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Massive $210 million Highway 146 project gets underway

Traffic counts show an average of about 46,000 people currently cross the bridge between Kemah and Seabrook each day, officials said.

Longtime Galveston County lawman Joe Max Taylor dies at 86

During his time as sheriff, Taylor was regarded as a mentor, innovator and political powerhouse.

Regional drainage solutions are 5-10 year process

“We’ve been talking about regional solutions for more than 20 years in this area, but nothing has really come to fruition on a large scale,” League City Councilman Hank Dugie said.

Wetlands drowning in legal quagmire

Legal actions to define wetlands at the federal level are heating up in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas at Galveston. 

County prepares to raise dozens of often-flooded homes

Homes flooded multiple times over the past 40 years are target of a soon-to-begin program.

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1999 Winter Beach

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