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Anyone who knows Frank Incaprera Jr., knows he has the gift of gab, and if you don’t, he will tell you. A gift which served him and gravely wounded soldiers and sailors well during World War II in military hospitals as a U.S. Army Corpsman.

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Academia, local government officials and engineers have spent quite a bit of time since Hurricane Ike in 2008 studying storm-surge barriers in the Netherlands and other regions in the excruciatingly slow and breathtakingly expensive race to reduce flood risk in this region.

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In response to Mike Allison's letter ("It’s time for GOP to wake up and smell the coffee," The Daily News, Nov. 19): Allison’s reference to lockstepping Republicans made me shudder with visions of Nazis Germany and his referring to Trump’s physical appearance (“this orange-haired pink guy”) …

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In response to the letter by Tom Hall ("Unfounded innuendo poisons all who drink it," The Daily News, Nov. 17): Since I take, but rarely read, the newspaper (anymore), I didn’t read the commentary by David Stanowski from Nov. 14.

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In response to the column by Randy Weber ("Dems conducting impeachment in search of a crime," The Daily News, Nov. 16): Weber's column brought to mind an old tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes" written by Hans Christian Andersen, about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes t…

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If David Stanowski has any evidence that the city government is "operating ... for the benefit of ... well-connected insiders ... " he should report that evidence to the appropriate authorities ("City should work to benefit residents, businesses," The Daily News, Nov. 14).

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Few crimes against property are worse than the vandalism of gravesites, as happened yet again this week in the Broadway Cemetery Historic District. No matter what your belief system, the intentional desecration of burial sites is universally considered among lowest of low actions.