local library, I got to wondering if the pictures are still there. I’m thinking probably not.

Back in the golden era when the late, great Paul Barth was city secretary, he had an office at the back of what I consider the tax office at city hall.

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Carlos Ponce

With modern tech you can download the art you like onto a flash drive and then display the pictures on a high definition TV. Or you can take jpegs of your children's or grandchildren's artwork and enjoy it 24/7 in a like manner.

Bailey Jones

Carlos, we have a Roku TV and there's an app called Artcast that does exactly what you describe, with collections of art from all over the world.

Carlos Ponce

But would Roku TV present your children's and grandchildren's artwork?[beam]

Bailey Jones

No, that's why I have a refrigerator.

Carlos Ponce

Do both and view the look of delight of little ones that their work has been digitalized.

George Croix

I worked for years with a guy who never could understand why I wanted to haul a trailer over the highways and visit State Parks and such.
He said it was a waste of time, because he could visit the parks and anyplace else, right from his living room, on a laptop.... !

Well, I guess if you burn a pine scented candle, it wold be somewhat close in some cases....

Jarvis Buckley

George smelling the tall pines listening to the birds watching the squirrels, sitting by a campfire. Only equivalent is sunrises & sunsets & smelling the saltwater as you walk
along the beach. All memories, but I still have it all in my heart.

George Croix

Better to have been there and done that than not, Jarvis....
Just yesterday I was dressing out my wife’s first buck, remembering my own a long, long, l o n g time ago. Good memories then and now...

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