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Since the Donald Neely arrest, oceans of ink have been expended dissecting the optics of the incident. Almost nothing has been mentioned about using the optics of any event as the nearly sole standard for judging the legality, or even the compassion shown, in such incidents.

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The Galveston City Council plans an unusual executive session today. It’s unusual in that the closed-door meeting is scheduled to include people representing the Port of Galveston, an organization that from time to time argues it’s not a subordinate part of city government.

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In a previous column (“Something must be done to balance power,” The Daily News, July 24), I argued that since Reynolds v. Sims forces state senate districts to be proportional to population, large urban areas will control those states that contain these high-population areas, so their small…

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For President Donald Trump to allow racist and bigoted remarks to be made at a so-called campaign rally is, within itself, unpatriotic. The chant, “send her back” was meant to denigrate four first-time congresswomen at a so-called campaign rally in North Carolina. It brought back hurtful mem…

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This summer’s heatwave is still scorching most of the country, including those of us here in Galveston County. With temperatures hitting dangerous highs, it’s always a good thing to know how to stay cool in the dog days of summer.