Port Grain Silos

A tanker is moored adjacent to the grain silos at the Port of Galveston on Friday.


Grain elevators that have been towering above Harborside Drive near Pier 25 for about 40 years are taking up space that might be used for more profitable endeavors, one influential port leader argues.

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Charlotte O'rourke

Lol. The port can’t afford the cruise terminals they have now to refurbish the CT25 for the Jubilee and spending millions extra for “aggressive” schedule clauses because of poor planning.

Without the city voting to approve revenue bonds in the near future the port WILL SPEND MORE THAN IT HAS IN THE BANK.

The vote to sign construction contracts without the bond funding being approved was 5-2. I heard it was Brown and Yarbrough against awarding contracts it can’t pay for, but since the port didn’t videotape the meeting and nothing is posted online it’s impossible to verify. How convenient?

I guess the city council and board are now required to approve the bonds regardless of the terms and details. Fiscal accountability - not in this port as it no longer functions as a public entity.

My question is why doesn’t this get reported in the news?

Only positive news makes it into the paper. I was glad to see the JUBILEE contract finally signed. It’s just late and costing million more of public money because of “aggressive” schedules that shouldn’t have been needed.

Charlotte O'rourke

…. Costing millions more …

Charlotte O'rourke

Truth is better than only positive news that gives false impressions of well being.

Truth is asking - would you award contracts for construction on your home and you knowingly comprehend you don’t have the funds to pay for it unless you get a loan from the bank and have no details on the terms?

Truth is the city charter prevents the city from spending money it does not have.

Truth is the port is in a catch 22 because time is short and commitments have been made.

Truth is you are in talks for a 4th cruise terminal, would need to borrow the funds for that terminal as well, and now the CEO is talking about a 5th cruise terminal. Thank goodness the rest of the board is talking cargo.

Truth is you owe FEMA money or are required to fill the west end slip.

Truth is since both the port and the city are in a pickle with the city placed there by the port, can you PLEASE change the CEO’S only channel from cruise terminals and DIVERSIFY.

Anne Reiswerg

With all the cruise ship business, how did the city arrive at 50 cents per passenger? Why not $5 or $10 or even $25?

Charlotte O'rourke

Hi Anne, I’m over my quota of comments, but if you noticed the passenger fees in the Carnival Contract, the fee was listed as $7.35 per passenger move. The city is also charging fees on cruise parking.

The port gets no HOT money even though it qualifies, puts head in beds, maintains pier 19, a charter protected area, and PAYS millions in marketing incentives.

Why not?

Charlotte O'rourke

typo …. $7.32

Anne Reiswerg

Got it. Thanks.

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