You’re not going to find my name on a tombstone anywhere around, but that doesn’t mean there are no concrete reminders here and there to show I once existed.

And when I say concrete, I mean concrete.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at

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Bailey Jones

My daddy was a casket salesman - I worked my way through high school delivering caskets to funeral homes all over the DFW metroplex. I made infant caskets in our garage on weekends since there wasn't a ready supply of them. I have zero desire to spend eternity in a wood or sheet metal box. Instead, I've arranged to have anything still useful harvested and the rest cremated, and the ashes split into a dozen or so parcels to be given out to family and friends, with the instructions to take them to a favorite place and return them to the environment. I won't have an obituary - they've gotten crazy expensive, and no one I know reads the paper anyway. I'm thinking maybe a Spotify playlist instead...

Kelly Naschke

Great piece Cathy. Thanks!

Jarvis Buckley

I'm with you ms. Cathy 👍

Carlos Ponce

There are commemorative pavers in front of the entrance to the Elizabeth Cowan Education Center (admin building - nee Santa Fe Elementary). The Hitchcock ISD Education Foundation is making a paver commemorative area on Neville Street next to the administration building (nee 1964 Hitchcock High School). Contact Monica Cantrell at (409) 316-6545 ext 1580. Cost: 4 X 8 (3 lines) $30, 8 X 8 (6 lines) $50. Email

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