When I start thanking God for blessings every day, I don’t begin with my two favorites, because they’re material things.

But I should, because my happy life revolves around two household items I appreciate and prize.

My recliner and my remote. Alliterative favorites.

About half of every night, I sleep in the recliner. Most of my days are spent in it. It’s my good friend.

I’ve been through several editions. The one I have now I bought at a Palmer Highway furniture store, convinced by a sales lady that I would enjoy it. “It is my favorite,” she exclaimed.

I almost hated to buy it, thinking the store would have to order a replacement so she could have another comfortable place to rest from her labors.

It has one flaw, but because of that I’m getting more exercise, which I obviously need.

The handle is easy to push, making the foot rest go up. The go-down handle is almost impossible to maneuver and takes maximum strength. I’m developing quite a muscle in my right arm.

Just recently, I went to get the oil changed in my car, having neglected that chore for months. I went to a place recommended by my Kiwanis friends, which is on Magnolia and on the way to my home.

It had a nice big waiting room and, lo and behold, several couches, table and chairs, and a recliner.

I opted for the obvious comfort and sat myself down. It had, to me, a secret handle, but one of the gentlemen working there came and pushed it for me and I settled in. I had brought a book, expecting a long wait.

But the wait wasn’t all that long and I got the word my car was ready and waiting.

I pushed the button and tried to push down the foot rest, but again, the contraption was too much for me.

Another employee came and got me out of the chair. Nice and neat. I didn’t even feel that stupid!

I got back home to my own comfy chair and my blessed remote.

I like being able to pause through commercials and then zap through commercials.

And zap through other things.

I woke up in the middle of a late-night show recently and discovered some Brit comic named James picking out strange pictures to watch and emphasizing, over and over, that the only ones picked were the ones James wanted to watch.

Maybe you saw it.

I watched this obvious egomaniac for a moment or two and then decided that the main thing I didn’t want to watch was him.

I zapped him with my magic remote and he went welcomingly away.

Goodbye James.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cathy.gillentine@comcast.net.

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Don Schlessinger

They have electric recliners these days. Takes all the sweat out of getting out of one.

Michael Jozwiak

If your 'exercise program' solely involves the lever on a recliner and buttons on a TV remote, your column is a disservice to seniors. Experts across the medical community specifically recommend the benefits of activity for us older folks; I'm 70 now. Aside from instructions for healthy eating, activity promotes bone health, balance issues, skin and muscle tone, mild weight control, and circulation. Last year I purchased a 'fit bit' -- one of those wristwatch things that monitors heart beat, steps walked, stairs climbed, and some things I still don't understand. Walking for me is my prime activity, and I glory when I hit 4,000 to 6,000 steps each day. Plus, that motivation enables me to get out and stroll parts of this beautiful island, the interior parks, great neighborhoods, the tourist attractions I've not done in years, and, of course the beaches and historic shopping areas. Well, if you're content being a dent in the cushion of your recliner, flipping a footrest, and punching buttons on the remote, fine, but don't praise that for everyone.

George Croix

Cathy didn't say that was her only exercise....

Bailey Jones

I won't own a recliner because I know it's the one chair I won't be getting out of. And there's no room for my two french bulldogs.

Jarvis Buckley

Cathy loved your article . Hit close to home. I have an electric recliner. My two miniature schnauzers & I love it .
I have curl bars I work with daily & my sweet wife & I walk our Pups for about 30 minutes every day. I must say it sure makes that recliner feel good after a brisk walk. Please check on a electric recliner. You will love it.
I know as a past news reporter you have put Ina many mile chasing a story. I look so forward to reading your down life's highway story's .
I'm glad your doing well keep up the
good storys.

Jarvis Buckley

Michael you must be new to the Island. Ms. Cathy is a Jewel. Has great storys. Beautiful lady lived a full life with loving family.
If she has a fault & im not at all saying she does. She may leans little to far left on politics at times😀.
But she is a great lady & im sure you will learn to love her down home articles.

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