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Doyle Beard

So Freeman knows nothing about kyaking yet is an expert on all the items on all the other issues he writes about. Maybe he is just trying to make people believe he is knows what he is talking about.

Mark Aaron

Doyle: [So Freeman knows nothing about kyaking yet is an expert on all the items on all the other issues he writes about.]

Are you claiming you have to know about kayaking to know about economics, Doyle?

At least he can spell it, which is more than you can do.

Doyle Beard

Typo idiot

Doyle Beard

Thank you, did not know you were the spelling police. I forgot yo are perfect, duh.

Mark Aaron


Doyle Beard

Thanks teach but that was on purpose to see your reaction.Sucker hook Line and sinker

Steve Fouga

I agree with the author that we spend too much on defense. But the part of "defense" I wish we would spend less on is warfighting. Spending to modernize and reconstitute our armed forces is prudent; spending on wars.. well, maybe not.

Whether we need supercarriers and 2,400 F-35s is debatable, but the way to debate it is not to compare to our adversaries 1-for-1, carrier-to-carrier, airplane-to-airplane, or compare to the Ike Dike. Instead, examine our National Military Strategy and the overarching National Security Strategy, and see if the military's acquisition of new weapon systems is supported by those documents, or if not, whether said acquisition might be pork. If the acquisitions are supported by strategy, which I sincerely hope they at least looslely are, then argue with the strategy. Right now, I'd be more worried that we are UNDERspending on modernization.

I take the author's point on the Ike Dike, though. I would just say shorten the Afghanistan war by a few months. Problem solved, if the funding is truly fungible. Unfortunately, I don't believe it is.

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