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The key to being prepared is having a plan. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we are starting to see a number of public health measures taking effect, but we have not seen any actions to close or plans for closing critical infrastructure, such as the water supply (which is now and is expec…

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It all starts today. We have lifeguard tryouts at 7 a.m. and will begin training the ones who pass immediately afterward. Returning guards will do their swim test, drug screen and rehire paperwork, and many will head to the towers to start their first day of guarding of the season.

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Everyone, it seems, is making money off love. “Fill out this questionnaire and give us your credit card number, and we’ll find you a soul mate.” “Buy my book, and I’ll teach you how to love.” “Spend two months’ worth of paychecks on this diamond, and she’ll be yours forever.”

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Yesterday, I unexpectedly walked up on a zombie. Well, not an actual, no-blood-coursing-through-the-veins or hungry-to-snack-on-my-insides variety, but a zombie all the same.

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Roughly four hours into a five-hour trip from New Orleans to Beaumont, the bus pulled into the Lake Charles Greyhound station. After we stretched our legs a bit, the re-boarding passengers got on, followed by new passengers.

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Galveston tourism leaders are working on partnerships that will encourage cruise passengers to linger longer and spend more money on the island.

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In 2018, nearly 3,800 human beings were sold into sexual slavery. In the United States, 12 million children don’t have enough to eat. This year, 41,760 women in this country will succumb to breast cancer.

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Last week, I watched a potted lily jump from a store shelf and onto the concrete floor below in hopes of discouraging my wife from putting the plant in the back of the car.