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Some of you may remember the gas rig that was the closest platform off the beach back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Before they took it down, in a wilder era, beach patrol made good use of that and the old lighthouse on the end of the south jetty.

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Galveston residents have so much more because of people that don’t live here. Our access to health care through the University of Texas Medical Branch is way out of proportion to our resident population. We have more restaurants, more shopping, more activities, more arts, better beaches and …

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I'm tired of Texas Democrats who fled the state to keep from doing the job they were elected to do being treated like heroes. They willfully walked off their job because they don't agree with the voting bill that was to come up for a vote.

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In response to the editorial by Michael A. Smith ("Dems' flight over voting bills also political theater," The Daily News, July 17-18): Congratulations, and thank you for what I think was a very objective and straightforward approach to the voting bills issue. While I'm not sure we want to d…

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Several people report they know individuals who tested positive for COVID, even though they were fully vaccinated. Reports like this constitute anecdotal data. However, COVID cases are up 97 percent. Texas is one of 34 states where COVID cases have risen over 50 percent.

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Wow! I went on a fantastic trip to Austin’s Capitol to protest voter suppression. My first protest at the Capitol was when I was 17 years old, but this gathering by far, 53 years later, represents current critical theories in Texas history. Today, we were many different people. We come from …