President Trump climbed up to the rostrum in the House chamber Tuesday night, believing he could convince Democratic leaders to give him the $5.7 billion to build his wall along the Mexico-U.S. border.

His State of the Union speech was thickly layered with pleas for bipartisan unity, but they came across as phony as a $3 bill.

Donald Lambro is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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Carlos Ponce

"He had threatened Democrats, slapped his hand on the table, and walked out of a negotiating session, believing this was the way to get things done."
Donald Lambro wasn't there. Those who were said this never happened. Lambro is just a mouthpiece for Democratic Party talking points. He's just regurgitating Glenn Kessler's alleged "fact check" from the Washington Post.
Glenn Kessler is another DNC mouthpiece.
"This is true but ....." No "buts". Trump has the LATEST data rom the experts.
Kessler/Lambro don't.
Donald Lambro - I'm glad you credited the REAL source of your misinformation. Were you too LAZY to do your own research? Or were you just trying to back another Liberal columnist whose column fell flat?
Fact check this: CBS poll on Donald Trump's Inaugural Address:
75% approved, 25% did not.
This poll is skewed because Trump haters did not watch and could not comment. But everyone I talked to said it was a great speech. Chuck Schumer said he hated it - long before it was even given. That's your Democrat Party! [beam]

Patricia C Newsom

On point Carlos! Educated people are real tired of hearing and reading fabricated fact.

Robert Braeking

You quoted "It is true that most drugs “come into the United States across the southern border with Mexico,” writes Kessler. “But a wall would not necessarily stanch the flow, as much of these drugs are smuggled through legal points of entry or underground tunnels.”

A physical barrier will funnel ALL of the drugs through the ports of entries. With a barrier manpower can be concentrated at the ports of entries making it easier to intercept contraband. Imagine, if you will, that every shipment be inspected instead of the current 2% to 10%.

Bailey Jones

In other news, the sky is blue and water remains wet. The fact that our President is a liar is well documented. But why shouldn't he lie? His followers don't care.

Ron Woody

My question Mr. Jones is how does this differ from any of his predecessors? I have no issues challenging the current President, it is when others act as though he is so different than others that bothers me.
My understanding after 58 years on this Earth is if you are asking for my vote you are lying. I have yet to meet an elected official that does differently. Then it becomes a matter of do I agree or disagree with the liar.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey writes, "The fact that our President is a liar is well documented."
That's your opinion to which you are entitled. It is not a fact. The alleged "documentation" is in doubt.
The President engages in hyperbole. While media pundits didn't mind Obama's use of hyperbole which was frequent, they lambast the current President's use as lies
Think of the words to Sam Cooke's song:
"You've got to accentuate the positive
eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
But don't mess with mister inbetween

You've got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
have faith, a pandemonium
Libel to walk up on the scene"

Most Americans felt good after Trump's speech as opposed to the DOOM and Gloom from the other side of the aisle.Why are you hating?

Paul Hyatt

Pres. Obama lied about where he came form and all that he did and we did not her you squeal about all of his and his administration lies.... Why is that?

Rusty Schroeder

Have you called Emile and Dianne yet ?

Randy Chapman


George Croix

I agree. A bold faced liar.
Why, at one point, The Pres. tried to claim a point constituted "1/3", when, in fact, it was only 31%.....the nerve....

Next, he'll try to brush that aside by claiming a video made him do it.....and if we like to claim any practical difference between 31# and 33 1/3%, then we can keep the rest of our nits, too, if we like them as is.....

Waaaaaahhhhhhh Waaaaaahhhhhh Waaaahhhhhhhhhh

If and when Americans are killed while excuses for not trying to rescue them are made for hours, then days, then weeks, then our current President will have finally reached the Left's standard for 'acceptable veracity'.....

Doug Sivyer

tRump is a Liar and Con Man. I pity those stupid enough not to see through it. You all are part of the problem not the solution.

Robert Braeking

I guess the choice in 2016 was between a liar and con man and a liar, thief, felon, and one who willfully allows our embassy to be overrun. I'm thinking 2 against 4. The lesser of two evils.

George Croix

That's MISTER Stupid to you, Doug.....[beam][beam][beam][beam]

Diane Turski

Thank you for the latest reality (fact) check, Mr. Lambro. Ignore the willfully ignorant deniers and keep posting the truth. There might be some others who will benefit from learning that this President is a serial liar and a bully.

George Croix

But it WAS true, Ms. Turski, that nits were picked over the difference between 31% and 1/3, as but one example.....
Picked willfully......

