I know it’s sooner than later, but new TV commercials are calling us to comment. There’s something about the new batch that makes them more appealing than usual.

I think it’s because they’re prettier. More colorful. Full of familiar, much loved music. So, hurrah for the latest, with a few exceptions.

One exception is that horrible looking turkey who sponsors a worthy cause, but is just hideous to look at. Go away, fake turkey. (The worthy cause is quitting smoking, in case you forgot.)

In the pretty category is well-loved music. I will stop for the new Volkswagen ad because they’re playing Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”

“Hello darkness my old friend.”

In yet another offering, for another car, they’re playing “Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know.” Also by my beloved S and G.

Anytime they play some golden oldies, they got me. At least for the length of the song.

Some of the ads feature children and I mostly love them.

I like the couple sitting in front of the TV who suddenly discover their toddler is out of bed and has his whole room covered in toys with which he’s playing. That features a baby monitor that’s not working.

I like the child who climbs into the pretty car to impress the little girl who’s watching. She’s impressed. He says to the man in the driver’s seat, “Just drive, Mr. Robinson.”

I would just love to know what happens next. Does Mr. Robinson, puzzled though he may be, go ahead and drive a little bit. Who knows?

Speaking of auto commercials, there’s one that says, “SUV used to mean something.”

And I started thinking I don’t really remember what SUV does really mean. And I started watching and reading and nowhere does it tell what the letters mean. Finally, on Google, I read about Sports Utility Vehicles. Once in a while, they ought to say the words, for those of us who really didn’t know.

There’s one commercial that’s really handsome, full of serendipity and extremely honoring to all of the heroes with a Western background.

It’s from Boot Barn and it’s beautiful.

Do you like the one about the “She Shed” that’s on fire. The lady finds out her “She Shed” is covered by insurance.

And we all find out that women can have “She Sheds” just like men can have Man Caves. And that’s a nice revelation, I think.

The best on TV nowadays is one from the aforementioned Google. Google notes that anybody can do anything if he applies himself. A big boost in self-satisfaction.

I love Google. It’s my main source of valuable information. I Googled Google and found out they have all kinds of helpful departments to help all kinds of people and businesses.

Long live Google.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cathy.gillentine@comcast.net.

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Carlos Ponce

I do not use "Google". There are many other web searches and many think the term "Google" is synonymous with web searching. Google has a political bent. Google favors certain web sites. Google keeps track of your searches. Google uses that tracking to send you spam. Your privacy is at risk. What do I use? DuckDuckGo. For others look at "6 Best Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You Like Google" https://techwiser.com/private-search-engines/

Bailey Jones

I'll admit that the VW “Sound of Silence" commercial gives my inner engineer all the feels. I remember as a child the thrill of looking up a dirty word in the large dictionary set up on a pedestal in the school's library. I suppose kids don't have that same experience these days with Google. But there's something thrilling about having all the collected knowledge and wisdom (and idiocy and foolishness) of all of humanity across all ages available at your fingertips.

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