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Gary Miller

Increased relief for people needing it but eliminate money for all who do not need it. Money for those who do not need it is nothing more or less than using tax money to buy votes. Some businesses and people are thriving because of covid. Why give them more when they already have more?

Ted Gillis

Very observant Gary. Trump is a transactional person. He’s offering something up to the people in an exchange for a favor to be named later. I’ll give you a hint on what that favor is. It involves Carlos’s god delivering a miracle.

Bailey Jones

Wow - now I know it's Christmas. Who thought #worstpresidentever would end the #worstpresidencyever by advocating for something that I 100% agree with. It would have been awesome if he had actually been engaged in #worstpresidencyever enough to have fought for this BEFORE congress argued for weeks then finally agreed and voted and went home, but I guess he's got his tiny hands full trying to avoid being #worldsbiggestloser.

Carlos Ponce

Not much in terms of the Christmas Spirit, Bailey but very Progressive in nature.

Bailey Jones

haha - and now you have to support $2K and $4K payments!!!

The Demagogue demands it - you dare not demur!

Carlos Ponce

Bailey must be celebrating Festivus, a day for airing grievances created on the TV show Seinfeld.

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