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, Diane et al, did you read Kessler's original column? (link provided earlier)
Sounds like nit picking to me saying the glass is half empty when others see it half full.
"Uh yes, Trump was right but when you uh account for inflation and uh do a back flip and uh land on your head, and uh look at it upside down, then uh he really wasn't." That's my take on Kessler's column.

George Croix

It's been almost 40 years since then President Carter gave his speech on what he called 'the national crisis of confidence'. He never actually said 'malaise', but the meaning was the same.
Four decades later, an assessment of national leadership 'malaise' has changed to hysteria.
That's 'progress'..........


Jarvis Buckley

Trump is one of the hardest working
Presidents this Country has ever had.
The way the left has treated him is
so sad. No way they can actually believe what they say. Just fabricate
different accusations weekly.

Emile Pope

Trump’s a pathological liar. Trying to compare his lies to any other president (or any other person other than Joe Subaru) is ridiculous and useless...

George Croix

You don't have to TRY...all you have to do is play and WATCH video's of ex-Pres. Obama lying through his teeth about four DEAD people in Benghazi he/his henchwoman could have saved ("It was the video...."), and about 1/6th of the USA economy that was 'deemed' to have passed, so we could find out what was in it ("If you like your plan, you can keep it...." and 'Won't cost a single dime extra....), and about the politically motivated IRS targeting of conservative groups ("Not a 'smidgen' of corruption..."), and about the Police being at fault in Ferguson and Baltimore, and the 'JV' ISIS, and the 'red line' in Syria, and the 'Iran Deal stopping a nuclear Iran when it actually GIARANTEED one in 10 years, and 'no money for hostages' despite a pallet full of it sent to Iran, and the Cambridge Police 'acted stupidly', and Treyvon was innocent, and it took a hot mike to reveal the ACTUAL Russian collusion of "Tell Vladimire I'll have more flexibility after election", and................
Guess that's what the Nobel meant by "What he might accomplish".....wool pulling......
So far, not a single one of Trumps whoppers has come close to matching the degree of damage done or reality ignored by his predecessor's propensity for feeding his base...with both faces...............
IMO, as always......but, then, the real 'video' backs me up......

Nothing new there..............

Emile Pope

You keep repeating the same old lines. You simply expand on them to make them seem more. donald is up to 6400. Tell me when President Obama got to 200. And he was President for eight years! And the only reason he left was because of term limits. donald won’t have that problem...

George Croix

You really are, aren't you, Pope.....

Carlos Ponce

Emile, Trump uses hyperbole just like Obama and all previous presidents. The comparisons are valid and indicate false negative reporting. Note that most of his reported "lies" aren't lies at all. Take for instance crime reduction where a border wall was built. Several news outlets reported this as false citing numbers that included the time span from when funding was approved. If they looked at the time span starting when the wall was complete you would find that Trump was right.

Emile Pope

6399 more lies to dispel. Actually 7999 more...and continuing to believe a lying leader doesn’t make their statements true. Just makes you also wrong...

Carlos Ponce

Don't worry, Emile. Obama would match Trump on alleged "lies" if the same standards were used. But believe what you want. Galveston County and the rest of Texas will help re-elect Donal Trump in 2020 despite your false accusations.

Jarvis Buckley

Emile , is a never Trumper. As well as you combat her fictitious statements
& Carlos & George do that well.
I think it's a wasted effort to explain
the facts to him. He has his heart on destroying our President. Best to just ignore him.

Emile Pope

I know a criminal and a traitor when I see one. Especially when they are a pathological liar...

Carlos Ponce

I know the difference between a born again Christian and a person who is what you describe. Apparently Emile does not have the spiritual gift of discernment.

George Croix

This one on the right side of the screen?

Pathological liar.

Add comedienne.....


Emile Pope

donald is a traitor and a crook. He should resign or be removed from office...

Carlos Ponce

You must be referring to the author of this piece Donald Lambro. Yes he is a liar and yes he did "borrow" the information from a Washington Post Column. But so are most Liberal writers. Caveat Lector - let the reader beware.

George Croix

He left under term limits.
I don't think the name was Donald, though.....

Jarvis Buckley

Sorry I mean "his" .

George Croix

Everybody cooking up 'fudge' these days......

"California Sen. Kamala Harris claims she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur when she smoked pot in college – but the West Coast rappers weren’t putting out music until years after she graduated."

(Thump, thump, thump) Another one bites the dust......
One less for the "Green New Deal".....[beam][beam]

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