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Jose' Boix

The US policy on Cuba is - and continues to be - a travesty; first there was the "Embargo" which failed miserably due to the constant erosion and weakening, eventually ending with allowance to do limited commerce and travel - including cruise ships and planes. Then recently the U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton announced “further measures against Cuba and its allies, including a new cap on the amount of money that families in the United States can send their relatives on the island and new restrictions on travel to Cuba." Now, today, it is announced that "This administration has made a strategic decision to reverse the loosening of sanctions and other restrictions on the Cuban regime," We need to take a firm stand - either a total, complete and unilateral embargo or a totally free, open, unilateral and unconditional opening of trade/commerce. Either "fish or cut bait," this flexible ambivalence is a failure; has been and will continue to be. Just my thoughts.

Charles Hughes

Just par for the course for Trump and that idiot Bolton.

Jose' Boix

Mr. Hughes, I am afraid that this ambivalent approach has bridged something like 11 U.S. presidents, including a failed invasion, a nuclear crisis and countless boatloads of Cuban asylum seekers, an embargo followed by its failure. And after 50 plus years, the Castros have kept running Cuba uninterrupted. President Obama, the 11th president to deal with the Castros, was noted to have said in December 2014 that it was time for a change. "We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different result," the president said as he announced plans to normalize relations, including embassies in both capitals. The cycle seems to be repeating itself. Just my thoughts as a Cuban born American Citizen.

Bailey Jones

Trump is free to build hotels in Russia, Apple is free to build iPhones in China, but I can't take a cruise to Cuba? Cubaphobia is in no one's interest, except perhaps those who rely on the votes of anti-Cuba Cuban exiles. 60 years of this nonsense is enough.

Charles Hughes


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