My favorite ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Broman, suggested during my latest annual checkup that I should develop the rest of my query concerning acronyms.

Incidentally, an acronym in which the short form was original, and words made up to stand for it afterward is called a backronym.

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Bailey Jones

I use the ATM machine - Automated Teller Machine machine. After moving down here it took a while before I understood that BOI wasn't hip hop slang and IBC wasn't root beer. But the ones that I get tired of are the acronyms now in every medical commercial on TV. It's not hepatitis-C, now it's hep-C. I guess that's supposed to sound cooler. Deep vein thrombosis is DVT, rheumatoid arthritis is RA. Atrial fibrillation is AFIB. Erectile dysfunction is ED. (Actually I think I'm OK with that one.) But it makes for a lot of ER (eye rolling).[rolleyes]

Michael Jozwiak

Oh, yes. It's DOA. WTF? LOL? ROFLMAO? What a POS waste of paper.

Curtiss Brown

One man’s Liberty is another man’s problem? Very profound. And troubling. “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Steve Fouga

Yeah, I raised my eyebrows at that one...

Cary Semar

I am tempted to explain why FBI and ACLU are not acronyms yet but eventually they will be because dictionaries simply document usage and you cannot fight the tide of a living language.

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