Immigration DeSantis Flights

A woman, who is part of a group of immigrants that had just arrived, holds a child as they are fed outside St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Wednesday in Edgartown, Massachusetts, on Martha’s Vineyard. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew two planes of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, escalating a tactic by Republican governors to draw attention to what they consider to be the Biden administration’s failed border policies.

Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican governors think transporting migrants from their states to states run by Democrats will show President Joe Biden how bad his immigration policies are. But in reality, they are using migrant families as political pawns.

States like Texas, Florida and Arizona are transporting migrants by the thousands, promising them resources and jobs at their final destination. Cities where these migrants are being displaced have announced emergency measures to increase shelter capacity for asylum-seekers.


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Carlos Ponce

The Democrats are using the illegals as pawns. Instead of offering a road to legal status in this country they jump all he way to creating a road to citizenship. Why? They need more voters, a new dependent class to vote for them.

Republicans favor a LEGAL merit based immigration system. If you have a skill needed in this country... WELCOME!

Congresswoman Barbara Jordan speech in 1995 on Immigration:

"Third in our recommendations for a comprehensive strategy is making eligibility for public benefits consistent with our immigration policy. Decisions about eligibility should support our immigration objectives. Accordingly, the Commission recommended against eligibility for illegal aliens except in most unusual circumstances.

For legal immigrants, we recommended making abuse of the public charge provision grounds for deportation. The affidavit of support that sponsors sign should be a legally-binding contract. Moral obligations work well enough in church, but the law requires a contract.

But the Commission also recommended that legal permanent residents should continue to be eligible for means-tested programs and against any broad, categorical denial of eligibility for public benefits based on alienage for those who obey our laws. It is important to see a lack of citizenship as something more than 'the funding mechanism' for welfare reform. It gets to a fundamental issue for defining the national interest in legal immigration-the relationship between the decision to come here as an immigrant and the decision to naturalize to become a citizen."

Charles Douglas

I put on a uniform and went to war for this country like many hundreds of thousands of other and women of all races did back in during the war, except when I went to war I could not enjoy the same privileges and freedoms that my counterparts enjoyed because of the times we lived in, but I went anyway and served with distinction & honor, because I knew this nation if any nation was worth fighting for & if need be TO DIE FOR!

Then afterwards I seved as a First Responder in the fourth largest, and one of the most dangerous cities in America helping to keep citizens safe from crime & criminals! So when I look and see hundreds of thousands, even millions of Illegal immigrants crashing our borders, I don't take that lightly! We have laws to abide by here and if outsiders come here they should have to do the same! They can talk about their dignity all they want, THEY ARE LAW-BREAKERS!!!

Others have migrated here the legal way by complying with our laws, and that is great, so think about those who did the right thing the right way before you want someone to pity LAW-BREAKERS! We have to much of that here now!! For the record I applaud what Governors DUCEY, ABBOTT & DESANTIS have done, because they have exposed the real motives behind why the LEFT-LIBERALS supports open borders! They are looking for political support & minority votes even at the cost of immigrants & American lives! They have had AFRICAN-AMERICANS packing water for them for decades and more decades by utilizing empty promises, by systematically keeping them in bad schools, bad neighborhoods, & bad jobs. I know because I was one who helped them for many years! However I stopped looking down, and started looking up, and saw the light! Then I straighten my back and GOT UP, then started walking upright like a man, doing my own thinking! My mom told me years ago that it is very hard for someone to ride your back if you get off your knees and quit bending over! I usually send my money to charities, places like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Kenya, and Haiti, but I probably should now help MY MAN GREG ABBOTT TOO! He, Ducey, & DESANTIS are doing something I have not seen Conservatives do in years, and that is they finally came out fighting for what they believe in instead of letting the WOKE-LEFT walk all over them! Hooray for them, we now see what the WOKE is good at and that is talking the talk, but NOT WALKING THE WALK! Sanctuary Cities indeed!!! Like i said on another thread, that [censored] sounds good & looks good in print but if the heart does not agree with a man mouth & words he has done nothing but shamed and deceived himself!!! I knew it all the time who they were, NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS![smile]

Ed Buckner


Robert Braeking

"Some migrants being displaced have stated they were coerced into leaving under false pretenses." That is a natural reaction if one regrets one's decision to accept transportation to Martha's Vineyard and, subsequently, become a virtual prisoner on a military base because the welcome mat was snatched from beneath one's feet. The two faced residents of MV put out their welcome but it would seem that it was insincere.

I do not know what the motivation for the open border is, but I have my suspicions. Some have suggested that the DNC is looking to boost their voter rolls. What better way to deal with the invasion but to offer the invaders transportation to Democrat strongholds? If they want more constituents, we shall accommodate.

