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Inquiring minds from United Van Lines, U-Haul, Amazon, Google, U.S. Postal Service and U.S. Treasury want to know who messed up the 2020 census. Keeping track of population moves, they're sure more people left blue states since the last census.

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Norman Pappous ("North county voters don't trust The Daily News," The Daily News, May 6) is absolutely correct when he wrote that Angel Maredia ("GOP endorsing unqualified candidates puts children at risk," The Daily News, April 28) made "scores" of assertions and "false accusations."

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In response to the article ("City walking tricky regulation line with short-term rental collections," The Daily News, May 1): In this article, it stated, “While pressure is building to sign a collection agreement, some local vacation rental owners and managers want the city to wait until it …

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I walk on the Texas City Dike every day, weather permitting. Spring is the best time to come down there; it's not too cold and the heat and humidity haven't set in yet. Pelicans and seagulls can be seen flying overhead; the water and sky are always different and interesting.

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An editorial by this newspaper ("Please note our deadline for election-related letters, columns," The Daily News, April 27) announcing the deadline for letters supporting political candidates states, "In every election, just as voters go to the polls, we get last-minute allegations of facts …