Have you ever gotten into an argument about water? Been involved in a water war? Or a water prescription?

It’s amazing the words that get exchanged between those who will only drink bottled water and those who wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cathy.gillentine@comcast.net.

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Carlos Ponce

The best tasting water came from a pitcher pump in the back yard. After pumping, by hand, water to water the vegetable garden in Alta Loma I would get a drink from the spout. The water was cool and clear and delicious - no chlorine taste like the city water we drank in Texas City.

When students visit the Santa Fe Old School Museum one of the more popular exhibits is a pitcher pump. The pump is attached to a five gallon bucket so we tell the student's "Don't drink it?" Students will pump and pump and pump with a grin on their face knowing the water came forth through their labor. I tell them back when hand pumps were the norm you had to pump water to drink, to wash up, to cook, to bathe, to water plants and animals, to wash clothes. I ask them, " Do you think you could d that - all day?" They give an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Charles Douglas

Well, I guess I'm next. Many years ago when I visited my maternal grandparents in East Texas, they had what was known as a cistern. A cistern is an underground storage area, built for holding rainwater. Yes it had a setup with a rope and a bucket over the top cement foundation, which facilitated removing water for drinking. They would get their water, slide a rectangular piece of tin over the top opening to limit what could enter the cistern, put a big white rock on top to keep it in place. Now when it rain, my uncle would run out and remove the covering so they could get a free REFILL ...then later cover it back up! How did it taste? You don't want to know. Now in the interest of full disclosure, my parents lived on a farm in East Texas about fifteen miles away from my grandparents, but we had a well, and the water was COLD COLD & COLD!!!! I can remember being constantly thirsty at my grandparents' home!!! Lol Thanks to the author of this Op-ed for bringing back old memories!

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