At another time in this country's history there was mass migration without prior authorization. They arrived on ships to Ellis Island. There were several reasons for Italian Migration To America. "Poverty, natural disasters, unification and political corruption to name a few." It would seem that this is deja vu all over again. Between 1897 and 1910, 4.5 million poor, illiterate, uneducated migrants arrived 'Without Papers'. How did these people fare? Most migrated to cities to become construction laborers. They lived in conditions that were considered unacceptable to native Americans.

The same fate would seem to be awaiting this wave of migrants. Working as laborers, living in crowded conditions to conserve resources, and sending funds home to their families.

Jim Forsythe

What open borders. The border is not open, but the President is going by the rules which some do not like. If we want to slow down the numbers, we need to change the rules.

Contrary to the “open border” myth, U.S. borders are guarded by a vast and well-funded national security agency that has grown far larger and more powerful in recent years. Since 2001, U.S. Border Patrol has nearly doubled in capacity, from fewer than 10,000 agents to now more than 19,500. The Biden administration has requested $97.3 billion in funding for the Department of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2023, including billions of dollars for border security and interior immigration enforcement.

Last year, however, a large majority of congressional Republicans voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which provided billions of dollars to strengthen border security, among other investments in critical infrastructure.

This year, most Senate Republicans voted not to fund the government, thereby choosing not to vote for even 1 cent for the Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Protection, and also Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The 2022 omnibus appropriations bill not only funded the nation’s border security, but it also had Federal Emergency Management Agency funds for food and shelter to help border communities manage migration. Ultimately, the “no” votes by the majority of Senate Republicans for investing in infrastructure and funding the federal government were overcome, and these massive investments in border security enhancements were signed into law by President Joe Biden.

Put simply, U.S. borders under this administration do not lack security. Thousands of law enforcement personnel bolstered by billions of dollars in technology infrastructure patrol the northern and the southern borders. Furthermore, U.S. borders are not “open” because the Biden administration is processing asylum-seekers, as it is obligated to do under long-standing, bipartisan laws.

Additionally, the Biden administration has, in fact, drastically limited the opportunity to apply for asylum for many migrants at the border by continuing the controversial usage of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Title 42 public health authorities initiated under the Trump administration in response to the pandemic. As a result, the administration has carried out more than 1 million expulsions in the first 11 months of this fiscal year, on top of the million-plus expulsions conducted during the previous fiscal year. An attempt to end this policy earlier this year has been tied up in litigation, so the use of Title 42 continues at present. But when it ends, the borders will not suddenly be “open”— rather, the Title 42 system will be replaced by the expanded application of Title 8 proceedings that were in place at the border before Covid and which can bring criminal charges for repeated improper entries, thus further adding to the administration’s border enforcement capabilities.

The last major overhaul of the immigration system to legalize undocumented immigrants took place in 1986. Two decades later, bipartisan reform efforts supported by then-President George W. Bush failed, mainly due to opposition from congressional Republicans. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss to President Barack Obama, preceded by Romney’s call for self-deportion of undocumented immigrants, led to condemnation of his remarks from the Republican National Committee chairman and an “autopsy“report by the RNC calling on Republicans to back comprehensive immigration reform. After the report, 14 Senate Republicans joined all Senate Democrats to pass a landmark, bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013. However, the House Republican leadership never took up the Senate bill.

Carlos Ponce

"What open borders. The border is not open, but the President is going by the rules which some do not like. If we want to slow down the numbers, we need to change the rules."

Jim, call your doctor. You are incoherent, posting fiction.

Jim Forsythe

No Carlos, if you do not like how it is being handled, change the rules.

Carlos Ponce


Jim Forsythe

No Carlos, the rules for the change that are needed, are not there. This look at how we handle asylum seekers.

If a person makes it across the border, we must start the process if they request asylum. This can take up 6 years.

If you Carlos are OK with the ones that say, give me asylum staying in the USA for that long, that's on you. We need to rework the process

When someone ask for asylum, we should be able to do a first sorting of people that day to determine if they should go forward with the asylum process.

If they are OK at this point, they can advance to the next phase. At this point they should be seen by a judge in less than a week. If approved for asylum, they would then receive the protection of the USA.

To be able to process the number of people seeking asylum, we would have to increase the number of people that hear their case.

If we do not change what we are doing, we will continue to increase the number of people in the USA that should not be here.

In less than 10 years, we will be at 20 million people that should not be in the USA. This will be true unless all work to fix the problem.

Carlos, the choice is, continue doing what we are now, including pointing fingers at each other and not fixing the problem or rework the system to be able to control the problem.

Carlos Ponce

The only change needed is to put someone in charge who knows what they're doing. Biden and his appointees do not.

Gary Scoggin

I’ve seen Jim and I’ve seen Joe. They may have some physical similarities but they are certainly not Doppelgängers.

Bailey Jones

Gary, it's a central tenet of the Gospel of Q that Biden is dead (or otherwise encumbered) and that the person (or persons) operating under the guise of the presidency is (are) one or more surgically altered "doppelgangers" made to look and sound like Sleepy Joe, and under complete control (via invisible earphone) of Barack Obama. (Who is, of course, an African cocaine snorting gay prostitute.)

