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Numerous good and bad ideas are arising from the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The worst idea, in my opinion, is expressed in the letter by Mark Chevalier (“Pandemic proves we don’t need brick-and-mortar schools,” The Daily News, July 30).

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Have you seen her? Driving west down Broadway, you see her sitting with her bags of possessions against the fence in front of Moody Compress just past the community center. She sits on the grass. When it's raining, she has an umbrella. Perhaps she uses it to shield against the heat too.

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We’re living through historic times. Between the coronavirus pandemic, current protest movements and the upcoming election, we have an opportunity to think about how this moment fits into our historical narrative and also consider past generations.

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Rarely has a new school year been more fraught with frustration and confusion. Normally at this time of year, parents are maneuvering through store aisles trying to snag the last BOGO deal on No. 2 pencils and children are wrangling for the latest thing in sneakers and backpacks.