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My nerves feel as if my fingertips are being dragged across a rough piece of 40-grit sandpaper.

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The annual “Disco Dog Party” was in full swing when one of the guards paddled up on a board to the tip of the south jetty wearing full disco regalia. Hot dogs were cooking, music was playing, and lifeguards were dancing to KC and The Sunshine Band.

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The local folks who like to preserve history will be holding a meeting on Valentine’s Day at the Davidson Home at 103 Third Avenue in Texas City.

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In life it seems we’ve two choices — live life knowing we will eventually run out of time or to simply run out the clock.

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The first day I worked for the Beach Patrol was in 1983. I stood in the sand early in the morning waiting to get my radio, which was passed to me out of our “headquarters” — a smallish trailer in the sand next to the old pavilion on Stewart Beach.

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On Jan. 19, six lifeguards volunteered to come out and stand in the 54-degree water keeping watch for almost 300 people who participated in the Polar Plunge. They were freezing cold when they came out of more than an hour in the water wearing only 3-millimeter wetsuits.

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Looking around America today, you can see and feel many things. The dysfunction of some of our institutions, confusion about our principles and values, and a country perhaps slipping beyond our grasp.

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Nothing brings back the memories of a home-cooked meal quicker than the distinctive sound of a dull butter knife scraping across the face of blackened toast over the kitchen sink.