You can tell the doppelgangers by looking at the earlobes. Like the aliens in The Invaders, the master intelligence behind all of this can make doppelgangers that look perfectly human - except for one tiny detail that gives them away Those with a direct line to American Jesus have been made aware of all of this.

Carlos believes this nonsense, because - as we say in our secret meetings at the child sex ring / pizza parlor - Carlos is a gullible moron.

BTW - only 97 days left until all of the 2022 prophecies must come to pass, or else Carlos' whole world comes crashing down around him. (The specific prophecies all involve one of the Biden lookalikes saying something on live TV that reveals that he a doppelganger being commanded by Obama, followed by his immediate impeachment, the overturning of the 2020 election and all of the "enemies" either dying or being tried for treason and/or baby sex trafficking and/or baby eating. Also - "Hiawatha: this name will be in your news.")

Carlos Ponce

I don't follow your "Q"" but time will prove me right. The Libtroll will have to eat his words!

Paula Flinn

Thank you, Ms. Salazar. I agree with you.

Carlos Ponce

Border Drug traffickers love useful idiots who contend there are no "open borders".

Border sex traffickers love useful idiots who contend there are no "open borders".

Border child traffickers love useful idiots who contend there are no "open borders".

AND Border child sex traffickers REALLY love useful idiots who contend there are no "open borders".

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> I don't even pay attention to those who spew out such things. Millions of Illegals are flooding across our borders like locusts in a never ending locust-storm ...and they want to stand flat-footed and say there is no Open-Border. That is Kamala Harris's stupid rhetoric because she can't think of nothing else to say, oh, oh my mistake, ...she did say yesterday that Donald Trump caused all our border problems, and so did the Note Reader, who read out bogus White House press conferences. I think her name is Pierre something! I thought Jen Psake could lie, but Ms Pierre is the out lyingest individual other than "JOE SLOW" that I have ever seen.

Joe Slow has liars working for him who are always on stand-by to rush up and spew lies to cover any lies he tells. They go, " Ahhh he didn't mean thatttttt!" " He meant to say thisssss!" "Ahhhh naw he only said that because he knew TRUMP was listening!" These people are sick. SICK !!

Dan Freeman

Ms Salazar gets it.

What MAGAts cannot explain is why it is ok to come from Cuba, a communist country, but not Venezuela, a communist country. Our laws are designed to specifically admit those fleeing persecution. The refugees set foot on the dry land of the USA, claim asylum, and then are distributed by Home Land Security to various locations around the country. That is the law.

Someone needs to explain this law to clueless Desantis and Abbott, and their supporters.

Charles Douglas

I don't know why illegals are rearimg to come here! The WOKE LEFTISTS are persecuting mothers and fathers of school children here for watching over the education of their children! This country is not a Communist State yet, but it is heading that way fast with the WOKE LEFT in charge! Telling people how to live, what to drive, what to eat, what we can & can't say! Say the wrong thing and the FBI will be knocking on your door wanting your phone, or seizing your personal media account! Conservatives are not the ones having citizens doxxed, censored, & blacked-out because they are not in agreement with them! The WOKE is persecuting other Americans with all these means! Career servicemen and service women are being shuffled out of the military service for refusing to be stabbed with a Covid Shot! Trump never allowed that to happen! Many of them refused their retirements benefits after years of service!

Looks like to me we are fastly emulating what Red China is doing to their citizens! Trump did not have school children learning how to be DRAG QUEENS! instead of learning how to read! Trump did not have our school children learning CRT, RACISM, & WHO ARE THE OPPRESSED JUXTAPOSED TO WHO ARE THE OPPRESSORS! Trump did not have our kids learning the arts of Erotica, Bondage & Sex Changing instead of learning Math, & Science! Trump did not go crawling on his knees begging the Leaders of Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, & Venezuela to pump more oil to help keep gas from going to ten dollars a.gallon, caused by the one begging!! Naw the WOKE is doing or have done all that! This is why WOKE LEFTISTS are going to be caught up in a BIG RED TSUNAMI in November and we are going to sweep their SORRY BUTTS out of the CONTROL OF CONGRESS! We will come back for JOE " KNOW NOTHING" in 2024!

Carlos Ponce

"What MAGAts cannot explain is why it is ok to come from Cuba..." That started in the 1960s. Fidel Castro turned Cuba communist in 1959.

1959-60 Republican Eisenhower was in office but the policy fully developed under DEMOCRAT presidents.

The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 took place during President Johnson's tenure later replaced by the The wet feet, dry feet policy of 1995 during President Clinton's administration.

Robert Braeking

During the Italian migration millions were allowed to enter. But........they were medically screened, their identities were noted, and they were relocated to NYC, Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis and other cities in an ORDERLY fashion. I grew up in Kansas City in the Italian neighborhood.

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