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Wayne D Holt

In the words of the revered left-leaning jurist, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg: "The president doesn't stop working during an election year. He needs to nominate a justice and the Senate needs to confirm."

Fire when ready, Mr. President.

Bailey Jones

If I wanted to split hairs, I'd say that "during an election year" isn't equivalent to "during an election", and then trot out RGB's final wish, and then trot out Trump's tasteless and repugnant accusations against her grand daughter. But I won't, because I'm not especially upset and certainly not surprised by Trump nominating her replacement before she's even in the ground.

First, I'm not naïve enough to believe that, if the script was flipped, both sides would have the opposite positions - because this is all about politics, not not at all about principle.

Second, I do think this was just one more opportunity for Trump to unite the country, sacrificed on the altar of "winning!" If he really thought he was going to win, he could have delayed this until after the election, losing nothing, and satisfying all Americans.

Third, the rush to confirm a new justice tells me that Republicans don't expect Trump to be re-elected, which I find reassuring.

Fourth, I may vote Big D Democrat, but I'm a little d democrat first. In a democracy, you don't win all the time, nor should you expect to. We will survive another conservative court, just as Lincoln survived the Taney court that rendered the horrific Dred Scot decision. Hopefully history won't need to judge this new court as harshly.

Carlos Ponce

"RGB's final wish" Now tell me, where is that in the US Constitution?????

It is the dying wish of millions of Americans not to politicize ANYONE'S DEATH!

Carlos Ponce

"the rush to confirm a new justice tells me that Republicans don't expect Trump to be re-elected" No the rush to confirm a new justice is to have an odd number of justices because Democrats have lawyered up to contest each vote when they lose. Note they will select the venue, court and judge, for their arena. A 4-4 tie is possible. Not so with NINE justices.

Wayne D Holt

I appreciate your candor and, yes, both parties would be doing the exact same thing if the circumstances were reversed. Although we often have our differences, I keep hoping Washington would reflect the same kind of real politik mixed with principles that you usually espouse. As a matter of fact, I think a random sampling of all opinions seen in these columns would very likely produce a republic much closer to what the Founders tried to establish than the hog trough/surveillance state we seem to be stuck with for now.

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