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During this long and arduous campaign, Jessie Brantley has kept his standards high, running a clean campaign focused on the major issues that impact our city. He hasn't involved himself in perpetuating the social media hate-mongering of the city administrator, as his opponent has done.

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The Daily News has a long-standing policy against publishing letters and guest columns backing or attacking candidates on Election Day. In every election, just as voters go to the polls, we get last-minute allegations of facts we can’t verify.

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Please join me in voting for Jennifer Lawrence for mayor of Dickinson. She's an engineer and grew up in Dickinson and knows all the issues. She runs a business that has a budget the size of Dickinson that employs 60 people. She knows her stuff. She will do a great job and is highly qualified.

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Pat McGinnis, chairman of the Galveston County Republican Party, should consider that Donald Trump lost. If McGinnis wants to get into Galveston Island politics, he should move here; otherwise he can take that political party money and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Our island will not …

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A 379 percent increase. It seems almost impossible that the food pantry at St. Vincent’s House in Galveston has increased the amount of groceries it has distributed by 379 percent — from 48,000 pounds of food last year to 230,000 pounds this year.

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December is here, which means the holidays are among us. With the holidays come fun, family and, of course, delicious foods. While holiday favorites are usually eaten around this time of the year, these foods can sometimes be overeaten and be high in calories, fat and added sugars. Therefore…

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In my opinion, the theme — “Vote for a Vision. Not a Memory” — succinctly defines the difference between Roger "Bo" Quiroga and Craig Brown. Additionally, I believe that Brown has demonstrated, and proven, his integrity, professionalism and commitment to continuing to make Galveston the best…

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The Galveston County Republican Party has entered the runoff race for mayor of Galveston. I received a mailer sent by them on Saturday that was full of lies and innuendos about Craig Brown such as defunding the police, bloated public spending and giving sweetheart deals to insiders.