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The annual “Disco Dog Party” was in full swing when one of the guards paddled up on a board to the tip of the south jetty wearing full disco regalia. Hot dogs were cooking, music was playing, and lifeguards were dancing to KC and The Sunshine Band.

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Boris Kushnerkov and Natasha Fatway celebrated the outbreak of Maga flu they had spread across the Canadian border to Frostbite Falls. Victims of the flu compulsively chant “Lock Her Up” or “Build a Wall” when led by the Mayor of Frostbite Falls.

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Most readers will agree mental illness and easy access to guns do not mix. As a matter of fact, many times when mass shootings occur, authorities are quick to play the mental illness card as an overriding factor in tragic events.

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I'm so grateful to the residents of Galveston County for all of the donations sent to me in response to my guest column ("I need your help to complete Eagle Scout project," The Daily News, July 27) in which I asked for help with my Eagle Scout project.