To say that Mayor Matt Doyle’s head was full of garbage would be insulting, but factual.

The big new plans in Texas City, explained at Doyle’s annual State of the City address, involve a new garbage system, hired by the city, which will involve less hands-on labor and bigger and smarter machines.

He explained that big arms would pick up the new cans and shake the trash into the truck. It will be safer for the waste collectors. “You won’t believe what people put in the trash,” he said. It’s apparently a pretty dangerous job.

Customers have to get their trash out in time, probably on days that are new to them, and if they don’t, they will be missed, because the team of trucks will move quickly, he said.

The city people will continue to pick up brush and furniture and the like, which is good. We have the best when it comes to that end of the solid waste business.

“We are really spoiled in Texas City,” Doyle said. He then urged everyone to put brush out by the curb. “The grass won’t die,” he added.

Incidentally, there will be no more collection in alleys.

The talk took place in Moore Memorial Public Library, sponsored by Friends of the Library.

According to its financial report, they’re armed and ready to help with a lot of new plans for the library, as explained by director Luke Alven-Henderson.

According to his part of the program, the library is going to be expanded all over the place, but still within the walls of the existing building.

Shelves will be moved and rearranged. New study spaces for both small and large groups will be created.

A lot of the space will be devoted to creating a lounge atmosphere, where people can come in, get comfortable and read all day, if they want to.

Apparently, that big long desk in the front will be gone, along with lots of other things we’re used to seeing.

Alven-Henderson said the work is still under study by architects and probably won’t begin until late summer. It can all be done within the confines of 2019, he said.

He wants very much to expand the use of the library by more people. But the statistics right now are pretty impressive. They had 113,000 visits last year.

There are 206,000 catalogued items, including all kinds of things besides books. CDs, DVDs, eBooks, magazines, newspapers.

There’s high speed internet wired and wireless access, public computers and laptops. Printers, scanners and copiers. Large print materials. Spanish language materials. Programs for children and adults.

The whole place is very impressive and fixing to be more so.

A home away from home.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at

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Brian Tamney

Well they say garbage in garbage out. This new system is going to be horrible, what am I supposed to do when I have more trash than fits in the barrel? Definitely a downgrade of our service, but am sure the cost will only go up.

Jim Forsythe

If the 96-gallon can is not enough for, you can do this.
.Beginning on February 1, 2019, the new residential garbage collection fee will be $24/month ($22 for seniors 65+). An additional garbage cart may be requested after March 1, 2019 for an additional $5/month.
Beginning February 1, 2019, garbage will be collected by Waste Connections of Texas (WCT) using their automated system.
What are the important changes?
1) Residents will no longer use their current garbage cans. Instead, every home will receive a new, 96-gallon roll cart (garbage can) that can be serviced by the automated garbage trucks used by WCT. Most homes will receive their new carts during the month of January 2019.
2) All carts must be placed in front of the home, by the street. Garbage will no longer be collected behind homes along alleyways. Carts must be positioned facing the street, with at least 2 feet of space on all sides.
For more info

Jose' Boix

Mr. Forsythe, thanks for the additional information including the URL Website. To add, my understanding is that the City's Biosphere will still be available for residents to take and dispose of not only excess garbage but recyclables. While we now have to do it ourselves, we should be glad that we have such facility available to us.

George Croix

That’s interesting. I was turned away from the Biospehere when I tried to take some regular bagged household garbage after forgetting to put it out one morning.

George Croix

Thanks, Jim. One container sounds like plenty except when you put anything in them.
One also still needs to use plastic bags or get used to picking up the wind blown trash that doesn’t make it into the truck.
The soon to be unemployed tradhcolllectors can take heart that it’s all about their safety...🙃

George Croix

Just looked up that link and the good news is when someone steals your new container or runs over it’s only a $55 charge, first time....

George Croix

Is this only for TexasCity and not that other town west Texas City, because no one I’ve talked to out here hs received a notice of change like the REAL Texas City folks have...[whistling]

Jose' Boix

George, this is the URL Link with the collection map posted:

George Croix

Thanks. I had already decide to read the instructions after all else failed...😀😀😀
At least my collection days stay the same. I’ll have to ask in March if it’s possible to get 3 cans or if overflow will now be accepted at the Biosphere
Not addressed or more likely I can’t find it, is if there will be fines for leaving the big trash cans by the road, as that is almost as widely likely as death and taxes.....

