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Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

It is not unusual in education for teachers, afministrators, superintendents, etc. to apply for other positions while being employed. I have done the same. I have never had an employer tell me since you are looking it is time for you to leave. There are a a lot of reasons why people do this. Some do it to keep their interview skills up, others do it because they have been asked to apply but, they have been asked to apply but, they know that they have no intentions of leaving, while other do it to gain more knowledge of other programs that could be beneficial where they currently work.

What gets me about this circus is that Galveston’s Board has no idea what an idiom is. And that is too bad. I know Gibson will find a place where he will be able to lead without having to turn his head around wondering what was misunderstood by the board. If I were himI would have left, also. No one deserves that type of treatment.

Now the public knows more about the board. That information is useful. Now, since 1997 Galveston ISD has had how many superintendents? Would that be 6 or is it more? In 23 years I would think it would be more common to have less.

Oh well. I know Dr. Gibson will find a much better position where he can make positive contributions and the new district will thrive. As for Galveston consistency in leaders would be helpful. I suppose more changes are on the horizon. [beam][beam]

Charlotte O'rourke

Comment deleted again.

Editor, you are too much! I guess I will need to take my comments to the school board itself as I don’t know why you keep censoring.

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Kill two birds with one stone. If this were mentioned in front of the school board they would be quick to apologize. In addition, they would be confiscating all the stones on the island to save the birds. It floors me that the board has taken the literal meaning of the idiom that Dr. Gibson used. I wonder if the district has ever cut corners, or had blessings in disguise ( I guess they would be frowning that religion was brought up!). Maybe they should not count their chickens before they hatch.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

The comment was removed for citing another publication for things we had already reported. We aren't interested in sending people to other links or sites. It's against our policy for numerous reasons.

Charlotte O'rourke

The quote from another news source had two facts not reported. It wasn’t a link. My comment also stated that online there are postings indicating there is more going on than the sexist blooper - most notably - about Austin and getting rid of 6 of 7 Trustees next since Gibson is gone. They didn’t say who should remain, but an educated guess would be Trustee Beeton. Thanks for explaining, and even though I don’t agree, I can try to avoid deletions.

Matt Havard

For clarification, has there been an update to the forum policy? The most 'official' version I have seen is at https://www.galvnews.com/mugshots/we-heard-you-about-the-length-of-forum-posts/article_ea769cde-004b-579c-8f59-1029a58519c9.html, and says "Do not link to sites outside galvnews.com." I did not see Mrs. O'Rourke's post, but it sounds from her description as if she only referred in writing to information outside the GCDN site.

Incidentally, the GCDN should consider an in-domain link shortener so that URLs and comments are more readable, and commenters can squeeze in a few more words if needed.

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