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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Texting slang is fun, but not new. When I was a kid I had an aunt who was a big ham (radio operator). I learned Morse code and started to listen in on my Heathkit receiver. Morse code, like texting, encourages shortcuts. So we have CQ - calling to the ether for a conversation, DX - distance, 73/88 - best regards/love and kisses, YL - young lady, and XYL - a married woman, OM - old man (for any male) QSL - an acknowledgment of contact, often followed with a QSL postcard. And a few that have lived on in texting, such as BTW, UR, and TNX.

It's funny what sticks to your brain cells. I still remember her call sign - K9JJL.

BTW - Merriam Webster has a feature that tells you what words were added each year. It's fun to see what was new in the year you were born. For instance, my birth year brought us "sputnik", and "pothead".


David Hardee

Progressive liberalism will eventually make the Biblical Tower of Babble a reality with the corruption of the USA’s language being unable to communicate precisely.

Really! Why would those who live (lawyers, journalists, legislators) by their ability to use words to communicate want the manipulations by linguists to actually manufacture new meanings and words that convolute and corrupt the words that form language and give us the ability to communicate with precision thoughts and ideas. The once bastion of trust and standards, the Dictionary, is now the playpen where linguists tinker attempting to infect biases into words and language.

Semantics Manipulation

Certain words, phrases, or ideas become taboo in societies due to their negative definitions. When these definitions prevent governments or corporations from their goals, they will sidestep the problem by redefining/rephrasing words or using straw man tactics to manipulate the public into accepting something they otherwise would not accept. Redefining negative or positive words, phrases, or ideas to change their meaning to support an argument or idea. This is done without changing the true merits of the words or phrases.

In simple terms, linguistics is the scientific study of the form, functionality, development and evolution of language as used by humans. Language on the other hand, involves the learning of grammatical constructs and vocabulary that allow you to express yourself in that language to native speakers.

What is most important to the people living in a society, the impacts of revisionist study or the use of language? It is essential that in a society people can communicate (expressing themselves precisely). To communicate requires a very strict set of functions to be successful. The purpose of communication is to transit a thought pattern from the transmitter to the receiver in a way that both understand the intended message.

How any that are serious respect the value of words (especially those who control the megahorn into the public - 4th Estate) can be so frivolous to want word explosion (numbers of, volume) or inclusion of acronyms or colloquialism to make the convolutions of standards are promoting a destruction of the ability to communicate with precision.

The article and a comment refer to fun as a reason for word usage, Well let's look at the fun aspect. Is it fun when the society is in the throes of contortion because the media and politicians are creating and skewing the meanings of communications by bisecting and proportioning the words and thor meaning.

Words and machines is a future endeavor that will never reach fruition with instability of language. Ask GOOGLE “google what is the purpose of words.” Or, look into IBM’S Watson (Watson's three-year development price tag at roughly $900 million to $1.8 billion) and the digital world of communications and you will find the rigidity required to make a successful communication. Look into the world of jurisprudence to find the tremendous volumes of attempts to communicate without success to send a comprehensible thought pattern because of impreciseness. Look at the realm of traumatic effects that are frustrating society by the simple augmenting the Constitution with some precise inclusions of specific segments of the population with discretionary privilege. None of these are worthy of a fun description.

Fun with words is not a judicious pursuit for this time and place where the media is producing convoluted messaging on the already chaotic society.

The DICTIONARY became laughable in the 1951 when the word gay was revised and with each revision since the 1951 deviation has become more pronounce. In the year 2020 the dictionary has made over 15,000 entries updated on topics ranging from race and sexual orientation to climate and internet culture

650 new entries,2,100 new definitions,1,200 new etymologies,1,700 new pronunciations,Over 11,000 revised definitions, Over 7,000 revised etymologies. The Dictionary has become hilariously silly.

Bailey Jones

OMG, David, UR hilarious. LMFAO. TNX.

David Hardee

Consistent Bailey, attacks the messenger ignores the message. Celebrating you were born in the year Sputnik and Pothead cluttered the dictionary is insightful. Births in 1957 are generation Jones and quiet unique. They are afflicted with "keeping up with the Jones" syndrome. Sputnik, Pothead and Keeping up with the Jones is a lot to live up too. Good luck.


Ps. LMAO is identifiable. But your LM"F"AO is unique and curious. Please decipher.

Bailey Jones

I'm sorry, David, but you - someone who misuses the English language as much or more than the average zoo primate - lecturing anyone on language is just hilarious. It's like listening to you lecture women or POC on their place in society. If it were not for its entertainment value, there would be no value to it at all.

As always I commend you for reminding us how dark the world would be without the light of progressive liberalism to show us the way forward.

David Hardee

Seems Bailey, my poor language kills are sufficient to get the meaning of my comments to resonate with you. Again you mastery of the these progressive liberal term/acronyms, etc., are confusing. If I POC a women I was unware I did or what, or how I did it. Be kind enough when you define the "F" in LMFAO include the definition for POC.

that light the progressive's liberals are generating is the flames burning those cities where most of them reside, sadly.

Carlos Ponce

I heard LGB stands for "Let's Go Brandon!"

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