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People like Michael A. Smith are why this country is tearing apart at the seams. After writing a great example why universal health care will never happen ("We don't owe the unvaccinated priority on hospital care," The Daily News, Aug. 14-15), he now doesn’t think Biden’s vaccine mandate goe…

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In response to the article ("School districts haven't budged over mask rule threat," The Daily News, Sept. 23): By not removing the mask mandate, the superintendent and school board are non-compliant with the governor’s executive order and are now being sued by the state, at taxpayers’ expense.

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The small whale thrashed on the shoreline as a representatives of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network tried to get in close to help it by getting a line to administer medication. By “small” I mean maybe 10 to 11 feet, so it was dangerous for them to get close enough to help.

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For the past 15 years, I’ve served Galveston as a volunteer public servant. I’ve been a city council member, a wharves board trustee and a member of the city’s planning commission, industrial development committee and redevelopment authority.