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Once thought eradicated, typhus is on the rise here

A disease once believed to be eradicated in Galveston County is on the rise again.

County braces for hottest weekend of the year

Temperatures in Galveston County on Friday reached the mid-90s, beginning what could be a lengthy heatwave in the region, according to the …

Duck tour passengers not worried after Midwest accident


Local Sports

Seahawk, Clear Springs alum returns for inaugural free camp


Tanker love — Scoring perfect waves miles from the nearest beach

James Fulbright has tanker surfing down to an art and a science. He’s been exploring these waters for years, mapping the shallows where the wakes from passing tankers morph into beautiful, peeling waves that surfers can ride.

Heat, southwest wind ruins fishing

Adding to the woes of anglers Friday was a heat advisory warning of indexes well over 100 degrees. The moderate to strong southwest wind co…


Hitchcock is right to seek some professional help

Hitchcock’s elected commission made a good decision this week when it empowered Mayor Dorothy Childress to search for a professional admini…

A big sigh: Shark Week and its hype upon us again

It’s that time of year again — when people pack on the suntan lotion, grab the kids and head to the beach.

At the end of the day, it comes down to school funding

On Wednesday in Austin, the state’s Select Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security heard testimony from school staff members, …

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