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Flounder gearing up to move, still no migration


We will begin today with what little fishing news there is and it all centers around flounder. Typical for middle October, more and more questions are coming in about the status of this year’s flounder run.

While there is no indication that a genuine migration is on, like we see in November, it does appear that the flatfish are gearing up to move. Already, we have seen lots of the smaller male flounder making their move; however, scattered nice-sized females are beginning to show.

Tuesday, Capt. Cody Kenney with Aqua Safari Charters landed a 23 inch flounder while fishing near the Galveston Ship Channel. Several similar reports have been received lately; however, most of those fish have come from west of the causeway.

Several calls have come in from anglers interested in what is taking place around Rollover Pass in the way of flounder and croaker. A few reports, mostly unconfirmed, have been received indicating that smaller fish are being caught; however, not in the quantities and quality that we see when a big run of either fish is on.

Last week, a wade fisherman reported observing numerous croaker being caught; however, none of them were in the size range of the bull croakers that migrate to the Gulf of Mexico during the peak of a run.

Once conditions settle following the series of cold fronts passing through, we should see action heating up, especially on flounder.

We would appreciate reports from anglers fishing the Rollover Pass area over the next few days. Fishing from the bank on either side of the pass is almost always an option when the wind drives boaters off of the bays.

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