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Carlos Ponce

"the person who has been identified in conservative circles as the whistleblower"

First of all, conservative circles say Eric Ciaramella is not a "whistleblower". At best they call him a "leaker". He has no first hand knowledge of the President's conversation and according to the law cannot be called a "whistleblower". They may have changed the form for whistleblowers but they NEVER CHANGED THE LAW. And who revealed his name? Someone on Adam Schiff's staff failed to redact Eric Ciaramella's name from released hearing transcripts. Eric Ciaramella's name also appears on the released Mueller Report in a footnote but the email he sent was redacted. He negated any rights to anonymity when he went to Adam Schiff's office to reveal his "information" before filing the revised whistleblower form. He's a partisan holdover from the Obama administration who was fired from his White House role after telling media Putin ordered Comey's firing - something that never happened. He made it up.

Miceal O'Laochdha

It is well known in liberal circles that Kimberly Guilfoyle is the real "whistleblower". She certainly was known to blow a lot of "whistles" in San Francisco in the '90's. Gavin Newsom and his commie friends embedded Kimberly in the Trump inner circle as a mole, and she has been feeding them inside information ever since. How she has avoided detection thus far is a mystery.

Bailey Jones

I suspect it's a case of, "Hey, bud - the whistle blower's up here!"

Miceal O'Laochdha

Yes, placement of the secret recording wire gives new meaning to "silicon valley"...

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

Kimberly Guilfoyle receives whistles, does not blow whistles.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Like a fog horn passing through the Golden Gate.... Ask anybody who lived in the Bay Area in the 90's about the prince and princess of hyper-liberal society there. Forget her plastic looks my friend, she is a spy in the house of trump.

Bailey Jones

Oooh - how exciting. Also, who cares? The whistle blower's job is done, and he/she/they are no longer relevant. Like the anonymous 911 caller who calls the cops on some suspicious activity, it's in the hands of the investigators now. Next week open congressional hearings will reveal exactly what the cops found when they arrived at the scene.

Thank you, Masked Man.

Carlos Ponce

"The whistle blower's job is done..." Without the testimony and resulting counter examination by Congress then their claim is worthless. Since the entire Democrat Party basis for the impeachment of President Trump rests on this claim then the impeachment inquiry should dissolve to nothing. This not a 911 call. This is not a crimestoppers call. The LAW states the "whistleblower" must have first hand information and no political vendetta in mind. The man in question does not have first hand information and an obvious political bias - he worked with Brennan an Biden and was removed from his White House position for spreading LIES. The timeline should be of concern:

July 2019 - President Trump calls Ukrainian President

July 2019 - Eric contacts Adam Schiff's office.

August 2019 - The Whistleblower form is revised but NOT THE LAW to include non-first-hand knowlwdge.

September 2019 - Eric files on newly revised form.

Bailey Jones

Bill Taylor - first hand knowledge

Gordon Sondland - first hand knowledge

Lt Col Vindman - first hand knowledge

Michael McKinley - first hand knowledge

George Kent - first hand knowledge

Catherine Croft - first hand knowledge

Kurt Volker - first hand knowledge

Marie Yovanovitch - first hand knowledge

Philip Reeker - first hand knowledge

Christopher Anderson - first hand knowledge

Ulrich Brechbuhl - first hand knowledge

Fiona Hill - first hand knowledge

Tim Morrison - first hand knowledge

Charles Kupperman - first hand knowledge

John Bolton - first hand knowledge

John Eisenberg - first hand knowledge

Laura Cooper - first hand knowledge

Kathryn Wheelbarger - first hand knowledge

Rick Perry - first hand knowledge

Mick Mulvaney - first hand knowledge

Rudolf the Red Nosed Giuliani - first hand knowledge

But you know who has absolutely NO knowledge about this affair? You.

Carlos Ponce

Silly post since most of the names mentioned have no first hand knowledge of the conversation. And the few that do have expressed a difference of opinion with the president but not that there was any thing illegal in the conversation. No Quid pro quo at all.

Bailey Jones

Wow - three responses already this morning, Carlos. Is that the apprehension talking? Don't waste your talking points on me, you'll need them later on this week. As for me, I'll be listening to what the witnesses have to say in the hearings - and making up my own mind.

Carlos Ponce

"'ll be listening to what the witnesses have to say in the hearings" They're mostly calling the same witnesses that have already testified.Round Two of Bullschiff.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey Jones left one name off his list - a fact witness, Adam Schiff. His role? Indications are that his staff colluded with Eric Ciaramella, worked to change the "Whistleblower" form to include hearsay evidence and those with a political motive. Some speculate the form was filled out by Congressional staff members, not Eric based on the language and style of the answers given. No need to wonder whose staff members were used. It smells like Schiff.

Carlos Ponce

Marie Yovanovitch - former ambassador to the Ukraine. Spent 2016 belittling candidate Trump assuring Ukrainian leaders Hillary would win. And she's upset that she was reassigned once Trump took office? Not very bright. Did she have first hand knowledge of the conversation between the presidents? No.

But the transcript speaks for itself - no quid pro quo. Only a Liberal partisan would read that into what was actually said.

Carlos Ponce

"Bill Taylor - first hand knowledge"????????

WHERE did he get his information? Testimony from Bill Taylor shows he admitted to getting his information from the New York Times? First hand knowledge? No. And since NYT makes up much of their info.......

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