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In the upcoming election, there will be a Dickinson Independent School District bond. Dickinson ISD is fast growing and increased about 3,200 students over the last 10 years. The district is anticipating a growth of 11,000 students within this school year.

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Due to the restrictions that have occurred because of COVID-19, the board of directors of the M. I. Lewis Social Service Center made the difficult decision to cancel the 12th annual Wine & Dine Gala and fundraiser, which is our major fundraiser each year.

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The rain has come to me darkening its silent waste; I fold into my grief. My amputated heart throbbing with the weight of memories. The mirror tells my story of the unimaginable — the loss of my firstborn son, Wells, two months ago. Unrelenting sorrow not lessening with time.

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Voting is one of our most important rights and responsibilities, and now more than ever we must vote. Not only do we have the greatest and consequential national and state elections, but a local election that will determine our city’s future, as every one of our elected officials is on the b…

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Sometimes, I barely recognize the world in which I now live. We’re experiencing very troubling and dangerous times. Of course, when I speak my truth, it comes from my existence, environment, lessons learned and the very essence of what’s good, bad or indifferent, according to me.