Brian Tamney

Well Jim since one can is usually plenty I can waste 5 dollars a month and valuable garage space. As opposed to now when I do go over I just bag the excess and set it on the curb and they pick it up. As I said a definite DOWNGRADE!!!!!

Jim Forsythe

Brian, I have 3- 30 gallon trash cans and use only one most of the time, your new cans will be 96 gallons. You will have a month to decide if one can is enough for you. If Residential garbage being collected twice per week is not enough, then you may need two cans.
Brian, you may not think you are lucky to have the level of service that Texas City offers, but you are. The brush and bulk waste pickup once a week is not what most receive .The Biosphere Recycling Center. allows you to get rid of a lot of products that I can not, because my collector will not take that kind of products that they take.

Texas City has not raised garbage collection rates since 2012. This adjustment brings the city closer to covering the actual cost to collect residential waste and to provide many other solid waste services not offered by other communities.
Texas City provides the most comprehensive solid waste service in the greater-Houston area, including:
Weekly unbundled brush collection.
Weekly bulky waste collection.
Garbage collection twice per week.
Daily access to the Biosphere Recycling Center.

George Croix

Jim, have you got s sideline now PRg for TC. 😀
That’s a list of quality services we have, while having nothing at all to do with routine trash collection. Which we will get used to like anything else.
Used to is not a synonym for happy.
Anyway, thank goodness for local industry for making said services possible.

Jim Forsythe

George, my point is for $24 ($22 for seniors 65+) you get all that service and not just trash pickup.Brian thinks the new way is going to be horrible, which I think is because of the extra charge for more cans.

The Biosphere Recycling Center may not be a big deal for you, but I would love to have access to a facility like that.

George Croix

I don't recall saying it was a 'big deal' BUT I also never said I didn't appreciate it. It's run well and I've used it a lot. Wife and I buy a LOT of stuff, and eventually, what is not given away when we're done, ends up there. Place is staffed by helpful, friendly folks every time I went.
I DID say I was turned away when I attempted to take household trash (forgot to put it out on a Wednesday and leaving for lease next after another poster said we could take new '96 gallon can policy' overflow to the biosphere. In retrospect, I don't think the biosphere SHOULD be a garbage collection point, so I can't complain about even that.....
Your point IS well taken, but then so many of them are......[beam][beam][beam][beam]

George Croix

It’s 10 year old news but crime rarely disappears so here’s hoping it doesn’t happen to us at $55 a pop

Jose' Boix

Perhaps the charge for additional "can/s" is a indirect way to induce waste reduction. Just a thought!

George Croix

$5 means doodley to me, Jose, at least until Maxine makes a mess of everything.
I spend more than that for cold Diet Cokes in a day - or 1/2 day. It’s as one poster said, less for more, hassle and/or costs, and I also wonder if the trash collectors will be jobless.
Anyway, another thought.
There is no waste without consumption, unless you are picking up the trash that trashy neighbors let blow around. Ergo, those of us disposing of more trash have BOUGHT more products that also generate trash via packaging or mormal use of product, along with the patronization of businesses and payment of local sales taxes that goes with that.
I’m pretty sure the benefits of that outweigh the ‘green’ theory that likes to pretend one size fits all.,,,,

Gary Scoggin

At least with the second bin only costing five bucks I won’t be tempted to put stuff in my neighbor’s when nobody is looking. Or better yet, I won’t have to try to rent space in somebody else’s bin.

George Croix


George Croix

BTW, these things are BIG.
You could drop some in the neighbors and unless they generate as much as we do here they'd never notice. [beam][beam][tongue_smile]
Two should do me OK, as long as I use my 210# 'compactor' before inserting bags.
I have lots of room to keep them outside (or, even inside garage) but anybody with a normal sized garage or a neighborhood busybody association ([wink]) that gets all atwitter with cans outside is gonna have some issues to deal with......
What surprises me is how flimsy the one that got dropped off at my house when no one was home seems.....really lightweight....but, maybe I'm just too heavy handed.....

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